July 26th, 2010

Bojan Krkic: Barca’s Baby Gets A New Shirt

Bojan’s lady-pulling measures have become increasingly desperate since Barca’s financial woes began to bite. Oh, fine. Perhaps we ‘may’ have doctored this image. We couldn’t resist. We love baby B. Original image: Getty Images Europe via Zimbio

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43 Responses to “Bojan Krkic: Barca’s Baby Gets A New Shirt”

  1. BarcaMonica says:

    this is photoshopped.

  2. ArsenalFan says:

    nomnomnom I love him, but kinda blowing his own horn with that shirt? He probably can't even read it though!

  3. Laurie says:

    Can somebody tell me, why he had been left out of the national team at the Worldcup??

  4. Mrs Navas says:

    okay bojan i would of helped u pay your rent but i’m a little low on funds but next time 4 sure.

  5. neenyah says:

    Seriously, someone call Pique to get his mighty fine ass back in Camp Nou and comfort our Bojan bb!!!!!! :D

  6. clau krkic says:

    I simply love bojan he is so cute… and he is so my age

  7. jade says:

    its okay bojan, you can come live with me :D

  8. HJ says:

    bojo, welcome to Kickette! now, may i show you to the bedroom? :)

  9. Alessandra says:


  10. Lisa says:

    Ain’t nothing going on but the rent… Sorry, another obscure 80s music reference… Bojan wasn’t even born then was he?… good lord I am old!

    I can’t bear thought of my baby being in any kind of trouble. Just look at that face, who would evict someone that gorgeous?!

    • Barcelista says:

      You gotta have a j o b if you wanna be with me ;)

      With or without a job.. I'll make an exeption for Baby Bojan.. And also for my Sex.. Erhm Cesc I mean.. And for my Pique too.. And for my Xavi.. And for.. OMG I can't stop! *sigh*

      • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

        Ha ha ha you read my mind. And I was thinking if he needs rent money I’m sure Pique will take him in not like they would need more than one bed.. But first let’s hope Cescy doesn’t get jealous, lol.

      • jade says:

        uhm.. so ive created a list. of soccer players.

        youve named the top like 5!

  11. Julia says:

    My husband told me I could have a cabana boy while I'm off work with an ankle injury. I could totally pay him to fan me with palm fronds. Might help with the rent :D

  12. Zara says:

    *___* Baby Bojan. That Boy Is Mine. nuff said.lol

  13. Lorihanna,Morales Torres says:


  14. Zlatanista says:

    Feeling like a dirty old lady again, but i can´t help it. He´s too sweet. Hope he doesen´t leave "our" team!

  15. Thea says:

    That has to be the quintessential Barcelona tag line!

  16. VeNia says:

    love him!!!but then again i love every barca boy!!:D

    Don't worry about the rent!there's a lot of ladies here who would like to host you!!XD

  17. Maya says:

    Haha, Semi Precious Weapons! It seems like he went to a Lady Gaga concert. This is cute.

  18. Barcelista says:

    YES finally some more pictures of my lovely Barca boys – and no offence intended iker lovers but I'm kind of sick of the whole iker-pastasauce-love-picture-parade in here.. (and yes I do know that I will be hated for this comment but then again I really am sick of it!)

    And now to Baby Bojan: I absolutely adore him! He's just so eff cuuuuute!!!!!!!! But then again I really can't think of any of my Barca boys who isn't ;)

    And I think Bojan live with his parents so the rent probably wont be a problem :) But then again with Cesc staying with the Gunners for at least another year (or so it seems) Pique will probably step in and pay the rent for his little baby Bojan if anything should happen ;)

    And here's something to enjoy for the Bojan-Pique-lovers (I know I do):

    • Lisa says:

      Please no more mention of that Real goalkeeper and reporter girlfriend (soon to be wife) just thought of them makes me nauseous. Then again, any thought of Real Madrid makes me nauseous (sorry senoraramos).

      As for Bojan, I really hope Barca don’t sell him the way they sold Giovani Dos Santos. The squad as whole will become 50% less cuter without Bojan.

      The whole Cesc saga has just become one big headache. There are already rumours about Mesut Ozil being signed as his replacement. Somehow I don’t see him wearing Hello Kitty slippers and kissing random men.

      • Barcelista says:

        LMAO ahahahaha love your comment! You are so right about the Sex saga.. Erhm mean Cesc.. I personally don't think Ozil is strong enough (yet!!) to improve our midfield.. He's good I admit that but he has a lot to learn too.. But then again to become a 'part' of the best one must learn from and play among the best right..? So if my theory is right Barca is the place for the boy ;) Keita and Xavi is getting old (*closing my eyes ignoring the fact that someday my Xavi has to stop playing*) :( Then we won't have any replacements in case of injury in the midfield! So perhaps Ozil this year and Sex next summer?? (cos don't look like the Gunners are going to sell him this summer..)

        And YES agree that we really shouldn't have sold Giovani.. I mean look at the poor boy playing in Galatasaray instead of using his talent and potential to improve.. Stupid ManC and their money!

        And NO WAY they will sell Baby Bojan! He's our mascot!!!! You just don't sell your mascot!!!!!!!!!!!

        And glad to hear I'm not the only one who's sick of the iker-pastasauce-love-story!! :D

        • Zlatanista says:

          And i´m dying for the season to start so i can focus on all the lovely barcaboys! Oh and i share your fear of Xavi retiring! He shouldn´t be allowed to! There should be a law!

          • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

            ***Lady Kickettes I promise to proof read my comments because often I write something without looking at it before posting and don't realize my grammar errors*** I hate doing that because I would like people to know what I'm actually trying to say LOL

            Senora Ramos I don't know how old you are and I won't dare ask because is not what a lady does :D LOL And well I too am older than my Pique. Yes, there should be a law against retiring Xavi and other great footballers. Maybe to my house… I mean a special place to see good football all day and maybe nights :D

            • Zlatanista says:

              I´m thinking about setting up a home for retired footballers here in Sweden. Bojan could come too, even if it´s a zillion years left before his retirement. But somehow i´m not sure they would appreciate the climate :) .

          • Barcelista says:

            YES that's a great idea!! Love it!!! :D A law against Xavi retiring.. Then he HAS to play for the rest of his life!! :D

        • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

          Dido! I agree with all your comments, not a Barca girl by any means but aside from their good looks, I enjoy watching football and great players like Xavi will stop playing in their national teams in some years which is sad because talent like that cannot be find around the corner.

          I want to have a favorite spanish team but I feel like it would be cheating on my home country team, my love my AMERICA!!! However, they will play a friendly game against Real Madrid in Aug. and if they lose (talking about my team) against them I will hate Real Madrid. Of course if they play better they will deserve it but I don’t like my team losing against anyone. I just like Barca over other spanish teams because of Pique. He loves his team. I love that in a player. As for Gio, as his fellow mexican I too think often his skills are wasted just like his brother’s in our own national team.

      • senora ramos says:

        lol! no worries lisa!! any mention of barca makes me icky!! lol! even though all of the blaugranas on this site are actually nice ::shocked gasp:: lol!

        and i’m feeling alllllll of you ladies on the iker thing. overkill.

        also, are all the boys needing rent? i’d like to offer my home to some of them!! bojan makes me feel like a cradle robber!

        • Lisa says:

          aww now I feel bad for saying what I just said. dammit senoraramos do you have to be so adorable? Here take a homeless, penniless Bojan as an I'm Sorry gift *wraps bow around Bojan's manhood and leaves him at senora ramos front door*

        • Barcelista says:

          Barca is in my blood and therefore I am NOT capable of loving Real Madrid and will always hate the club and their players (except Laudrup and Ronaldo – the real one!).. and now with Mourinho as the coach it is so much easier to hate!! ;)

          But I actually feel the same way about the kickette-blancos-supporters as you Senora Ramos (even though it kills me to admit it – but it's ONLY the kickette ladies).. I actually haven't met any blancos in here who are.. well let's just call it disrespectful like you see on other pages ;) I've never read a mean and hateful comment in the way you see two guys argue on other pages (dunno if you read goal.com but there are a lot of idiots out there that pisses me off big time.. Especially when they have no idea what they are talking about!)

          LOL I guess it must be because we – the Kickette ladies – are smarter than the rest of the supporters out there ;)

        • senora ramos says:

          lol! you ladies crack me up! and i definately know what y’all mean about the :ahem: not so respectable and nice blaugranas and blancos on the other sites. goal.com, theoffside, etc. it’s b/c we are ladies and we were brought up properly :D

          but do believe me when i say it’s on once the season rolls around :D just ask thea. we get heated, but never ugly. well, not too ugly :D

          and i appreciate giftwrap baby bojan. lol!

          as to the age question, while a lady never reveals, i will say that i am close to 30, but not quite there yet :D

          • Barcelista says:

            Around 30 is the new 20!! And not too ugly I can handle LOL ;)

            Can't wait till the new season starts!!I'm definitely gonna visit Camp Nou some more this year!! :D

            And will you please share baby Bojan with me?? (hope my SexyCesc, Xavi and Pique doesn't get mad at me LOL ;) )

            • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

              LOL Don't worry Barcelista we can alternate with Pique & Xavi while you have some time with baby Bojan :D Let's all be helpful between us Kickettes.

    • Señora_Krkić says:

      I agree! All the barca boys are ADORABLE :) and bojan's is just the cutest! I love pique and bojan's relationship, I hope it continues when Cesc comes, but i love Cesc too!

  19. Ofeily9 says:

    Fucking Gorgeous , Yeaaaah!!

  20. Miss Spanish Nationa says:

    Bojan ***swoon*** If you do ever struggle to pay your rent i have a spare room….form a queue ladies

  21. mama-barca says:

    LMAO!bojan is adorable :)

  22. Black Rose says:

    I'll pay your rent, bb. Just, y'know, be a good boy and get down there <3

    • MadridistaJenn says:

      OH MY G-D! You took the words right out of my mouth. I don't need a sugar-daddy, but I'll be this little one's sugar-mommy!