October 1st, 2007

BFF: Alex Curran and Katie Price

Alex Curran and Katie Price (otherwise known as Jordan) partied in London this weekend at the Sin Club.

Best mates, united in alcohol, big hair and St. Tropez fake bake. Sweet.



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22 Responses to “BFF: Alex Curran and Katie Price”

  1. lisa says:

    crying out loud she looks like she is trying to be jorda herself

    an ye i have heard a few things about when gerrard is playing away, she does too …. – allegedly i hasten to add


  2. uneditedmara says:

    C’mere, Stevie. Let me show you how a real woman takes care of her man …

  3. ballack's missing hair says:

    i’m having flashbacks of drew carey’s mimi with that blue eyeshadow.


  4. sandra says:

    ohhh i always (nearly) love alex clothes…but i have to say that dress is the most ugly i ever have seen(:

  5. Robin says:

    My jaw dropped, I think I might have inadvertently screamed a little, I know I definitely felt nauseated. They both look like rubbish. And what the HELL is Alex wearing? Jordans dress looks like something you’d get at Banana Republic and that would be cute on someone with a fraction of her boobs. But Alex, oh Alex, she just looks like she’s dressed up for Halloween. Sad really. Trying SO hard and yet failing SO broadly.

  6. Robin says:

    Ellen – maybe that’s why he was back at the hotel while Alex went apartying.

  7. aja says:

    i fear i will have nightmares about those dresses.

  8. carly says:

    Is that a gigantic plastic bag from past shopping sprees?
    How completely tasteless…everything.

  9. tammyv says:

    Alex, daling, you are so much better then that bitch Posh.  Victoria would NEVER match her eyeshadow to the eyeshadow on her dress. That was a tacktastic fashion choice, well done.

    I crown you, Super-Duper Queen WAG, Now Kiss me,

  10. ellen says:

    aha, so it is a long day for Ste G: he had morning training section before the match, Wigan game at 3:00 – 5:00pm, and then moved to London for a romantic weekend 0_o;;;

  11. kickette says:

    LOL jax you nailed it with the Bacardi line.. Brill

  12. cj says:

    wow, what a horrible outfit on alex…and i thought she was coming around to the world of fashion these days!!

  13. jax says:

    ‘Pssst, Alex lovey, Halloween isn’t for another month’ or

    ‘I’m gasping – d’you still have those Bacardi Breezers hidden in your barnet ?‘

  14. Robin says:

    Well according to the Daily Mail – they were in London. After the Wigan match I’m assuming which was totally possible since it was a morning match. 


    But in other news – I just bought tickets to the Spice Girls. Too fun. If anyone is in LA and wants the login/passcode they gave me for buying tickets there just let me know. I got mine for San Jose.

  15. ellen says:

    nope, Robin. I don’t think Stevie was in London, ‘coz Liverpool had Wigan away game at Saturday. But still interesting tho, it seems away-game-time is Alex’ night-out-time raspberry

  16. AnnaD says:

    what has Stevie done to deserve her?  he deserves someone nice…someone smart…someone respectable…in short, he deserves ME…

    *I* would have stayed in the hotel room with him!  Hell, i’d never leave his side…

    as for the dress: OH MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!!

  17. Robin says:

    Bestest part of all this is that she and Stevie were in London for a romantic weekend and she goes out partying with Jordan and Stevie stayed back at the hotel. Nice.

  18. Ella says:

    And now I just read that Steven was involved in a car-accident, hitting a boy while driving.. It’s not too serious though, he broke a leg from what I heard. But yeesh.. horrible for both of them.

  19. Becca x says:

    What Is Up With Her Dress??

  20. Ella says:

    It looks as if Alex is about to start a rap-song in that first picture.

    “YO YO BIATCHEEES! Me and me homie-girl-Jordan is about to go LOCO in this joint AAIIIT!?“

    Or maybe she’s trying to steal Crouchies robo-dance?