August 19th, 2010

Bremen Beauties: Torsten Frings v Clemens Fritz

Torsten Frings (left) and Clemens Fritz. Images: Getty Images &

It may sound like a delicious salty treat best enjoyed with a bucket of crisp Chardonnay, but buckle up readers, Frings vs. Fritz is one serious non-snack related business.

During last night’s Champions League qualifier against Sampdoria, Werder Bremen’s Torsten Frings and Clemens Fritz both scored goals, contributing to their side’s 3-1 first leg victory.

Incidental though this may seem when there’s shopping and perving to be done, (a Kickette staffers’ life is never dull), it has given us reason to ponder.

Having covered their varying degrees of undress with some interest in the past, we know these players have many fans out there. Still, we’ve never dared pit Frings’ functional and low maintenance approach to grooming against Clem’s Teutonic tastiness (left).

Until now.

Who will you choose, ladies (and some gents)? Is it the agricultural or arthouse that floats your boat? Cool coiff or gratuitous grease?

Please advise what your requirements are in a Bremen baller, and we will undertake, (at great personal expense, you understand), to nip over to the pub and ‘evaluate the results’.

We’ll let you know what we come up with when we relocate the office.

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64 Responses to “Bremen Beauties: Torsten Frings v Clemens Fritz”

  1. Mariana says:

    Torsten Frings all the way.

  2. sya says:

    of course Fritz, he's gorgeous and charming!!!!!!!!!! LOVE FRITZ!!!!

  3. Марго says:

    И двамата,но повече Фриц!

  4. Rory says:

    I no longer find pretty boys appealing, so I’m gonna for Torsten Frings!! he is gorgeous especially when he cuts his hair short.. that’s when he becomes irresistable!!

  5. Rory says:

    I no longer find pretty boys appealing, Torsten Frings!! he is gorgeous especially when he cuts his hair short.. that's when he becomes irresistable!!

  6. Rosey says:

    Fritz. He’s cute ;)

  7. Christina says:

    Clemens Fritz – I love him

    here the link to his goal against Genua

  8. Maria says:

    YEEEEES!!! FRINGSI!!!! Finally gets a mention in Kickette!!
    And the whole issue with the grooming I don´t mind… Fringsi is aaaaaall man :D
    Fritz is well hot, too. Still wondering why they didn´t go to the World Cup as well…
    Now all I have to wait is for a Jorge Fucile feature in Kickette. Come on ladies!! Make me even happier!!!

  9. Michi says:

    I’ll take both =)
    If I really have to choose… Clemens.
    Just because he usually scores like… never and he played really well on Wednesday.
    And because he just became the most handsome Bundesliga-Player xD

  10. michelle says:

    Oh gawd do I really have to choose ?! I’ll just take both, since I’m in Germany I’ll just go and kidnap them sometime soon. May I ask for some help, girls ? ;)

    PS – I find Fritz more adorable =|

  11. HiL says:

    Loved the post, Kickette!

    It's a hard choice between a manly-man and such a pretty boy.

    I love'em both :)

  12. SoccerDuckie says:

    Um, I have to CHOOSE? How evil of you Kickette!!!! I'll take both, thank you very much. It's easier to appreciate their contrasting natures by having both within easy reach. It's not greedy, it's just practical. :D

  13. mams14 says:

    Torsten frings is the best!!

  14. Rusty (Mrs Clemens Fritz) says:

    Now that I’m no longer perving on TWO Werder players, back off, ladies and gents, Fritz is MINE. (I’m sharing Oezil with a whole bunch of teenagers.)

    Oh, err, sorry. He had a spectacular goal yesterday, though.

    *runs away sheepishly*

  15. Lucy says:

    Fritz, hands down.

  16. xoWinnie says:

    well, while i am slowly getting out of my "pretty-boy" phase (and my very "macho" rugby playing boyfriend is proof of this), i'll still have to go with Fritz JUST BECAUSE Frings reminds me of a pretty version of Puyol, who is still not that attractive.

    just sayin.

  17. karla says:

    Frings all the way. He is so sexy!!

  18. julie says:


  19. MissEstonia says:

    Is this even a real question?

    Clemens, naturally! Torsten…I’m sorry, I only have room for one Torsten/Torstein in my book o’ men and he’s not it.

  20. Lisa says:

    Frings. the other one is too male model-y for my liking, Just too pretty. I like footballers I lust after to actually LOOK like footballers.

    • mams14 says:

      FRINGS ALL THE WAY!! the other one is too girly for me, however he is kind of cute but not hot.

  21. MeL says:

    Dear Kickette, Cant I have them both?? ?? If I HAVE to choose Torsten Frings it’s the manly man.. argh!!

  22. Simone says:

    Fritz of course… I like Torsten, he’s great, but for me it’s always Fritz.

  23. lulu says:

    Well you know what?

    the world sucks as it is, so…

    I REFUSE TO CHOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'll take them both, in a hot tub under the stars on a full moon, thank you very much!

    Cheers to indecisiveness!

  24. DebS says:

    I’m more of a brown hair/brown eyes person but I have to got with Fritz on this one. He’s looking a little “Brad Pittish” in the top pic. :p

    • Emily says:

      me too girl, me too. and you are so right about the brad pitt resemblance, that's probably why I like him :)

  25. Sylvia says:

    Fritz wins for me!

  26. RedAne says:

    You’re right about this Kickettes: “Frings vs. Fritz is one serious non-snack related business.”
    There’s nothing that remotely resembles a snack here… More of a complete course meal, I’d say!!!
    But since I have to choose, I’d like me some Fritz, please!!

  27. Elina says:

    The blonde guy !!! He is cutter!!!

    :) :)

  28. Amandinha says:

    blondie, definitely.

  29. truly_thata says:

    No doubt, I’ll go for Fritz!!!

  30. fieryheart says:

    Haven't watch both of them in action yet but more Clemenz Fritz please ! ;)

  31. senora ramos says:

    no to frings. just looking at him makes me angry >:O

  32. shakeyourtambourine says:

    Fritz all the freaking way !!!

  33. Jackie says:

    Fritz all the way

  34. Blair says:

    Fritz’s dimples are just mental.

  35. Jamtart Heart says:

    Frings, hands down. He is incredibly hot, has a great head of hair, and has an extremely sexy voice.

    I can objectively appreciate the refined, well-maintained beauty of Herr Fritz as well, too, though.

  36. ba says:

    Fritz, anyway!!

  37. pammy says:

    frings all the way. he is very handsome. i don't know a lot about either but from looking at them Frings is more attractive.

    • mams14 says:

      I agree! Frings is so sexy and has such a great personality! the other one needs to buy himself a neck, I mean, he is got something weird that makes him looks strange in the photos.

  38. cymraeg_ddraig says:

    I don't get the Frings appeal….Fritz for me

  39. Amanda says:

    OOF. Fritz. Definitely Fritz. YOWZA

  40. littlegirl says:

    absolutely Fritz!!!

  41. Clemen Fritz- They don't get much prettier than him!

  42. maristela says:

    I am generous so there are two links featuring two videos with Frings and Fritz being interviewd about yesterday's game. Enjoy! :)

  43. aristeia says:

    Fritz is pretty… but I'll have me some Frings, please.

  44. VeNia says:

    Clemens Fritz ofc!!the other one (no offence) looks kinda like a neanderthal.xD

  45. jecca says:

    Oooh, tough call. Fritz is gorgeous, but he's a bit too shiny for me. I'm going to have to go with Frings. Also, there are more flattering pictures of him out there. I know you can do better, Kickette.

  46. Emily says:

    hmmm, this really made me think. As in, I normally go for the less-groomed, more manly look, yet for some reason Frings' just-fell-out-of-the-woods untamed roughness isn't quite working for me, so I'll have to say Fritz all the way!!

  47. Leya says:

    Torsten Frings all the way!!

    I missed him during World Cup, actually, so yay for seeing him on kickette!

    Granted, his long hair and headband isn't nearly as gorgeous as Sergio Ramos's is….correction, WAS. *sad face*


    Clemens Fritz is a little too pretty for my taste, I think. Still yummy, but Torsten Frings is so scruffy, I love it.

    • A says:

      I agree Frings (THERE ARE A LOT MORE FLATTERING PICS OF HIM) even though Frits is not bad…I missed frings very much too this world cup!!!