April 21st, 2011

Benny Feilhaber: Welcome Home

Image via Interview.

Prepare the cocktail weiners and stock up on cheap champagne, Kickettes, because we’re throwing a homecoming bash for Benny Feilhaber.

One of our favourite fuzzy Americans has just signed with the MLS (from Danish team AGF Aarhus) to play with the New England Revolution – and could make his debut this weekend when the Revs take on Sporting Kansas City. Huzzah!

Did You Know? Things got a little hairy with B.’s transfer papers when both Chivas USA (his hometown team) and Philadelphia Union passed on signing the player. Fortunately, and much to the relief of torso watchers everywhere, the Revs came calling in the nick of time. (Don’t ask us to explain the MLS’s weird salary and player selection rules. We’re still marveling at twist off caps for wine bottles.)

So MLS girls – how do you plan on welcoming Benny and his baby blues back to the friendly confines of the good old US of A? Toga parties? Cupcakes? Sneaking into the Revs’ locker room and stealing his clothes? Do tell.

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39 Responses to “Benny Feilhaber: Welcome Home”

  1. Rusty (met Benny) says:

    Well, I celebrated by being out of the country, finding out he was going to be in Boston for a meet and greet, spending the entire afternoon wandering Boylston Street, watching half of Barfa-RM, hitting Starbucks and Sugar Heaven, realizing that no one, including myself, knows how to use my camera with a flash, drinking due to embarrassment, heading home to catch Glee, and two days later, being even more embarrassed due to the dreams I've had about him and the fact that I've touched him now. And trying to figure out if I can get to the US-Spain game.

  2. April says:

    And my life is now complete. I saw notice he was coming, and begged the universe that he get turned down by Chivas and Union… and now he plays a half hour from where I live. Boston could use a nice dose of good looks!

    PS- I plan to become the Revs new biggest fan (bandwagon baby!)

  3. Catie2838 says:

    Damn it!! I just left Boston for California… so. unfair.

  4. Rosie says:

    If he's coming back all dirty like that, I'll gladly be the one to give him *ahem* a sponge bath . . . among other things.

  5. I♥Benny says:

    AHHH! he definitely deserves a spot in the finest five!!!!!!!!!

  6. KalehuaRSL says:

    Bennys first interview with the Revs.

  7. sarrible says:

    Lip-syncing Jordin Sparks songs while topless, obviously.

  8. KalehuaRSL says:

    We couldnt take our eyes off all the news surrounding Bennys return to see where he would end up. Im an RSL girl myself, and im so glad we havent played the Revs at home yet. Cant wait to see Benny here in Salt Lake on July 4th!!!

    Welcome Home Benny!! Will you call Bocanegra and tell him to hurry and get back too?

  9. Cole says:

    Welcome Home indeed. Mmm. Lots and lots of washes for the dirty boy… Id gladly voulnterr my services.

  10. IheartSpain says:

    thanks for the heads up Kickette – will definitely get tickets for when New England come to Vancouver. & must bring binoculars. whew!!!

  11. mochara says:

    Mmmmm this pic is sex itself………

  12. He has lived in my town (Aarhus) for years and I didnt go for him. I'm so stupid and now he's leaving. Benny please stay I will help you shower!!

    • front door says:

      They all work out in. Unfortunatley I do not find any of the Philly Union players attractive or I woulod have stalked them a long time ago.

  13. ashfkad says:

    ahhhh yessssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. blake2108 says:

    What a truly fantastic excuse to watch the No Air video again…

    • mochara says:

      Wow. I'm kind of in love with this man, what other footballers would lip sync to Jordin Sparks?? Not many I tell you

  15. Chavete says:

    I'm mad that he didn't sign with Chivas USA only because that means it will be harder to stalk him since I live in LA. but, at least now i can actually watch him play.

  16. SoccerRocks says:

    WELCOME HOME, BENNY!!!!!! I'm pretty sure I'm related to the people who got him here. My younger sister asked him (through US Soccer's 2011 MNT Yearbook) if he'd ever want to come to MLS (and he said yes!), and a few hours before it was announced Benny would be coming to MLS, my older sister tells me, "I wish Benny played somewhere where we could watch him on TV." Not sure how I contributed, though…

  17. LuvinBale says:

    I can not believe the Philly Union passed him up. Seriously?! WTF!
    I am only 20 minutes away from the stadium and I know the gym that they all work out in.
    Unfortunatley I do not find any of the Philly Union players attractive or I woulod have stalked them a long time ago.
    Its like easy pickings and way to easy for stalking abilities.

    Damn Philly Union! Whose in charge of this asshatery? I will be putting my complaints in writing.

    • laura says:

      Really? Not even Stefani Miglioranzi? Kyle Nakazawa? Danny Califf? Keon Daniel?
      Well, regardless, from the Union's statement they passed on Benny strictly for financial reasons. Benny is cute, but Benny costs big bucks and the Union already bought a gaggle of new players this year.

  18. nandoalldayeveryday says:

    COULDNT HE HAVE SIGNED WITH D.C. UNITED!!! DAMN IT!!! I have season tickets =((, im off to check the schedule *shouldve gone to school in boston (sobs)* . . . i know where ill be July 20th at 7:30 though =)

  19. for-Nando says:

    I'm going to be going to school in Boston, this is so perfect! If Benny needs a buddy to explore the city with, or a roomie, I'm your girl :-) )

    • Spainardlover5 says:

      Hahaha, I'm going to school in Boston too! Let's offer to give him a tour?

  20. JA7 says:

    Wooow!! The USMNT srsly know how to take highly sexy pictures which make ur imagination go into overdrive..

  21. Amy says:

    Does this mean I can finally follow his career without translating game recaps from Danish to English through Google? Sweet!

    I'm glad he is still in a cold climate, I think his propensity for wearing mittens on the pitch when no one else does is adorable.

    • Emily says:

      me too!! its great how some of the guys have the whole "i'm tougher than the cold" mentality (i.e. boca) while benny is rocking the gloves

  22. Kait says:

    Oh Benny, I'm so glad you're coming home. We've missed you. We need more of our sexy as hell men to come back. And his eyes, oh his eyes. They make me incoherent just thinking about them.

  23. gin_in_teacups says:

    Yes yes yes! Even though I'm sort of an ex-pat at the moment, it still makes my heart happy that Benny is coming home. I haven't been much of an MLS fan but something tells me that is all about to change.

  24. ToysForBots says:

    I needed another reason to move to Boston. This is reason enough for me. Benny, we're so glad to have you home again! Hope you can turn the Revs back around. :)

  25. Lashes says:

    This is so sad as AGF is my home team, and we need more good (meaning hot as hell) players!

  26. nandosfreckles says:

    His is absolutely gorgeous and the eyes are really something.

  27. Spainardlover5 says:

    I actually plan on sneaking into the Revs locker room and stealing HIM. Damn am I proud to come from New England with a boy like that playing for us now. Wait, excuse me. A man*

  28. Gladys says:

    Not my favorite picture of him (the mustache is a little creepy) but he is adorbs! Sad he didn't sign with Chivas but glad to have him in the MLS! Yipeee.

  29. @kwahllerr says:

    My oh my, welcome home Benny! So glad to have him back in the MLS, because I now I can watch him play more :)

  30. Leya_S says:

    Okay. It's official.
    USMNT should be dirty and naked ALL THE TIME, and all other players should follow suit.
    So happy to have Benny at home. <3

  31. IrishBlue says:

    I am willingly volunteering myself to give him a bath….

    • Jose says:

      Soap him all you want/can, and as you do it, try to make him dissapear in soap.

      This All American Boy cannot play his way out of a sand box!!!

      Looks DO TAKE YOU to places!!!

  32. lorena_yGp says:

    I know some other place where I would welcome him gladly!!! :-) ))