December 10th, 2010

Bubbas & ‘Ballers: Thierry & Tea Henry

Thierry, girlfriend Andrea and his daughter Tea were in the stands at the Emirates a few weeks ago. How did we miss this pic? We wuv little Tea. Check out her nail polish!

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46 Responses to “Bubbas & ‘Ballers: Thierry & Tea Henry”

  1. Lena k says:

    Tea looks adorable, henry hunk as always & andrea looks nice too, but a smile would help…

  2. sese2duze says:

    beautiful pic.mummy wud've made it beautifuller.

  3. Sue says:

    Picture I see Tea in she looked just like her father even has his smile. That was at the Hannah Montana premiere

  4. Layal says:

    It's been ages since we saw any new pictures of this low key couple. Would like to see some new one's :D

  5. Keiara says:

    Since the media keep calling Andrea a model, what or who has she modelled for? I know she's no Gisele but being Henry's gf her pics would have made headlines, regardless what she's modelling for IF indeed she is a model?

  6. Kim says:

    Andrea has a nice body, average face and a good sense of style (well most of the time anyway) a lot of people don't like her but Thierry has been with her for 2 1/2 yrs so far. He can get any girl prettier, hotter, better than her. But he's still with her, so that says a lot.

    • loren says:

      you are right, that does say a LOT. i dont know her but im not going to judge. i like that she stays out of the limelight and doesn't try to have her 15 mins of fame through TH . a lot of other WAGs use their bfs/husbands/ex's names to further themselves shamelessly and i think after a certain point its just classless

  7. Kiki says:

    Is it me or does Andrea seems to have a little mean streak? Sometimes she just looks a tad bit evil, no?

    • mary says:

      i'd say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. and the beholder is our titi!! is easy to judge from behind a computer screen.

    • twinke_tia says:

      easy to say when u r hiding behind ur computer. why dont u post a pic of ur face and see what lovely things ppl have to say about u? u already have an UGLY personality im sure u r just as hideous in real life honey.

      • Giselle says:

        has anybody else noticed that this SYLVIE girl is all over any post that has to do with Andrea and Thierry, writing hateful comments any chance she gets, and also writing comments about how Thierry should "cheat with her"…??? uhmmm JEALOUS much? who are you even? obviously some stalker. here is some advice, these two are happy and have no care in the world for you, so why don't you stop stalking them with your unnecessary rude comments and go find yourself your own man.

        • Tamara says:

          Lool. U're so right about this Sylvie person or whatever her real name is. She seems to be popping up anywhere and everywhere that has to do with comments on Andrea and Thierry.

      • Kiki says:

        If you read my comment, I never referred to Andrea as ugly. She's actually a very pretty girl. However, she doesn't smile much and seems so serious to the point that one could think she was rather unhappy and or mean. As far as my looks are concerned…..I have always been complimented on my looks and personality. However, I pride myself on my integrity and character more than a look. Looks fade, my heart is consistent in it's ability to love and that's what matters. That being said, I refuse to call you ugly or hideous. Hopefully, you will adopt the same sentiment. Much love & God bless:)

    • Angie says:

      I guess she could do with smiling a bit more. She's always pictured frowning or serious most of the time. Maybe that's why she appears to have a bit of a mean streak as you call it.

  8. Whitney says:

    Tea is adorable!

  9. Nihaal28 says:

    Her cute is fab

  10. bri_saldana says:

    Gorgeous family! Gorgeous man….TRUE LEGEND!

  11. GOONER4ever says:

    i cant believe we missed this pic! i saw titi with andrea at selfridges a few weeks ago and they were so cute together. walking around, giggling with each other. she was picking out clothes for him and they were constantly in fits of laughter. i like them together, they look good, and she always looks classy and well dressed. tea is absolutely adorable especially her hair!! great picture!

    • titi my idol says:

      what a sexyy picture! poor tea- doesnt know that her father is a frickin absolute ledgend!! to look at titi is just an amazing view,but to hold his hand is just something undescribable.. wish this guy could come back to arsenal! but where ever you are, as long as your happy its all cool..much love adn respect for this guy <3 xx

  12. Gunnerette says:

    Aw how i miss Titi!! I wish i was @ the Emirates when he was there, 2nd time i've seen him on t.v. @ the emirates. He is one of the most beautiful men on earth, always will be to me :–D
    My Favourite player to this day, His Arsenal days were the best of his footie career… King Henry <3 :-)

  13. Crackers says:

    Awwwww, baby's growing up! she's such a cutie, wonder who put the polish on for her?

    And Titi's jacket is SPIFFY.

  14. aps says:

    o yeah the pic would have been better minus the girlfriend

    • Hacks says:

      shut up you sad ugly old hag. such a yob. you probably cut out pictures of him an paste ur nasty face next to his cuz thats the ONLY WAY you gonna get near hiM!!!

      hahahahhahaha dont u feel like such a loser, sitting on this site saying mean stuff about ppl that dont give a sh*t about who u r and what u do. and pining over a guy who probbly if he saw u in da street he'd spit on you hahahahahahah

      • Sylvie says:

        Just one thing, it wouldnt be fair for either Thierry Claire nor Andrea to read our posts.We write those things knowing you wil never read them, that's why are are so straighfoward and not shy on the words.If you do one advice is to stop right now because some people will post nice and bad things about you.

        • Anna says:

          first of all, you are right, these girls probably don't care to read any of this, but probably eventually they do get wind of one article or another. that said, some people are not straightforward on this, they just write spiteful, jealous and mean comments full of envy towards people that have done nothing to deserve it. third of all, where did claire get in the mix? she is not a part of these two. fourth of all, 'hacks' has a point… it's easy to criticize when you are sitting at home hiding.

  15. aps says:

    She got so big and she is gorgeous. Looks just like her mummy too. I was wondering when i was going to see pics of him with her now that he's in London visiting

  16. Gunnerette says:

    Okay, so i had to sign up to make a comment because of this GUY. Jheeez Titi, how you are missed!! I wish i was @ the emirates when he was there :(
    Its his 2nd time i’ve seen him there now (this season) and YUP when i saw his beautiful face on the t.v. i started screaming like a mad woman loool.
    Thierry Daniel Henry is one of the most beautiful men on earth, and always will be… Still my favourite player <3 :-)

  17. Leya_S says:

    I saw him at that game (on tv, unfortunately, not in real life) when the cameras went to him, and I was like, "TITI!!!!" and my dad looked at me like I was crazy, haha. I love this man, illegal handling of the ball and all. I mean let's think: Arsenal, Barcelona, AND NY Red Bulls (my 2 favorite teams ever, plus my home team in MLS!!!!!). His daughter is absolutely adorable, too (granted his girlfriend looks a little uppity here). I'm so happy that he comes back to visit us at Emirates.
    <3 ya Thierry!!

  18. Ms LoveTiTI says:

    I adore this man, I LOVE this man, I WORSHIP every single goal he made for Arsenal, Monaco, FC Barcelona, Juventus, Red Bulls, national team… doesn't matter.
    I wish he came back to the PL. Oh oh, what a man, what a football player, what a father,… hey, wait… what a GIRLFRIEND !

  19. carol says:

    Looooove her coat and bag!!!

  20. Amandinha says:

    aaw.. i love when little kids want to wear nailpolish! Its so adorable… My 2 y.o niece always asks for bubblegum pink! lol

  21. anne says:

    They make a gorgeous couple. Its cute that they all hang out together!

  22. Alessandra says:

    Tea is getting so big now and she looks just like her mum!

    Andrea, on the other hand…no comment.-_-

  23. TwinkleToeNasri <3 U says:

    Sir Thierry Daniel Henry is a fricking LEGEND, And his bubba is adorable :)

  24. meh says:

    she doesn't know how SICK her father is, legend, we miss you henry :(

  25. GunnyGirl says:

    Sometimes come back…

  26. Thea says:

    Kid's cute – but Adrea displays all the charisma and personality of a shop dummie!

    • @DebStimson says:

      yeah…she doesn't look too thrilled to be in the pic, does she?

      Tea is a adorable!

      • Whitney says:

        You are right! I was thinking the same thing. If she doesn't want to be there, I'll be happy to take her place!

        • Thea says:

          I just think she's like a total WAG for show purposes – like she's his fashion accessory!

          • Nikola says:

            lol, whats a wag for show purposes? i mean, she does make for a pretty accessory thats for sure. but they are together now for what, two years? id say thats more than for show!

            • sarah67 says:

              she just strikes me as someone who is reserved about the media attention. shed look way more like one of those WAGs if she was smiling and posing for the pictures no?

  27. Danielle says:

    Wow she getting so big! And she is quite cute :)