September 3rd, 2010

Belated Birthday Greetings: Alexandre Pato & Javi Martinez


Pato’s ‘Happy Birthday to me’ dance needs a little work. Images: Getty Images & Reuters via Daylife

Yes, we know. This was yesterday.

But between Cescy’s Twitter announcement and Marco Borriello’s … er… face we simply didn’t get around to it.

Happy 21st, Alexandre, and happy 22nd to Athletic Bilbao’s Javi Martinez ( left); your birthday yesterday was also sadly overlooked during our donut/perv fest.

Come on, there’s surely enough cute in this post to make up for it!?

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21 Responses to “Belated Birthday Greetings: Alexandre Pato & Javi Martinez”

  1. senora ramos says:

    happy birthday javi, my love. hope it was great!! good luck to bilbao except for 2x this year. you are awesome for going back to play for the olympic team. good luck!!

  2. Taskeen says:

    Athlectic Bilbao has SERIOUSLY got thee hotties going on! My word.. Aitor, Fernando AND Javi!

  3. Steph says:

    Happy 22nd Javi! :D Still can’t believe he’s only two years older than me. :P

  4. neenyah says:

    Javi looks so fine! Feliz cumpleaños bb! And to Pato too!

  5. D0li says:

    not sure who these guys are, buty they're cute! Happy B'day.. I love how we're wishing them happy b'day as if they are reading/writing this blog haha

  6. Mrs. Navas says:


  7. ASM says:

    happy birthday guys!! :)
    wow,it seems javi had offer something in return for our birthday greetings..

  8. tigerS says:

    Javi Martinez! Aiii Dios Mio! UNF

  9. Rossanera says:

    Happy birthday, boys!

  10. jecca says:

    Oh dear, I missed Javi’s birthday? I need to make a calendar of La Liga birthdays.

  11. VeNia says:

    Happy Birthday Javi and Pato!!i hope i can see some of Javi tonight..i really missed him after the WC…

  12. Stephanie says:

    Pato is dating Miss Brazil, Débora Lyra. He spend his birthday with her, in Venice :'(

  13. lala says:

    javi is always a cutie! he look like he is 12 in that picture!
    happy birthday you guys!

  14. Lisa says:

    Javi Martinez is hot hot hot! even Puyi can’t keep his eyes off him. Happy birthday you two sexy boys. btw loving the Jheri-curl look on Pato.

  15. YasminMarisa says:

    Oh my god Pato turned 21 on the 2nd of September?! He was born on the EXACT same day as me! Yay! Happy Birthday guys! The best people were born on that day…. Lol just kidding. ;)

  16. truly_thata says:

    Happy Birthday Javi!!!!

  17. WagInTraining says:

    I love Javi Martinez! he's so cute!…

  18. jambo says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS!! <3 you haha