July 14th, 2010

Birthday Blowout: Kickette’s 4th Anniversary Celebration & Reader Giveaway

You think this post-party pic is bad? You should have seen the after-disaster last year. Not pretty.

UPDATE – THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. WINNERS HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED. Thanks to everyone who entered, prizes have gone to Kickettes all over the globe. Names below next to prizes won. Check your email!

We’re four years old!

And thanks to copious La Mer applications and agonizing vitamin-enriched facial injections, we don’t look a day over 3 1/2! Yay us.

For those not familiar, Kickette.com was started at the end of the World Cup 2006, after the shocking realisation that there was nowhere online for women to go to their footy gossip fix. Several thousand restraining orders later, here we are.

We’ve got the best readers on the planet and we want to thank you from the bottom of our Alexander Wang bucket bags for your support, and for choosing to pop by our HQ every day. (But please, would it kill you to bring a bottle of wine from time to time?) Seriously, though: We love you more than short tents. Believe it.

So let’s get to the good stuff: We’ve. Got. Gifts. Please read on to see what we’ve got to giveaway to our beloved Kickette Army.

A pair of custom-designed Converse from Jada Styles

Girls love Chucks and boys love girls who wear Chucks. Of course, a Kickette deserves a pair not available anywhere else, designed in her honour. This is a no-brainer.

We’ve got a set of custom-designed Converse available to win from Jada Styles, the swanky VIP shop co-owned by Didier Drogba and savvy stylist Jada Pollock. The shop is much loved by footballers; some of our favourite Chelsea boys have been flocking to it – Michael Ballack, Michael Essien and Salomon Kalou to name but a few.

Better start planning what colour and design you’d like to rock this summer (we recommend Kickette pink, natch, with lots of Swarovski crystals).  These retail from £250+ and are no ordinary kicks!

WON BY R.R. in Ireland

Dinner for two at Rosso Restaurant & Bar, Manchester

Kickettes in the know should be all over Rosso, the Italian restaurant in Manchester owned by our favourite (shirtless) England supporter, Rio Ferdinand.

The list of high profile peeps seen dining out at Rosso include Sir Alex Ferguson, Wayne and Coleen Rooney, Kolo Toure, Michael Owen, Stephen Ireland, and Dimi Berbatov.

Get your best frock on and get ready to chow down. Of course, we can’t guarantee that Rio will pop by to share a little training day gossip with you,  but we can guarantee you’ll have an insanely delicious meal.


A “Kickette-related” personalised photo from Rio Ferdinand

However, since Rio’s such a top bloke, he has offered up a personalised photo for one of our winners. It will be specifically for one of our Kickettes, so you’ll get a photo he’s taken himself (hopefully doing something interesting, like eating a Jaffa Cake or throwing shapes while pumpin’ the chunes, bwoy!) Yuppers – it’s a completely one-of-a-kind pic, just for you.

WON BY C.W. in Singapore

A stack of cute gear from FIFA Collections

Let’s bring it back to where it all begins: the football.

The good folks at FIFA Collections have given us a prize-pack of nine different t-shirts and jackets from their Summer 2010 range. The retro-inspired gear pays homage to past World Cup winners like Brazil and Argentina.

We’ve got stuff in women’s sizes too, so you won’t look like you nicked off with last night’s guy’s stuff. (Don’t act like you’ve never done it.)


J-Brand Houlihans from My-Wardrobe.com

WAGs love J-Brand jeans and so do we. We also love clicking around on My-Wardrobe.com until we need new manicures. And we’re in good company: some of our favourite footy ladies like Cheryl Cole and Coleen Rooney shop here.

So why not make like a footy wife with no budget and snatch up a pair of J Brand denims? We’re giving away these Houlihans in Sahara, which retail at around £250. (Chezza already has a pair, you know.) Throw on a drapey t-shirt, a bolshy necklace and some bad-ass heels and book a hot lunch date asap.

WON BY C.W. in the Caribbean

Marriott Hotel Health Club Day Pass for two, courtesy of personalisedgifts.co.uk
No, exercise isn’t something we would normally endorse, but one must find a way to fill up these dark footy pre-season days somehow. And really, if you’re going to work out, this is the place to do it.

Bring a mate and go for a swim, chat up the boys in the jacuzzi and work up a sweat in the gym (to pre-empt the amount of calorific damage you plan on doing later that evening.) The winner can pick from a range of Marriott Health Club locations around the UK. Warning: don’t fall asleep in the sauna, it never ends well.

WON BY E.L in England

Green Peel Facial, Manicure & Pedicure With Nuz Shugga at The Beauty Lounge, London.

As far as we’re concerned a good facial is as mandatory to a modern gal’s existence as a good take-out menu and a speed dial. Of course, not all facials – or facialists – are created equal. That’s why we’re offering you a chance to win some time with one of the best – Nuz Shugga. She’s got hands more magical than Iker Casillas. Okay, that’s actually impossible. But she’s damn good.

Once you’ve had your skin buffed and polished until it’s smoother and softer than Kai Rooney’s chubby cheeks with a Green Peel facial, a mani/pedi awaits your hard working fingers and toes. Bliss ain’t the word.

WON BY N.H. in England


To win one of the above prizes (we’re giving one of each away),

- Send an email to: prizes [at] kickette [dot] com, with the answer to this incredibly difficult question that doesn’t have the answer posted at the top of this post: How Old Is Kickette?

- Important: please tell us the city you live in with your answer, as a few of these prizes would require you to be a local in order to enjoy them. (Unless you have a private jet and can fly wherever you damn like, of course.)

Thanks and have fun!

Contest closes on Tuesday July 20th.


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144 Responses to “Birthday Blowout: Kickette’s 4th Anniversary Celebration & Reader Giveaway”

  1. liesjuhh says:

    Happy Birthday! Feliz Cumpleaños! Joyeux Anniversaire! Felice Compleanno! Fijne Verjaardag! etc.. xD

  2. Missy Manchester says:

    My dearest Kickette….





    I've been travelling for two days and missed your birthday!! Please accept this chef-prepared Canadian lobster (pulled fresh from the Bay of Fundy and drizzled with butter) and a case of our finest icewine. What? You're worried about splash stains on your Vera Wang gown?? Ok Ok. Here are my favourite Ann Gish linens. Slosh away Kickette Tartlettes!

    HaPpY BeLaTeD BiRtHdAy from Atlantic Canada!

    (P.S. Will you be posting the apres-party pix?)

  3. Bella says:

    Happy Birthday girls!!!!! Until I found you, my two biggest footy-related problems were 1) that I lived in the States and so 2) I had to depend on the UK press websites for my daily fix. Then, it was love at first site ;-) , and I have been clicking away here obsessively ever since. Its been awhile since criminally unreasonable work constraints have kept me from adding my two cents as much as used to, but I enjoy everyone else's just the same. Best readers, best site, and I send anyone who will stand still long enough for me to write kickette.com on their arm! Looking forward to a happy and lascivious next four more. xoxo, Bella

  4. Meghan says:


    I have just discovered Kickette in my trolling through the web for good soccer related blogery. As an American I have found my search difficult. Thank the futbol gods for you sexy broads across the Atlantic. I am so excited to have found you and wish you many happy returns.

    Much love,


  5. JV says:

    Happy Birthday, Ladies! Keep up the good work.

  6. LonelySTARSHINE says:


  7. JaneSpotting says:

    Congrats to Kickette! Keep it coming..your devoted army loves you xx

  8. S4Jill says:

    Happy Birthday, Veels Geluk!!!
    I’m from awesome Cape Town, South Africa and recently found you during the WC 2010 searching for the divine Sergio Ramos. I’m literally dealing with depression since the end of the WC and the Amazing Kickette has made my life more managable. It’s the first site I check in the morning and the last site I check when I leave (and of course during the day just in case)!!!! You’re all so witty and funny. Keep up the excellent work!!!! You lucky devils:)

    • viola says:

      wuhooo! my fellow south african, i know huh? kickette made our world cup experience even more awesome!

  9. Rusty, or Anna Maria... says:

    Happy Birthday, Kickette, and may your German gossip become evermore gossipy…

  10. mari says:

    happy anniversary ! =)
    coffee & kickette – the best way to start your day =)

  11. Zanzy says:

    Happy Birthday To You KICKETTE!!!!!

    You have made this WORLD CUP even more interesting…..than the last one… :)

  12. Beth says:

    Happy Birthday Kickette!!

    Thanks for the past few years, you have made me laugh a lot and introduced me to a world of anti-base layers, un ashamed perving and a whole new collection of footballers, Thanks :)

  13. aps says:

    Happy Belated Kickette! I’m soo glad that I found your site and I make sure I visit here everyday. Keep up the great work!

  14. MissU Paolo says:

    Am honored to be a fellow Cancerian with such an awesome place.

  15. EternalDreamer says:

    Happy Birthday, Kickette! Thank you for your tireless dedication to sort the hotties from the not-so-hotties (bringing us only the best) and reporting on all things footy-gossip-worthy.

  16. SoccerDuckie says:

    Happy 4th Birthday, Kickette!!! What's not to love about your content, your sassy wit and your often-juvenile giggles over words such as 'position' et al!!! :D I giggle big time over 'ball positions'!

  17. Alvaro.menendez says:

    This is ABSOLUTELY OFFTOPIC so please, ignore it and go to next one. TY.

    After a few days looking for a easier way to leave a msg ANYWHERE I just coudn’t found it (no forums, mail, any way at all except register and post in “news” (blush))

    It would be simple. As a Spaniard (MALE) I just want to thank this blog from the bottom of my heart from beign objective.

    When a women blog (with all my respects)who “objectively” might hate much more a spaniard Sara Carbonero TV Reporter, BEATS (well, my english is poor but can’t find any word “stronger” than beat)so hard the “The Times”. YOU ROCK.

    But, as I’m drunk, obviously… and going offtopic easily: I won’t be distracted anymore. Period. Ty to ALL support you gave to Our Captain Casillas… and ty specially to show me that english press, whatever It is, is not 100% followed

    As a Real Madrid die hard supported since I was born, and ofc, and as omg we are out of the Semis again in the world champions this is the first time in years I have been crying, and with me my closests friends.. in fact, I don’t know who has not, becouse it was a chain reaction (no sorry girls, we all cried, but we are not like casillas :) )

    So, to the Blog Owner and so, so, so many friends & folowers. From a such a random normal spaniard guy ty. Your comments on “my captain & GF kiss ” trust me when I say they nake me smile here fore a few hour.

    (this post was started as to say a fast ty.. and degenerated as more drunk I am… How sad!…Don’t think I will have tomorrow guts enough tp look again for kickette). /hug

    • izzy says:

      Lol. A drunken post in a birthday post for Kickette is 100% appropriate*.

      *Just as long as you’re drinking champagne.

    • Lisa says:

      first he speaks it, now Sergio Ramos can blog in English too!

  18. Zhenya says:

    Happy 4th, Kickette! Thanks for the fantastic site!

  19. schoonied says:


    p/s: i found u guys when i was googling for Mesut Ozil and Anna Maria gossip blast. loooool

  20. Adek Fàbregas says:

    Happy birthday and congratulations!!! Keep up the fab work! We love you, Kickette!!!

  21. Inés says:

    Congratulations Kickettes!!!! go for four years more!
    I love those Chucks! yes, girls love chucks!

    I think you should concentrate more on ballers and gossip and less on wags and their stupidity! that would make your site just more perfect than it is already!

  22. Adek Fàbregas says:

    Happy birthday, Kickette! Keep up the fab work! Love you!

  23. AnaC says:

    Happy Birthday Kickette! Don’t know what I would do without you… def my fav footy blog. Here’s to many more!!

  24. IrishBlue says:

    Happy Burtday!! Must be nearly a year since I stumbled across your wonderful site when taking a break from college work (a girl needs a bit of hot-footballer-type-inspiration at times) and fell in love with Kickette instantly! May we have many more years of hotness to come! xoxo

  25. DC says:

    i can’t believe it’s already been 4 years!
    it certainly doesn’t feel like it.

    Kickette, you’re amazing. and i hope and pray that you won’t ever leave us.
    and most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  26. Zlatanista says:

    Happy birthday Kickette! Thanks for being there! I can´t count the times when you have completely turned my day around. In a positive way. Live long and prosper ;) !

  27. FootballerChick43 - "Mrs.Ballack" says:

    Happy birthday, Kickette!

  28. Tabby "SaucyAus says:

    another awesome year added to this awesome site :D

  29. LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

    Cool! Like you aren’t the best Kickette you happen to share my birthday month. Its a real honor. I found this site only weeks ago and I’m sad that it wasn’t sooner since I didn’t get to see all the players play with their teams. Well I was looking forward to see Ballack but he was injured and I’m sure you would of had a great article on him.

    Happy Birthday and maybe you be filled with an inbox full of football player’s naked torsos that you’ll be glad to share with us. Aside from their manly faces I to admired their gorgeous legs and bums. Thank you for now getting me to noticed what’s in between the legs and abs Kickette. I felt like a perv before for having a wondering eye :D

    The Spanish Team should treat you to a special party, since your posting I’m sure they got triple the fans now and not just spanish women. Mexicans too! I LOOOOOOOOOVE this Site.

  30. Violets says:

    Congrats, Kickette. Thanks for being awesome!

  31. Happy birthday Kickette!

  32. MrsYoann says:

    Aww the site is a cancerian like Yoann!!! :D :P

  33. danika says:

    OMG 4 years – do I know you for so long?I still remember those first days when for some reason I couldn’t find you and I was google you so I was click in on the link from some other site-and now you are in the speed dial page!
    So happy birthday and I promise that I will eat a cake and have a spa day in your honour!

  34. Rachel S says:

    I found this site only a few weeks ago and already I'm addicted! It was seriously a dream come true to discover a site devoted to football's female fans. It's comforting in a way to read other people's comments proclaiming the greatness of Sergio Ramos, Torres, etc lol. So, happy birthday Kickette! Thanks so much for this blog..whoever came up with this idea is genius!!

  35. izzy says:

    Happy Birthday Kickette! Thanks for the daily laughs and beautiful pics of half naked footballers. Would be lost without you!

    PS- Totally made my day when I was reading the article about sexy footballers in the Washington Post last Sunday and I thought to myself “They should have contacted Kickette for this article”…and lo and behold they had! You ladies are officially (as if this hasn’t been the case already) the total authority on all things football gossip related.

  36. Emily (Giggsy's says:

    Happy fourth birthday, Kickette! Congratulations on such a monumental achievement. I happened upon your website three (or more) years ago at a time when my spirits were low, and it picked me right up instantly. I've met some of the best people in the world because of your site, and it's so great that the football world has such a whimsical yet knowledgeable female presence in Kickette. (Major kudos to our boy, Rio, for offering up some stellar goodies! You make us United girls proud! :) )

    Happy birthday and keep up the good work! :) xoxoxo

  37. Liselotte says:

    Seriously, I don’t know where my life would be right now if I hadn’t discovered this blog about a year ago or so :D
    And of course, celebrate as if there’s no tomorrow ;)

  38. C16 says:

    Fabulous 4th Anniversary Kickette!!!! ♥
    Such a fierce site!

  39. Sheila says:

    Happy birthday Kickette!

  40. Jessi says:

    CONGRATS & Happy 4th B-day :-)

  41. Marianna says:

    Estas sooooooooon las mañanitas que cantaba el rey david a las muchachas bonitas se las cantamos así despierta Kickette despierta mira que ya amaneció ya los pajarillos cantan la luna ya se metió! – That's "Las Mañanitas" a typicall bday song from Mexico! congratulations!

  42. Joey Cole's Gir says:

    can't believe kickette is four years olds! i found you like 3 years ago and this is still the first thing i check every morning, after FB haha!

    Happy Birthday!

  43. La Futbolista says:

    Happy Birthday Kickette!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Those chucks are beyond adorable!

  44. Cymraeg_Ddraig says:

    Happy birthday Kickette! By the way, would love to see a pic of Rio eating Jaffa Cakes. What a thought! Would have to be real jaffa cakes though, none of this home bargains rubbish.Lots of love for the introductions to the hotness of Xabi and more recently Pepe!

  45. beri says:

    Happy Birthday Kickette!

  46. Starsarella says:

    Happy Birthday ladies!! i fell like we are bffs!! u make my day. i swear. u also make my thoughts totally socially (somewhat) acceptable!! party hard ladies!! bring out the shots!! xoxo

  47. CherylAC says:

    What would we do without our daily fix of hot ballers? Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday and plenty more to come.

  48. Natnova says:

    Happy Birthday guys!!!! I just love your website. I visit every day religiously.

    I’m from Barbados, can I participate in the competition??

  49. EmmATX says:

    Happy birthday! Found this site during the World Cup this year and I loves it. I have been obsessively looking at your pictures of hot footballers ever since. Who knew someone like Youann Gourcuff could exist in the world?! Good LORD!

    -Emma in Texas

  50. Anna says:

    Happy Birthday!!! I’ve been coming to this site for a couple years for my daily intake of football gossip and sexy footballers and look forward to many more years to come!

  51. julia says:

    Happy birthday Kickette!

    Just want ya to know that you're the first thing I check in the morning after I've put on my laptop. This is gonna sound very common but I dont know what to do without you haha. And that is seriously. By far the best blog ever. And by far the best site to find out about all the football gossip and news.. (that are women-related…hehe)!

    Also want to thank u for putting Kenwyne Jones in the Finest Five list last year, I had never heard of him before you did that. And now when I've seen him more times than I can count this year in the Supermarket (ASDA!!!) I'm totally in love with him, ha ha. But I would never had known who he was if it wasn't because of you ;)

    What I was gonna to write from the beginning is that YOU ROCK AND YOU TRULY ARE THE BEST!

    And thanks, for all the effort you put in to make this blog/site as good as possible and to please us readers (that must be soooo hard..).


  52. Amanda says:

    Happy birthday, Kickette!

    I’m from Brazil, can I participate?

  53. Claire says:

    You’re fantastic. And my boyfriend is addicted. He might like you more than I do!

  54. Yasmeen says:

    happy birthday kickette!! this site has become my new best friend football, fashion, and comedy all in one site?? HEAVEN!! wish you all a successful time with the website and keep bringing us (your trusty subjects) news about our favorite men and women (footballers and wags; then again that should be obvious since this is a football site….)


  55. Allyra says:

    Happy Birthday! You’ve done such a great job so far, hope it goes on for many more years!! :D

  56. Linda (Gooner till I says:

    Happy birthday !!! :)

  57. Tessa says:


    Happy Birthday! I'm so happy that your site is doing so well! Thank you for everything over the years! :D

  58. Kickette mexican fan says:


    blessings n please still doin ur thang gurls!

    ur are AWESOME!

    besos y abrazos desde México :)

    p.s. can i participate in the contest??

    p.s.2 my private jet doesnt work :( so sad!

  59. coco says:

    happy birthday Kickette!Thanks for the laughs and eye candy. I look forwarded to ur site everyday.. best of luck in the coming years from Vallejo, CA…

  60. DJ says:

    Thank you for addressing my hot footballer needs with wit and an impeccable grasp of the English language. It makes trolling for gossip and eye candy that much more enjoyable.

    May the coming year be filled with delightful WAGs, a dearth of base layers and short tents for all!

  61. elylovesfootball says:

    Happy B-Day Kickette!!! :D

  62. Briel says:

    Happy Birthday Kickette!! I only discovered you a few months ago, but I'm completely addicted so get used to seeing me around for quite a while longer. Thanks for putting a smile on my face daily!

  63. liv says:

    Happy Birthday Kickette; I rise my glass to more laughter,gossip,good & bad style,cute bubas, hot, hot, hot ballers and their wags that love them!

  64. ^^K^^ says:

    Happy birthday Kickette! :) I'd just like to say that all of the work you guys put in to provide us with quality short tents and up to date baller news is very much appreciated =)Here's to many more years of Kickette glory!

  65. marie says:

    i love this site.Some days this is the only thing that keeps me going! congrats to you guys!

  66. Estefi says:

    Happy birthday! You’re definitely my favourite site and I’ve become addicted to you girls.You’re simply amazing and you make me laugh a lot(appart from keeping me well-informed about my favourite footies)
    Thanks a lot and happy b-day again!
    lots of kisses from Argentina :)

  67. p4ng says:


  68. Ella says:

    Don’t know what I would do without you, Kickette! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  69. Angela says:

    Congrats, Kickette! Happy 4th birthday! Love your blog and am addicted to you guys! Love the posts and all the pics of the hot guys!

    Happy Birthday from sunny San Diego!!!!

  70. mamaly says:

    Hartelijk gefeliciteerd!!!!!!!


  71. ari says:

    Happy Birthday Kickette!

    I only discovered you a couple months ago but now you're an essential part of my day!!! Your Monday Mmm is the only thing that keeps me going on those brutal days. I love you guys and your top notch journalistic skill. The Daily Fail could use a few lessons :) Here's to another 4 years of champagne inspired postings!!! <33333

  72. Thea says:

    Happy Birthday – only been with you a year but it's been a life saver, my one stop shop for all my footie needs!!!

  73. Aisha says:

    Happy Anniversary Kickette!! I’ve been a fan since you started! But, all I want as a giveaway prize is my own footballer husband!

  74. Bea says:

    Happy 4th Birthday! I’m in Bentonville, AR USA, love the site!

  75. tash says:

    bon anniversaire!!!!

  76. Missy says:

    Here is a little treat for my Kickettes: http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4022/4241244490_f7…
    you girls are genius.

    Thanks and happy B-day!

  77. Dee says:

    Happy 4th Birthday!!! You don’t look a day over two.

    I found this site thanks to my friend Tina, who is currently on vacay, so I can’t arm her Facebook wall with Francesco Totti goodness. But once she is back…game on.

  78. Bria says:

    Wooooaaa…can’t believe it’s been 3 years I’ve been addicted to you guys already!! Time really does fly!! My day begins and ends with you lot. Have a happy alcohol fuelled birthday Kickette!!!! :)

  79. MEER. says:

    Van harte gefeliciteerd! Way to go, ladies! Keep up the good work. Love it!

  80. Accept no substitutes. Kickette is the best. Happy birthday!

  81. viola says:

    Happy Birthday!!! keep up the awesome awesome work! Kickette, you made me drool like a baby and made me shreak like a teenager, you made laugh like a hyena and be thankful for FOOTBALLERS!! I wish you many many many more years of success.

  82. Ali says:

    Happy Birthday Kickette! I just found this blog a few weeks ago and it has made my viewing of the World Cup 1000x more fun!

  83. Nikki says:

    Congrats kickette ! 4 years already ! May you continue to give me more piccys of hot footballer who are unaware that they are being photographed ;D!

  84. Barcelista says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KICKETTE!!!! Thank you so much for all the wonderful articles and pictures! Dunno what I would do without them!!

    And also thanks to all my fellow kickette-ladies in here for making my 'internet life' so much funnier!! Love love looooove the comments! YAY ;)

  85. rslkdl says:

    Happy birthday Kickette! I only discovered you a few months ago, but you’re my homepage now. LOL! *Mwah!*

  86. Lucy says:

    Happy Birthday, Kickette! You are fabulous :D

  87. Catie says:

    Oh, so exciting! I stumbled upon what is perhaps my most favorite of all the blogs in the virtual land by… doing a google image search of Sergio Ramos, naturally. This was 5 days ago. I’ve been coming back religiously ever since (and since I can’t pay attention to anything longer than about a minute, that says a lot). And suggested it to about 10 of my snarkiest gal pals :D . So with that, my new best friends, Happy Birthday!

  88. Natalie says:

    Happy birthday Kickette!!! you have truly made the world of football a better place! :D

  89. Erin says:

    Happy Birthday! You’re the best!

  90. Minnie says:

    Happy Birthday Kickette!!! Congratulations!! Thank you for such wonderful updates of sexy football men and occasionally, their WAGS.

  91. Lisa says:

    Happy anniversary Kickette! I could never start or end my day without checking in with the best (and most generous) footie site ever. Lots of love mwah!

  92. juventina says:

    Happy Birthday!! :)

  93. Zeenabi =) says:

    Feliz Cumpleaños cuarto Kickette

  94. Kristina says:

    God, I've spent the past week trying to get through the archive, as if that might make up for the fact that World Cup is over, and the UEFA Cup isn't for another 2 years.

  95. 8 americain says:

    I went a few years ago to the Marriot hotel and i enjoy it ! Such an amazing place to take vacations !

  96. Jo says:

    Many happy returns of the day! We love you, Kickette! :D

  97. MissEstonia says:

    Happy Birthday, Kickette! :) You are undoubtedly my favourite football related site out there and I don't know what I'd do without the daily WAG outfit hotness and man candy deliciousness! :) *raises champy glass* Here's to many, many more years! <3

  98. Shazza says:

    Happy Birthday, Kickette!!!

    Unfortunately, I won't be back in the UK until next year.

    Oh well, maybe I can try for a prize at your 5 year party?

  99. tifa says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KICKETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Steph says:

    Congrats, Kickette! :D New to your site, but I'm seriously loving it already. I check out your site, like every day now!

  101. fern says:

    FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS! my best wishes, keep being the best football-wag-gossip EVER!!!

  102. Dreamgirl says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kickette. Thanks for bringing the stalker out in all of us. Keep up the good work :)

  103. The Barcagirl says:

    Love you, ladies

    I´ve enjoyed every second of the last year when I went to your site. Actually it´s the first thing I do, if I start my computer. Now I´m a addicted gossiper and my whole class greets me in the morning by asking: Which footballer did what yesterday? I´m known as the queen of football gossip at my school thanks to you!

    Just go on forever with all the hot ballers and the gossip! I need my daily dosis!

    *kisses, hugs, chocolates and prosecco for you!*

  104. CR_9_Lady says:

    Happy Birthday, Kickette !

    It really is the best footy site ever.

    I'm looking foward to many more years :)

  105. Saki says:

    Happy Birthday! This site is simply fantastic.

  106. jenny says:

    Happy Birthday Kickette! Thanks for making every day a little sexier, and for introducing me to Yoann and Iker. I am eternally grateful! xoxoxo

  107. Blair says:


  108. Eebza says:

    Can't believe it's taken me so long to find you Kickette!!!

    Happy birthday and much loooovvveeee from South Africa!!!! :)

  109. Goosie says:

    Happy birthday ladies! Thanks for introducing me to the gloriousness that is Xabi Alonso and Fabio Cannavaro. For that I am eternally greatful.

  110. A very happy boozy birthday to you, Kickette!! Just look at what you've started??? You have a lot to answer for! :D

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    Congrats and Well Done! :D

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    happy birthday Kickette. I love love this site. This site is full of fun and i dont feel bad about being a baller stalker.

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    Happy birthday kickette, looking forward to many more years of your journalistic (ie stalking) abilities.

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    Kickette, I could never explain the many ways in which you have enriched my life. Before I found you (while putting off studying for exams), I was just a creepy girl with an unreasonable and stalker-ish love of Fernando Torres. I didn't know that there were others like me, and I was lonely. But when I found you, I realized that I wasn't alone. And Fernando Torres is finally in the Finest Five. Good move.

    Short tents. The Elite Eleven. The Thursday Thigh-Off that I miss so much. I love you guys. I can always count on you to fulfill your journalistic duty and post hot photos of footballers with babies, regardless of their team affiliation.

    For these reasons and many more, Kickette, I salute you.

  117. simone says:

    Congratulations Kickette, I discovered you guys a couple months ago and have been addicted since then, finally a site where people think like me.

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    Absolutely love your work, funny, witty, tongue wagging stuff indeed! A new recruit to your following (God knows how on earth i survived the past 4 years without you???)

    Happy Birthday Kickette, all the way from sunny South Africa! :)

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    Happy Birthday girls!

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    Happy birthday Kickette!! I'm so glad some concious ladies had the brains to bring women everywhere a tad bit of superficiality mixed with some football. I've known you for three months and I have loved every bitchface, list and gossip posted on this site! Keep it up girls!

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    I also *just* found you, doing a search for Benny Feilhaber(;D), and I couldn't be more thrilled.

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