January 16th, 2012

Brisbane Roar: Score, Strip, Then Start A Brawl

Sentenced to three days in a freezing pond, Besart Berisha (right, front) attempts to explain to his team mates exactly what he was hoping to achieve by ‘offering out’ Sydney defender Pascal Bosschaart. Image via couriermail.au

There were some ugly scenes that followed Brisbane Roar’s 2-0 victory over Sydney FC in the Australian A-League recently, after Brisbane striker Besart Berisha scored his side’s stoppage time-winning goalhe removed his shirt (not ugly) and gestured for Sydney FC’s Pascal Bosschaart to follow him into the tunnel to ‘sort things out’ (where things proceeded to get ugly). Apparently, Berisha was angry with Bosschaart over comments he made during a previous fixture between the two clubs.

Usually we wouldn’t bother to cover such a ‘handbags at dawn’ event but because there’s been a dearth of manflesh lately, we thought that you, our beloved readers, would appreciate some nekkid. We did.

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3 Responses to “Brisbane Roar: Score, Strip, Then Start A Brawl”

  1. Nikita says:

    I'm so pleased and proud to finally see my team on Kickette!!! Great game, despite the drama at the end. Thomas Broich is devine.

  2. milla says:

    Yay! Finaly a picture of Thomas Broich. Glad to see him doing ok.

    • AnnaBlume says:

      Seconded. I still haven't seen "Tom meets Zizou", I'm really looking forward to it though. Have only heard great things about it.