February 28th, 2008

Bubbs Watch: Ad

Link: Petr, Martina and Adela


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24 Responses to “Bubbs Watch: Ad”

  1. baby bedding says:

    What a cute little baby, God bless you !!

  2. ninabliinxbliinx says:

    cute baby !!!
    even daddy’s a lot better

  3. Rebecca says:

    Arww How Sweet!
    I love that last Picture of Adela and Cech, Its so cute.
    I dont think shes ugly at all.

  4. Emma says:


    They are probably my favourite family in football. No golddigging or sluttiness in Martina Cech, thank God. And Petr would never cheat on her.

    Thank God someone values the sanctity of marriage!

  5. Sarah x says:

    I Think Shes Gorgeous smile

  6. Jeez………. Let’s hope the troll/baby they have will not get Petr’s buckteeth from the 1st photo.  I guess with all that Chelsea/Abramovich money they will at least be able to buy her a good surgeon(or three).

  7. cheryl bites says:

    Bless, her face is still a bit scrunched, isn’t it? She looks as if she’s inherited Petr’s metal head plate. XD He and his wife look lovely, though, and that last picture is just the best thing of all time. <3

  8. Rusty says:

    I agree, that baby is not too cute. I’ve started telling people that “one is supposed to say that all babies are cute, but your baby *is* cute!“ though I would never tell anyone to their face that they have an ugly baby.

    I think that what makes her not-so-cute to me is her eyes, not her hair. I like her hair. Maybe that means that to me, all newborns are fugly?

  9. rania says:

    one quick thing: these people are gazillionares – couldn’t they afford a better photo studio? that background is horrid and the quality of the photos isn’t that great either.

    PS perhaps the baby, to those of u not liking her appearance, looks funny because normally babes that young don’t have THAT much hair. Martina’s heartburn must have been horrid during the pregnancy!

  10. LFCgal says:

    Oh Fowler, I know this should be against Woman Law to say this but I actually recoiled and said ‘ewww’ when I saw the little one – I thought she was a boy confused
    Maybe I’m completely devoid of maternal instincts shut eye

    I officially give Cech’s girl permission to bitch slap me

  11. carly says:

    Awww sweet pictures.
    I think little Adela may look like her dad.

    TFO don’t be mean. Some babies are more perfect than others, that’s true but they’re all cute smile

  12. Elise says:

    Also meant to say that I love the Cechs. They seem so real and so happy, and if I ever hear anything bad about them I am most definitely going to cry.  I especially like the second pic.  I think Martina is quite pretty.

  13. Elise says:

    I’m not a ‘baby person’ at all- never have been, but pics of men and babies just make me all melty and weepy. It could be because I lost my father at a pretty young age, and when I see these kinds of pics every ‘Daddy emotion’ I’ve ever had just smacks me in the heart.  Permit me if you will to share one of my favourite JT pics ever:


    The way he’s looking at him (or her) and those little fingers reaching up toward John.  I’m a complete puddle of goo.

    And you knew I couldn’t resist!  Here’s my favourite Frank baby pic, though perhaps for slightly different reasons…;)


  14. tammyv says:

    GOD I LOVE THEM… they are so cute

  15. The Fourth Official says:

    Oh dear.  I’m sorry, I love babies, but honestly?  Adela is not so cute.  confused Hopefully, she’ll grow out of the miniature-ugly-man looks.

    Petr and Martina are appropriately bleary-eyed and haggard.  And they both seem very new and not so adept at handling a bubba.  Petr in the last pic in particular is cradling Adela like he’s holding the Carling Cup (he wishes). 

    But best wishes to the new family.  Babies are always a blessing.

  16. rania says:

    that last pic is uber cute! you know that baby is safe in those hands!

  17. MrsXabiAlonso says:

    And how normal is wifey??? Where are the ridiculous false nails meaning any chance of changing nappies is impossible?? Hmmmm what is happening to the WAG’s of today eh!!

  18. MrsXabiAlonso says:

    Cech is lucky there’s a cute bubba in the first picture to distract from how bad he looks!! What happened there??!
    Very cute baby tho, that last pic…. oh my it melted my heart and I don’t even like babies!!

  19. Reds69 says:

    Sorry, Carly, but not all babies are cute.

  20. Erin says:

    Damn, that’s an ugly baby.

  21. Erinti says:

    Aw, they look so sweet.

  22. brandy says:

    Martina is looking absolutely fresh for being a new mom. Petr on the other hand… maybe he is the one attending to middle of the night woes! And I love her for her naturalness of normal skin color and nails and lack of stripper shoes, I think it is safe to assume!

  23. I’m not even very fond of JT, but that picture… My GOD, I almost cried. So beautiful!