September 28th, 2006

Beware the Angry Ginger

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Paul Scholes of Man U is in a spot of bother after calling a referee a “poofter” when he received a yellow card.

He’s being pressured to apologize by gay rights activitists who are urging disciplinary action – giving the example that if he had said something racist, he would be instantly punished.

We’re thinking spouting off like this was not a wise move for Mr. Scholes, who already has enough going against him.

You know, being a ginger minger* and all.

Bad red-headed step-child. Bad, bad ginger!

*for our North American readers, that’s pronounced with a hard ‘g’ sound: “ghin-gher min-gher” and is an insult that can usually be thrown around freely with very little recourse. Go on, try it now, you’ll feel great afterwards.

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