December 1st, 2010

Belated Birthday Greetings: Torsten, Ryan & Jesus, Xabi

Ryan Giggs; inconsolable after our negligent behaviour. (Getty Images/Daylife)

We know that a few of you have parked outside our office with machine guns contacted us to politely inquire why we have neglected to cover the birthdays of some elite players recently.

So, to all those fans of Torsten Frings (22nd November), Xabi Alonso (25th November), Jesus Navas (215 on 26th November!) and Ryan Giggs (29th November) we would like to report that there is a good reason for our tardiness. We couldn’t be bothered. Seriously. We knew they were happening, we even mentioned them to each other in passing, but NO ONE could be arsed to write them up. Soz.

We figure that a full mea culpa now will put us in the right place for any festive merriment to come our way. And to be honest, the whole ‘leaving the office and trying to avoid getting shot at’ thing has become slightly nerve-wracking.

So, belated birthday greetings to Torsten, Fab Xab and and Ryan. Could you call off your girls now please?

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21 Responses to “Belated Birthday Greetings: Torsten, Ryan & Jesus, Xabi”

  1. ArsenalFan says:

    I love Jesus Navas

  2. Alexxx<3 says:

    "So, belated birthday greetings to Torsten, Fab Xab and and Ryan" –
    and Navas, never forget the Navas. I mean seriously, his holiness will end you all with only a glance.

  3. mams14 says:

    Happy belated Birthday captain TORSTEN FRINGS!! One of the hottest men alive!

  4. mrs.navas says:

    aww. thought i had to shoot someone in that office just to mention my baby (jesus) name. happy belated darling!!! xoxo.

  5. FTC says:

    Belated birthday wishes Sir Ryan

  6. MrsFigo says:

    Jesus Navas<3

  7. Leya_S says:

    Jesus, my love…
    Happy belated birthday!
    Now please imagine me sitting next to you whilst you're in bed healing up, spoon-feeding you cake.

  8. piquetorresxabi says:

    Happy belated Birthday to Xabi!!! gosh, i was so excited on that day…

  9. aps says:

    Happy belated birthday guys! You were born in the best month!

  10. N says:

    "call off your girls now please?"

    Sure, just as soon as Kickette corrects dear Jesus's age (25, like Lotte says, not 21!). Here's wishing him a speedy, proper recovery..

  11. zztop says:

    Jesus Navas will be 25. And please heal up soon, your team needs you.

  12. Alex Samuel says:

    Dear Xabi
    If you're wondering why I never turned up to your birthday party by surprising you in a 5 tiered cake wearing a red and yellow bikini with a sash saying 'Happy Birthday Mr.Alonso' on it……the fact of the matter is….I had Biology homework
    Sincerest Apologies
    P.S. Don't listen to Jesus Navas. I DID NOT ditch your party for his…

  13. blake2108 says:

    Torsten is yummy.

    • mams14 says:

      Absolutely right! Torsten Frings is so hot and sexy!!! he is like a good wine…it gets better and better through the years. Happy Birthday dear Torsten! We love you so much!!!

  14. Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

    Mmmm Navas….but he is not 21, he is born in 1985 just as Bethany pointed out. Happy belated birthday all of ya!

  15. littlemissunited says:

    Yay :D

    That pic was taken of Giggsy as part of a campaign against malaria. Perfect man<3

  16. Bethany says:

    Navas is 25 on nov 21st

  17. That's Giggsy's facepalm after last night's Hammering.

  18. senora ramos says:

    my god, jesus is a bb. i don't realize he was so young! happy belated bdays guys…esp my xabier!!