November 28th, 2011

Mario Balotelli: Bottle Blond & Missing Bling

Is it safe for us to assume that the colour coordination of Mario’s new hair and his first infraction card from over the weekend was just a coincidence? Poor sob ended the weekend dismally and down a diamond earring so fingers crossed for his horoscope this week.┬áImage: Reuters Pictures.

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18 Responses to “Mario Balotelli: Bottle Blond & Missing Bling”

  1. Right now, Mario Balotelli is 18 or 19 and is really good. Do you think that when he has matured he will have the potential to be the best player in the world and win trophies like Balon D'or?

  2. Caitlyn says:

    My info is based on the statement Man city released themselfs after the incident!! Question is, what is yours based on??? P.s I don't use spell cheek even though i may spell some things wrong now and then, but my god you could really benefit…………LMFAO

    • MilaR says:

      you understand dont you? dont need spellcheck actually was in a hurry last time. it was based on what he said soo.. who gives a ratass hi is a sweet person when you watch his interviews.

      the media are just on his arse alot MORE than they are on other players #FACT

      • mata says:

        Ladies. Let's just accept that some people love Balo and some don't. Personally, I couldn't care less if he has bad hair and a rotten wardrobe. If you listen to his interviews (in Italian) he's smart, kind, loves animals, distrusts politicians, and in just 21 years has put up with a lifetime's worth of racist crap. Makes him o.k. in my book. He's also rash, impetuous and hot-headed. I can live with that, in fact I think it's part of his charm.

        And MilaR is right. In an interview he did say that it was a friend of his brother's who set off the fireworks, Mario himself was in a different part of the house at the time.

  3. gillianrosh says:

    So so wrong. He just continues to wound me with his style choices. *smh*

  4. Caitlyn says:

    I can't stand this egomaniac. Good footballer but can't stand him! Seriously who were the geniuses that decided after he nearly burt down his house with fireworks, his next step should be to front a campaign for firework safety??? Like he's sorry or even gives a sh*t! Talk about P.R gone mad. Thats the equivalent of running sobriety campaign and getting Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan to be the spokes people!!! Who's bull sh**ting who here? NO ONE BELIVES YOU BALOTELLI! P.s His new doo looks like someone went mental with a can of squirty cream.

    • MilaR says:

      Get your facts right it was his brothers friend NOT Mario that did that….thats why he did the fireworks safety thing.
      He said it himself that it was very scary for him.

      the thing is Mario aint perfect but who is? the media writes about him all the time, if the media wrote about what I do I swear my mom wouldnt talk to me anymore lol:P

      • Caitlyn says:

        You get YOUR fact right! HE has told club officials he and four friends were setting off fireworks through an open window. The bathroom towels set on fire and the blaze quickly spread."That right. through a window" if thats not the height of stupidity i don't know what is. Balotelli has "claimed" that one of his friends had set off the firework that started it. Even if he didn't set the one that caused the blaze it was still in his house, he was taking part and doing the exact same thing as the person that did cause it!! SCARED! Give me a break. Thats like Ashley Cole claiming "I didn't know the gun was loaded, i got told it was an antique! apparently its the same one that shot Abraham Lincoln". F.Y.I Theres a huge, huge diffrence between being perfect and not being a complete idiot!

  5. MissU Paolo says:

    Trounced? City gave away an OG, played 10 mins with 10 men and held onto a draw. Joe played his heart out yeah, but for a Lescott miscue, who knows how it could've ended.
    As for Mario, every team needs a character. He gives us highs (goals, Why Always Me?, Mancini hug) and lows (suspensions, backheels). Boring he isn't.

  6. Jen says:

    Mario has kept me entertained for so long with his hairstyles, inability to dress himself, and his temper tantrums. Glad he got the red card. My Reds played amazing, and only Joe Hart saved Man City getting trounced!

  7. Ninjess says:

    That hairdo is worth at LEAST a red card, if not a lifetime ban!

  8. Mel says:

    He is the biggest joke in football ever!!!!

    And it never gets old apparently.

    • MilaR says:

      now you being just mean, and the second yellow was too harsh.

      On another note, the referes are now fast on giving cards.
      They giving them out like candy!? not only in this game but others too!!
      it does destroys a match when someone gets a undeserved red..#justsayin

  9. ArsenalFiesta says:

    Oh mario!!

  10. Angela says:

    this guy just loves attention

  11. Catie2838 says:

    Oh drat! Looks like he'll have to look only 2/3 ridiculous for a while. Poor Mario. Although perhaps a lesson can be learned here: wearing a $15,494.47 diamond block on your ear during practice is stupid.

    And yes I converted the price, because my keyboard is refusing to make the pound sign. Silly keyboard.

  12. xbabyshakesx says:

    OMFG!!!! Horrible fashion sense and now this!