October 31st, 2006

bring out the phonies: Cheryl Tweedy

Holy sugar, this might just be the most annoying thing we’ve ever read. And we read a lot of annoying things.

Cheryl Tweedy, wife of Ashley Cole, has a guest column for 3am in UK tabloid, The Mirror. She uses this rather unrespected platform to call a truce with singer Charlotte Church. We didn’t even know there was a feud in the first place, that’s how little we care about Ms Tweedy-Cole. She also talks about… oh, some other phony crap.

“That’s right, I want to call a truce with Char because she’s just like me really.“

“Phew, I’m glad that’s off my chest! And another thing… I can’t stand those women who throw themselves at footballers. They think footballers equal handbags and shoes for them.“

“If anyone tried to sell a story on Ashley I would put my husband before any whore.“

Cheryl, honey. No one gives a rat’s ass, mate.

Link: I’m a Lotta Like Char
Link: A WAG? I’m Not Greedy

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8 Responses to “bring out the phonies: Cheryl Tweedy”

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  2. That was a shocking news. I am sure there is going to lots of gossip on this basis. Ashley Cole is going to be a discussion among the media and society now. Sometimes the celebrities purposely generate news to get attention.

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  4. im wandering if i can meet her she is so much cute.

  5. Can't believe it, but its true I read also several artciles online about this scenario.

  6. angline says:

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  7. Anna says:

    i think it’s time to slap a bitch. i read that same article and wanted to puke.