December 16th, 2010

Breaking Trouser-Tearing News: Baby Bendtner Is En Route – UPDATED


UPDATE: Caroline skipped out on the natural birth thang altogether and delivered a healthy baby boy this afternoon via a scheduled C-section. Only downside to that strategy is missing out on the push present! More to follow…

Thank goodness for press conferences and official club announcements, or else we’d have no one to spill baby delivery deets.

While speaking to members of the sports media, who regularly miss these subtle gossip-mongering clues, Arsene Wenger inadvertently announced the impending arrival of Nicklas Bendtner and Caroline Fleming’s first child as he was discussing the Arsenal’s injury situ:

“We have not lost anyone else. Nicklas Bendtner’s wife is in labour and he is due to be a father today or tomorrow. So I don’t know if I will involve him. But otherwise the injury news is looking quite positive.”

Today or tomorrow doesn’t sound too promising for Caroline, and we’re sending her copious amounts of epidural love.

Trust, we’ll know about any infant dimple formations ahead of the pack, so don’t stray too far, Kickettes. We even shady-bounced from our Secret Santa grilled cheese gathering so we could NORAD track the status of Baby Baron/Baronness. That’s how you know it’s bloody cold outside we mean serius biznazz.

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38 Responses to “Breaking Trouser-Tearing News: Baby Bendtner Is En Route – UPDATED”

  1. GigiSantaCruz says:

    Just wondering if the bubba's gonna have hair like daddy's: upwards!!! Awwwww…

  2. anishka says:

    Nicky is a daddy oh my gosh that makes him even sexier ! even though he is still so young but so what? hopefully this little bundle of joy can improve his performance on the pitch! age gap is nothing! if they're happy then I'm happy!

    so anyway I was wondering how many kids Caroline have now? 3 or 4?

  3. Congratz to Nicky B. Where is Leo Torres btw?

  4. @AgnesWonka says:

    I can't believe Nick is a father….he's so young :S

  5. FTC says:

    Congratulations to the family on the the safe delivery of baby and hope all are happy and healthy

  6. FTC says:

    Planned C-sections can be for a variety of medical reasons. Babies position in the womb, small pelvis and big baby, several types of placenta disorders, bleeding disorders to name just a few.

    Please dont judge and assume the "to posh to push" attitude. I had 2 planned sections, both for medical reasons, and definately not my choice.

    I think the doctors have more to do with it than God, but that is just my opinion.

  7. Sheba says:

    wait a minute…..i thought they were engaged? Wenger called her 'his wife'….am i missing out on something here?

  8. Winnie Mata says:

    all i can say is that i hope they last now that Nicky has a BABY! :D

    i think he'll be a great daddy, and i can't wait to see pictures of the baby :)
    i think they'll do a Hello! magazine type spread…no offense but she seems like the type

  9. SoccerLoverrrr says:

    congratz to nicklas! buh i feel dat since hes with caroline and shes older..shes makin him age faster hes onli 22 and he has a kid..buh dats juss my opinion

  10. Crackers says:

    Congratulations, Nicky and Baroness! And good luck with your new baby, I'm sure he's adorable.

  11. blake2108 says:

    Congratulations Bendtner family.

    Disappointed she didn't have it naturally. I thought that was supposed to be the whole point. If God wanted women to have C-sections, he'd have made it so that we just slide out of our mothers with no effort at all.

    • Deb Stimson says:

      often times C-sections are necessary for the safety of the baby or mother, like if the cord is wrapped around the baby's neck or it's breach, and/or the mother is deemed unable to withstand the normal birth process (weak heart, diabetic, high blood pressure, etc.)

      • blake2108 says:

        I know they are when there's complications, but if there weren't any, and as I read, it was a planned C-section, like Posh did with hers, then to me it's just lazy.

        As I've said though, I'm pleased for them all. And of course glad the baby was born with no complications and was healthy

        • @DebStimson says:

          A "planned" C-section can also be because of medical necessity. In my Lamaze class, there was a woman who was diabetic who had a planned C-section at her doctors recommendation. It will be interesting to see if any more information comes out about the reason for the C-section.

          Either way, I don't know if I'd call it lazy but it certainly wouldn't be my first option. A C-section is major surgery and I can't imagine the pain/recovery after that. And the scar? I'm surprised any woman would choose to have that done voluntarily.

      • Raincitygirl says:

        I always feel bad for women who have to both go through labour and have a C section. Doesn't really seem fair.

        A friend of mine was over a week late, so of course she was as big as a house and horrendously uncomfortable, before going through 12 hours of labour which culminated in an emergency C section. So she got to have 12 hours of agony PLUS major surgery. If the Baroness had a planned C section, at least she avoided that particular hell.

        • @DebStimson says:

          Your poor friend! I can't imagine being in labor that long. Mine was pretty quick, even though I was 3 weeks early…so quick in fact that there wasn't time for pain meds after the first demerol. I was fortunate after hearing all the horror stories of long or induced labors.

  12. cheetah says:

    The Danish gossip mags are now reporting that the baby is here, delivered by c-section. No word on a name yet :)

  13. Missy Manchester says:

    Twas the week before Christmas
    When all through the land
    The Kickettes clicked ‘refresh’
    For news on demand

    They hoped and they prayed…with best wishes and bears
    That Baby Nicklas’ Junior soon would be there;

    More rapid than storks his team mates they came,
    Van Persie whistled, and shouted, and called them by name;

    Now, Wenger! now, Wilshere!
    now, Samir and Kieran!
    On, Walcott! on Lukasz!
    Come see Bendtner and Fleming!

    • hereforthenando says:

      Okay, I don't even know what to say. That is the greatest thing that I have ever read.

      Missy Manchester, you have single-handedly raised the bar on commenting to never-before-seen heights.

    • Deanna says:

      Someone is certainly in the holiday spirit. BRILLIANT.

    • Taskeen says:

      This has to become one of the many spirited anthems of our dear kickette island!

    • LuvinBale says:

      All I can say is amazing! I have been sick for the past week and that really is the best thing I read all week. I actually laughed out loud. Thank You.

    • Missy Manchester says:

      OK. Now I'm blushing. LOL
      Such generous little Christmas elves you all are!
      (And LuvinBale…get well soon!)

      • sarrible says:

        Too bad nothing rhymes with Fabregas.

        • ashmenon says:

          Well, I suppose "gas" doesn't really count…"ass" perhaps?

          A lot of fun things rhyme with Cesc, though. Hot mess, undress, etc. Food for though, eh?

    • xoWinnie says:

      this made me smile so big! :D

    • ashmenon says:

      Not only do I agree with all the replies and thumbs up you got, but dear lord, you've just given me the best idea ever for an animated Christmas music video featuring Van Persie. And storks. Lots of storks.

  14. Jo_ says:

    Congratulations to them! Fingers crossed for a worry-free delivery.

  15. jellenp says:

    Kickette, you NEVER let us down.

  16. blake2108 says:

    Aww. Hope everything goes smoothly for them and I'm sure Baby Bendtner will be as cute as his Dad

  17. Brittany says:

    it had better be a boy, and they’d better call him Aaron!!