April 25th, 2012

Brisbane Roar: It’s Bubba Time!

Goalscorer Besart Berisha (l), Matthew Smith and his daughter Ava. Unfortunately, Matt kept his clothes on for this shot, but you can appreciate the full majesty here. Image: Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images.

Earlier this month we advised you of a number of reasons (well, one, but it was a really good one) why you should be watching the A-League.

Our quest to entice our Kickette Army into watching soldiers on at warped ovary speed today.

Shane Stefanutto with Stella and Max, whose choochy cheeks and little shoes just slayed us. Images: Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images.

Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not only super hot boys like Erik Paatalu that attract our attention. As regular readers will know, we’re also fascinated by controversy, and there ain’t no controversy like a last minute disputed penalty in a title decider.

This is how Brisbane Roar ended up posing with their babies and a discarded hubcap the A-League Trophy, while Perth Glory skipper Jacob Burns’ risked censure with this post-match statement: ”I feel we have been robbed by a decision…it has cost us a grand final. A suspect decision.”

Hmm. That may come up. Congrats anyway, boys!

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3 Responses to “Brisbane Roar: It’s Bubba Time!”

  1. great, good looking sympathic guy!

  2. Dave says:

    Audrey, the extra time was because of Vukovic time wasting, which he got a yellow card for. I bet he regrets it now! The penalty has been proven by slow mo replays to not be a dive and the general consensus is that a penalty was the correct decision.

  3. Audrey says:

    That was disgraceful. First of all, stoppage time had already elapsed and the referee should've called it before it even got to the penatly incident. Secondly, it was never a penalty. That was a complete and utter dive. And then to celebrate the penalty call like he had already scored it was unbelievably obnoxious, especially considering he had dived to win it. I was hoping that he would miss it/the keeper would save it. Sadly it was converted.
    What an awful way to win any game, let alone the championship game.