September 17th, 2010

Boxing Fans: Mario Gomez, Sami Khedira & Rene Alder

Well this is convenient. Some of our favourite German lads (in Cologne on September 3rd to watch some boxing punch up situ) are nicely demonstrating the three stages of intoxication we plan on executing this Friday night.

From right, Rene is “happy” drunk; Sami is “I’m so hot right now” drunk; and Mario (on the left) is “I’m going to cut the bartender who only poured 1/2 a shot in my double vodka” drunk. Good times.

Have a great weekend, Kickettes!

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28 Responses to “Boxing Fans: Mario Gomez, Sami Khedira & Rene Alder”

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  2. Saw this coming. Of course Beckham was gonna get mad. I had to laugh at him taunting Serioux. I do love Beckham as a player, even if I don't think he's the sexiest man on earth. :P Side Note: I hate the US commentary for every Becks game.

  3. Sosi, Madrid says:

    If sami just cut his hair, his hair looks awful, he will join the hottness of my Madrid men, this hair is ruining him for me.

  4. Jessi says:

    U got the lastname wrong. It's Adler or aLder, Holger was the best looking that night imo.

  5. Amandinha says:

    I just gave everyone a "thumbs up" just to celebrate the comment rating thing! :D

  6. ahh they're ALL SOOO HOTT!!!
    i really want Germany to win the world cup in 2014….i know that sounds kind of far from now but i'm just sooo obsessed with German football and the national team!!!

  7. elylovesfootball says:

    LOL at their faces ;D
    well Sami would be right if he said that cause he's so Hot in that pic

  8. JulieFromParis says:

    wait. Why has my comment been deleted right after I post it. There was nothing offensive in it!!

    • The new system sometimes moderates comments before we do. No, we don’t know why. But we do post them back up as soon as we find em. Still workin out the kinks unfortch

    • cherryboomboom says:

      moi aussi je me suis dit sa , mais enfet elles l'enlevent pour je ne sais quelle raison puis elles le remettent le lendemain , enfin c'est ce qu'elles ont fait avec mon commentaire

  9. D.J says:

    aww rene <3 and though gomez has been almost worthless for bayern, i still adore him :)

  10. Canederli says:

    They all look adorable but that may be the cutest picture ever of Sami!

  11. BarceLisa says:

    I heard when men go to a boxing match, the likelihood of them acting recklessly immediately after the fight increases, especially if the fight ends early. Something to do with overloading/combining of violence, testosterone, drinking, half-naked women and everything else you find at boxing matches. I'm hoping WAGabees have not caught onto this yet…

  12. Sake-chan says:

    Ahahaha, Sami's face made me laugh!
    Only Rene's last name is Adler, not Alder ;)

  13. LaGrace says:

    Btw, the entire german national team was there. And yes, they all looked cute and nice. Specially Badstuber with his basecap *wubby*

  14. Leya says:

    three gorgeous, drunk, footballers? every girl's dream!

  15. senora ramos says:

    lol at marco's caption. sami, love, you ARE so hot right now. lol! and julie, i 2nd your idea!!

  16. JulieFromParis says:

    I SO wish The Ramos would experience the "I love cubatas and I feel like dancing shirtless" drunk ……….

    • Pique~Xavi says:

      Are you in the wrong post? This talks about boxing. Anyway any player dancing would be something special to see in my opinion.

      • JulieFromParis says:

        I know im not an english native speaker but actually i did understand :) Nevertheless, the boxing part is just an excuse to speak about how we love when our favorite players get a bit drunk, no?

        • Pique~Xavi says:

          LOL you're a wise person Julie. And sorry I didn't mean it that way. But I once click on the wrong post. That day was too good two windows to look at two post at a time and put the wrong comment on the one post. I don't remember now what the posts were but I'm 100% had something to do with Pique and the other one the NT of Spain. Greetings :)

          • juliefromparis says:

            Jaja, thats true talking about and looking at our guys can be a bit confusing.. C u round ;-)