November 23rd, 2009

Black Tie ‘Ballers: Didier Drogba’s Charity Ball

Didier Drogba and co

On Saturday evening, the Chelsea boys past and present were out for the Didier Drogba Foundation charity ball.

Oh, we love us a footballer in a penguin suit, we do. Sadly, many of the boys try to put their own personal stamp on black tie wear. (Looking at you shiny-suit Claude).

We give you: Didier Drogba, Claude Makelele, Nicolas Anelka, Joe Cole, Michael Essien, John Terry and Ashley Cole. Salomon Kalou was there, but we have no photo of his cute/skinny self. Other non-footy guests included the Brand New Heavies, Akon, and rugby hottie Danny Cipriani.

Know this: your life won’t be complete until you click over to watch the boys work their magic on the dance floor. And by magic, we mean the two-step to infinity.

Nice charity work, DD! We applaud you and your dance moves.

Who do you think looked the best on the night?

Our picks: JT and Michael Essien for their tux-commitment (though Michael looks so pocket-sized he could be popped on top of a wedding cake, no?) We fash-fail: Joe Cole for his navy corner office suit. Joey, why?

Joe. Why the navy? Michael EssienJohn TerryAshley Cole

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29 Responses to “Black Tie ‘Ballers: Didier Drogba’s Charity Ball”

  1. bakayoko. mamadou says:

    merci a didier drogba pour ta fondation qui va permtre a des ivoirienes et des ivoirienne d'avoire des meilleure soins et pour tant en cote d'ivoire ils ya des milliadaire qui sont incapable d'aide leur frere qui souffre avec tout ce voler qui on detourene l'agent des planter de cafe et cacao. et je demande aussi que les autre jouer internationeau qui joue en europe avec didier et tout ce qui joue en equipe nationala de cote d'ivoire paticipe aussi a la construstion de ces hopitale que la fondation de didier veux construre que le bon dieu te beni didier drogba pour tout ce que tu fait ton nom restera dans histoire ta mere a fait 1 enfhant et merci aussi a ton oncle goba qui ta donne 1 bon éducation.ayo ayoka mon frere

  2. lampsylover says:

    IM SO PROUD OF MY CHELSEA BOYZ.!!! specially DD..he knows that in life you have to GIVE to Resive!! U GO BOY! :D

    AND as other girls mentioned…I TOTALLY MISS LAMPSY!! :(

    i hope he gets better soon!! and i also hope he dosent see that Ellen Rives new pictures..hahahaha!! ;)

  3. Kile says:

    This night needs 100% more Frank. Essien, Joe (!), and Anelka all look good. Ashley looks like a tool like always. I just don't like DD. I mean good for him for this. But the guy is a jerk.

    Claude is cracking me up for sure. That suit. Omg.

  4. KateAlonso says:

    OMG I love Drogba dancing – btw well done Didier! I had no idea he does charity! I love Essien’s shoes too ;)
    In my opinion the best dressed is Ashley Cole and just leave Joe alone, he looks good too.

  5. COLE says:

    Heyy they all are so cute!! And joe cole is great as ALWAYS!He is so cute and handsome no matter what he wears!And his suit is good too! Its good on him,i love him and leave him alone!!!

  6. Lilly says:

    people,where is lampsy??I want my lampsy!hmmm…i can see Cheryl has done a good job of dressing her man.

  7. kaya says:

    I think Drogba may have borrowed a tie from the juniors rack. Anelka looks fine and Claude always looks hilarious. How does he do it?

    I generally like to see Chelski lose (I'm soldier to many lost casues), but I have to say Drogba always seemed like a good guy in real life.

    I'm glad to hear the rib isn't broken. I can't believe the kung fu kick didn't get Evans banned several games. That was just like, wow… crazy nasty.

  8. LoveLamps says:

    Seriously gorgeous group of pics Kickette! I love all of my Chelsea lads and everyone is beautiful in a blue kit to me, but DAMN they are looking MIGHTY FINE! Chelsea as a club is very committed to charity and Kickette has always done such a nice job of covering these types of events. Thanks Kickette!

    As for the fashion, Essien's classic tux and brilliant smile (not to mention his two goals during the match) are a total win. JT looks delicious as always and, despite the jeans, somehow Anelka is making it work. I just love them all, even little Joey Cole. Bless his little heart.

  9. Tanya says:

    Nice try, Didi, but you're still the most unlikeable player on the planet.

  10. Is Joe Cole so in love with Chelsea Blue that he had to have his suit blue too?

    I can forgive him for the blue suit. He’s too adorable.

  11. Lorelei says:

    Drogba, like many of the African footballers, winds up supporting entire villages, hospitals, schools etc. More power to them. As for the fashion statements, where are these boys’ stylists?

  12. FootballerChick43-"Mrs.Ballack" says:

    Aw! They all look so brilliant :)

  13. Macacinha says:

    JT has been borrowing Frankie’s clothes again. Anelka is definitely wearing jeans, but oddly, I rather like his outfit. He looks a bit rebellious.

  14. Lana says:

    Don’t mind fashion mistakes here, overall they look good to me
    And well done, Didier, for doing a lot of charity work

  15. CNB says:

    No, Violet, you are not alone! I like Ashley too — but honestly I’ve seen him look better. Joey is such a cutie, plus he scored a goal on Saturday, so I really don’t care that he dressed for working in an office! JT looks hot (as always), and Didi is coolness personified… But the Man of the Match and Man of the Night is Michael Essien! He looks quite lovely in his tux!!!

  16. Violet_Shh says:

    Am I the only one who actually likes Cashley? :D

  17. chelseagal_joeycoleswife says:

    sorry i forgot to mention the others in my haste…
    John looks a bit of a babe, no?
    and Didier’s looking smart ;)
    …but back to Joe, don’t like the suit then take it off?

  18. chelseagal_joeycoleswife says:

    I think Joe looks lovely (shhhhh)- he scored alright?! leave him alone!! :D

  19. Fashion failures all over the place. A whole lot of pointy shoes and shiny fabrics. Did Drogba dive on the dance floor? That's what he does.

  20. Blair says:

    Kalou was there too. And in a BOWTIE to boot! It was adorable! Just saw it on Chelsea TV!

  21. Elise says:

    Thank you so much, Kickette, for this post. I know most people don't know this side of Didier. He's done quite a lot of charity work actually, both on his own, with friends, and with the United Nations. He created the Drogba Foundation a few years ago when he lost a friend to leukemia, partly due to the lack of adequate medical care. The 3 million he's donating is his sponsorship money from his new Pepsi deal. And Roman Abramovich is also showing his support by donating to the foundation, though I don't know exactly the size of that donation. Well done to both.

    The dancing…not so much! LOL And I was terrified while watching it that someone was going to slam into Didier's chest and aggravate that rib. I know they decided it was only a bad bruise, but still. I worry. It's what I do.

    I love that so many of the team turned out to support it as well. I do wish Frank could have been there, and I wish there were more photos of all of them! I might have encouraged some of the boys to rethink their fashion choices…or perhaps to have considered an iron (looking at you Ashley Cole! lol) but some of them got it right- Didier and Essien, and one of them was perfection- JOHN, of course!!!! The suit was perfect, the scarf was perfect, and he was absolutely gorgeous (as always!)! Well done, Baby. :)

    • Elise says:

      Oh, just realised the post doesn't state it, but Belletti, Malouda, Ferreira, and Carvahlo were there as well. Hopefully more pics will turn up somewhere. :)

  22. Riya (Come on you Re says:

    Lookin good JT. But where's Frankie, love?

    Ashley Cole is … well I can't say what I think everytime I see him. It's not very nice. (Sorry!)

  23. Jessie says:

    JT does look great! Where's his date (Frank)? Joe's outfit is terrible but he still looks cute. A-Cole always looks like a douche bag (can i say that?) to me, this is no exception.

  24. Boston Red says:

    What is on Anelka's feet?? And is he wearing jeans? The trousers do not match the jacket.

    I can't even go there with the silky scarf…

  25. yasichelsea says:

    Where is Frank???

  26. agger♥lover says:

    drogba does charity???? that statement in itself is a contradiction and good starburst like contradiction….. oh no this is mind boggling crap man i have a instant migraine now *confused* :(