May 14th, 2012

Bubbas & ‘Ballers: Leo, Fernando & Nora Torres

Fernando Torres’ son, Leo, looked like he has a bright future ahead of him, while daughter Nora’s piggies were showing early signs of promise themselves during yesterday’s End of Season Bubbas & ‘Ballers Parade following Chelsea’s 2-1 win over Blackburn.

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74 Responses to “Bubbas & ‘Ballers: Leo, Fernando & Nora Torres”

  1. mads says:

    these photos are adorable. Beautiful children, Nora is going to be such a stunning girl, and I think Leo is going to be a bit of a hunk. Fernando and Olalla are exceptionally lucky to have such beautiful children, but I think the children are more lucky to have such a beautiful gorgeous dad!!

  2. So cute and tender with his kids! Beautiful pics and beautiful family, except for the poor Olalla = P!

  3. DebS says:

    Nora and little Leo are just too cute for words! <3

  4. Caitlyn says:

    Fernando's never ceases to amaze me. What an amazing gene pool they have!

  5. Nature says:

    So cute it's unreal. Fernando gave up so good genes hope both of them get the Torres freckles.

  6. Jen says:

    Wow, I had lost track of the Torres clan after he left Liverpool(ok, he broke my heart, and I was distraught) But wow, little Leo(who I share a birthday with) is adorable!!!! And Nora is just so sweet, looks like a mini Ollala!!
    What a cute family!!!

  7. Alice says:


  8. sarah says:

    Awww!! Gotta love these kids! And their dad :D Leo looks just like his father when he was at his age. And Nora looks more like Olalla. They’re so cute on all these pictures! Little Nora seems to be shy but Leo seems to be very lively. :)

  9. Lucy says:

    Awwwww Leo is just the most beautiful little fella, and Nora looks so like Olalla, such adorable kiddies.

  10. Sam says:

    Having been a Liverpool fan for a long time,I personally can't stand 'Traitorres' but there's no denying that his kids are darn cute!

  11. MsLiverpoolLady says:

    In some of these pictures Nora looks so much like Nando, I can't see it as much with Leo but maybe as he gets older. What sweet kiddos they are!

  12. jean says:

    IMO Nora looks like Fernando and Leo like Olalla, objectively, but Leo has definitely Fernando's eyes (and so does Nora). It can be a bit confusing because Fernando and Olalla look like each other sometimes lol, but to me Nora is delicate-looking in the same way Fernando is, and Leo is not in the same way Olalla is not. But they all look like each other and they're all beautiful tbh.

    Also, this pictures stole my heart completely:…………

    Not great quality (except the last one) but still adorable.

  13. IHeartSpain says:

    Leo looks so lively, what a character! and what a beautiful head of hair. Gorgeous family.

  14. jen says:

    omg, i didn't know i could love fernando torres more… then i saw these pictures!! i want to take a big bite out of leo's cheeks! i think i'm in love!

  15. xbabyshakesx says:

    OMG!!! LEO!! he's soo big now!!!! AHHHH! adorable kids!

  16. Vicky says:

    I personally think both Leo and Nora are adorable and find it disgusting the way people are scrutinizing them about the way they look. They are children. If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all.

  17. It's because we don't condone talking negatively about children, regardless of whose they are. End of story.

  18. Jess says:

    Awww presh! I can't get over Leo's cute little legs and how hot of a dad Nando is!!

  19. Kathleen says:

    Maybe it's not because of what you say but how you say it. You're coming across as very rude and tbh a bit obssessive about the issue.

    • Kathleen says:

      Well every comment by "Anon" sounds exactly the same so it isn't that difficult to assume it's the same person who's commenting. My dislike doesn't come into it really. But have it your way, I agree with the Admin that innocent kids should be left out of negative discussions especially the ones voiced with such unkind tone.

  20. mimi says:

    Look at this picture of little Fernando Torres:…

    Leo looks like his father no doubt.

  21. Eleanor says:

    Both Nora and Leo are incredibly cute, Fernando is sexy and Olalla is gorgeous, wish they were my kids and Nando was my husband !!!!

  22. Kathleen says:

    Who is this guest person who think it’s her life’s duty to “open our eyes” to Leo not being cute or Olalla not being pretty? Jog on dear, quit while you’re ahead. Starting fights about an innocent kid’s looks is very unbecoming.

    Leo and Nora are both adorable, great genes from their parents obviously.

  23. lopd says:

    I saw many pictures, in my opinion Leo doesn't resemble his father in appearance.

  24. FootballandMe says:

    Am I the only person curious as to know Nora/Leo will sound if Fernando stays in England for a few more years? What with Spanish speaking parents who will obviously teach and encourage Nora and Leo to speak frequent Spanish but they'll also be intermingling with English/Cockney speaking friends at nursery/school etc so they'll pick up other accents as well.

    Could you just imagine it?

    Nando and Olalla with their clear Spanish accents and Nora and Leo sounding English and a little bit like a Londoner… Awww xD

  25. Mirella says:

    The best pictures in my opinion:

    Nando is giving them a daddy lecture:…

    Nora's precious face:…

    Uncle Juan kisses Nora:…

    It seems that Nora is a shy little girl. She was in daddy's arms for almost the entire lap of honor. Leo on the other hand is a handful, apparently he scored a goal.

    • Carolina says:

      Thank you for the links!!

    • Femz17 says:

      Omg pictures are just tooo precious!! Sigh. I can only wish to have such an adorable family.

    • April says:

      There are photos of the moments surrounding the goal, but not the goal itself. If I ever see video of said goal I might die. Just like little Stefan Ivanovic last year!

      • Lena says:

        The goal happens at the end of this video. The buildup to it starts around 2:45 when Fer starts kicking the ball for Leo and then he picks it up and carries it closer to the net. It's absolutely adorable :)

        • April says:

          Oh. My. God. This is why I shouldn't come to this site while working. Thank goodness I waited until the end of the day to check back- I will now be totally unproductive from this point forward. Thank you! That was just toooooo cute… especially with all those other lil babies runnin' around. :)

    • IrishBlue says:

      Uncle Juan! Awh <3

    • DebS says:

      Soooo adorable! I especially like the lecturing papa too!

  26. gigi says:

    Is someone here trolling just to make a point about a little boy NOT being cute? WTF is that about? Totally unnecessary! To me, Leo is adorable. Can't get enough of those stubby little legs!

    • Guest says:

      People are entitled to their opinions, whether you like it or not. It doesn't make them trolls.

      As far as I am aware nobody has used any derogatory language or said he was ugly. Just that they don't think he is cute. I know nobody likes to talk about it, but it's a fact of life – not all babies/little children are cute. OMG, there, I said it! Would I go up and tell him/his parents? Of course not. But I thought this was an open forum where you could discuss things.

      • Mirella says:

        Firstly, it's never a fact that a child is not cute or a person is not good looking. If you love somebody, he/she will be entirely more beautiful than someone you don't care about. It's simply psychology when you find someone beautiful.

        Secondly, you are allowed to think whatever you want. But why do you feel the need to publicly call an innocent child "not cute"? Kids as small as Leo don't even know the difference between beautiful and ugly or black and white, for them everyone is equal. And adults who should be so much smarter than these kids feel the need to judge them based on their looks? It's so easy: If you can't say something nice about an innocent human being, just don't comment at all. This world is shallow enough.

        • Guest says:

          But that's exactly what I meant! Of course the parents are going to think he's beautiful because they love him.

          And of course I would never tell a child or his/her parents that I don't think he or she is cute.

          I just wonder if there would be the same reactions if it was Joey Barton's child for example. Somehow I doubt it.

          • Mirella says:

            But I didn't mean love is the only reason for finding someone good looking. It was just an example. If you don't find Olalla beautiful that's your opinion. That doesn't mean it's a fact and everyone who disagrees with you is lying. The same goes for Leo.
            I can only speak for myself, but I would never say anything negative about a little kid's looks because of the reasons I stated above. It doesn't matter what I think of their parents, that's not the kid's fault.

      • This is not an open forum when it comes to small kids, so unfortunately, you thought wrong. All future comments here after will be deleted without warning.

    • mimi says:

      The same people. who say, Olalla were ugly. ;) That´s life and jalousy.

      • Guest says:

        So you really think there isn't a single person in the world who doesn't think Olalla is gorgeous? Are you really that arrogant to speak for everyone? Jeez.

        • Guest says:

          And also: If I were 'jealous' as you so eloquently put it, wouldn't I be saying the same about Nora then?

          I think Nora is very cute and looks a lot like Nando. Leo looks very much like Olalla and I don't find him cute. So shoot me.

          • Vicky says:

            You don't have to find Leo cute but he is a child, an infant. A one year old boy does not need to be criticized for the way he looks.
            How would you like it if there were pictures of your children all over the internet with complete strangers criticizing the way they look?
            All that matters is that Nando and Olalla bring up both Leo and Nora to be good people on the inside.
            Stop being rude and overly critical of children.

  27. mimi says:

    Leo looks totally like his father, when he was a baby. *wub* Beautiful children. And I hope Leo Torres will someday became a world class footballer like his father.

  28. hbandshbreak says:

    He looks exactly like his dad did when he was that age, so Leo is going to grow up to be a total heartbreaker! ;-)…

    • Guest says:

      Lol, they look totally different! For starters Nando's eyes are a lot bigger, I think Leo has Olalla's eyes which are smaller.

      The nose and lips are different too. Nando's features look a lot more delicate.

      • Guest says:

        If anything, that photo underlines what I said earlier on – Nora looks a lot like Nando. If you were to put her photo next to that baby pic of Nando (minus the hair) you could really see the resemblance.

      • hbandshbreak says:

        ::shrugs:: I see a clear resemblance (Nando is a bit older in the picture) but you know, if it's that important to you to compare and contrast to a minute level, have at it. No matter who he looks like, the kid is going to be handsome – can't lose with the genes from Nando & Olalla. ;-)

        • Guest says:

          I wish people would stop talking about Olalla like she is some kind of beauty – she isn't. No, I'm not saying she isn't a lovely person/wife/mother, but she is not beautiful. There are other women far more beautiful than her (and more natural, i.e. no OPs), but every time someone dares to mention it on here, she gets shot down by all the Nando fangirls.

          I wonder if all those fangirls secretly agree but feel they need to keep up the pretence of not being a fangirl by saying they love Olalla. Or maybe they're just really ugly, who knows.

          • hbandshbreak says:

            Wow. You seem weirdly obsessed by this topic. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I find Olalla very attractive in a "real girl" way. That's just my opinion. You obviously don't share it.

            Just curious, is there some particular reason you are kinda jumping on every comment in this thread? I'm assuming all these "guest" comments in the same vein are your work. It just seems so…aggressive.

          • April says:

            Umm, I'm not really ugly and I think Olalla is really pretty, actually. Why is it that you insist that your opinion of what is beautiful is the standard by which everyone else must measure? There are plenty of people out there that others find beautiful that I don't, and vice versa. Surely you've got friends that disagree with you sometimes on people you find (not) attractive, no?

            • April says:

              That's fine and a valid opinion. I've definitely pulled out the jealousy card on people before, but those are usually the folks that say something like "Torres could do better" and more negative comments. Quite a few of those show up here… and not just for Olalla but a lot of the WAGs.

        • April says:

          I'm with you on this. I can see both parents in both kids, actually. But Leo's eyes and mouth are totally Nando. I think if Nando was brunette in his baby photo, people would see it even more. The linked image of Leo in Kickette's post also shows it. The shape of his face/head might be more Olalla (don't know what she looked like as a child), but he's only 1.5 years, so he has a little time to grow into it. The ears may be Nando, too. Besides… Torres was a beautiful child, but he certainly had some awkward points in his growth toward what he looks like now. I think both his kids are just adorable. I want to adopt his entire family.

  29. YoungChelsea says:

    How gorgeous is Leo :o

  30. IrishBlue says:

    Too gorgeous little people and one gorgeous man :-)

  31. mrs benzema says:

    Good so I’m not da only 1 I think lyk most of da kickettes said he does look lyk ollala coz she’s not pretty

  32. Carolina says:

    I love seeing El Niño with his niños!!!!

  33. Carolina says:

    Ovary explosion!!!!

  34. Nonna9 says:

    Whoa! Wasnt Leo just born!!?

    I bet Fernando has at least 3 more bubbas.

  35. nora looks like her daddy, & leo looks like his mummy. his hair is already quite dark & he has her eyes! they are beautiful;)

  36. Doles says:

    I think Nora looks more like Nando while Leo looks more like Olalla! Nora used to look more like Olalla, then as she grow up, Nando's figures are coming out!
    They both are super adorable!

    • Kat22 says:

      Sorry, didn't mean to insult anyone.

      Truth be told, I'm not really a baby person at the best of times. Show me a puppy though and it's a completely different ball game (pardon the pun!). :-)

  37. Leah says:

    These are the cutest pictures ever!! I agree with whoever said that Nora looks like more her dad than Leo does, but they are both equally adorable.

  38. zoraida says:

    nora has such a cheeky face a nd leo such a witty one!

    i can already picture her as a ballerina and him as a rock star. maybe he should form a band with terry's kids..

    or maybe im starting to lose my mind

  39. zoraida says:

    leo looks exaclty like nando (when he was his age)
    and nora is 50-50 between olalla and fernando's looks.
    both babies are insaanelllllyy beutiful…. omg great genes here.

  40. mrs benzema says:

    Boom yeah those were mi ovaries gosh those kids r so cute its flipping annoying to see ollala hav it all an amazing husband 2 beautiful kids money should I go on ollala is so lucky

  41. cupcakes says:

    Very cute, but ermm… where did the football flying towards the small child actually land?!!

  42. AC_USA says:

    Leo is spitting image of his father!!! Like father like son! Nora on the other hand looks more and more like Olalla but is beautiful little girl. :) What a cute couple of kids. :) )))))

    • kel says:

      They both have his eyes but Leo definately has his ears. He'll have to grow into them a little. I wonder if either have his freckles.