April 6th, 2007

Brooklyn Beckham vs The Papparrazzi


God, we love this kid.

At what point do you think he’ll realise it’s his mother courting the paparazzi?  Here’s a clue, Brooklyn: she’s wearing insane boots and no bra.  Good luck, kiddo.

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2 Responses to “Brooklyn Beckham vs The Papparrazzi”

  1. klyn312 says:

    Is it just e or does Brooklyn look like he should be Mike Skinner’s kid instead of Davids… hhhmmmmm

  2. Cate says:

    This whole set-up makes me sad. He could be a really happy, normal kid, but it just seems like she’s going to be Freud’s mother.

    I was looking at a picture of David as a kid, and he seemed so HAPPY. She’s, like, sucking the life from him.