April 4th, 2007

BFF: Victoria Beckham and J-Lo

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Our “bitch please“ detectors started going off when we first heard of Victoria Beckham’s friendship with Jennifer Lopez.

But it appears these two are actually very pally.  Move over Katie Holmes, your reign is over sweetheart.

Jennifer Lopez recently said of her mate Victoria:

“She’s such a sweetie. Her clothes are just amazing. She’s so stylish.  But the best thing about Victoria is that she’s got this really funny British sense of humour. And David is so sweet. I’m very glad they’ve moved to LA. She’s a great girl.“

This was for an interview with Elle magazine, and we’re quite sure the fact checkers would have been all over it, so we’re inclined to believe it’s true.

We’ve heard Lopez is testing out some of the new jeans in Victoria’s line of denim, as Victoria wants them to fit all sizes, not just stick insects.  A “source” said that Lopez told Victoria her new jeans sounded great, but, “will they look good on someone with more junk in the trunk?“


No one actually says, “junk in the trunk” anymore, do they?  Except for the Wayans Bros., was anyone ever saying this without fear of lifelong banishment?

Also mentioned from this same mysterious source:  Jennifer is calling Victoria daily for fashion advice.

Link: Jennifer Lopez Tests Victoria Beckham’s Fashion Lines

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