July 19th, 2012

Bump & Bulge Watch: Yolanda Cardona & Victor Valdes

Yolanda Cardona continues to be hush about her rumoured bun in the oven, just like she and her man were the first time around, so the baby bump gossip is basically all but verbally confirmed to be true. [Ed Note: unless we missed a previous announcement or something?] Of course, these two keep their personal lives so private that we could be wrong. Yolanda’s rounded midsection that she showcased on the beach in Sardinia could really be a painless, non-emergency gallstone, for instance.

But obviously our trusty eyeballs have led our minds elsewhere, to an imaginary situ involving Victor sticking his key in her ignition. Which would mean that the protrusion between her black bikini is the couple’s second child in the making (their son Dylan, pictured at left, will be 3-years-old in August).

And while the status of Miss Cardona’s stomach is her own business, her man’s wet bulge is ours. Hallelujah for minuscule bathing suits for men, Kickettes. Without them, our life’s work would be incomplete.

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19 Responses to “Bump & Bulge Watch: Yolanda Cardona & Victor Valdes”

  1. tammyv says:

    On the non-Barca but Spain side, Pepe Reina';s wife is pregnant with No. 4 and Jose Enrique's partner is pregnant as well via them on Being: Liverpool

  2. miss tweezy says:

    I don’t think pregnant ppl should wear bikinis but the way yolanda is rockin it makes me wanna reconsider my first statement.
    I don’t understand men like this infact I hate men like this y won’t he marry her u either wanna marry her or u don’t waste her time its disgusting really!!! Thomas Muller was 19 wen he got married n if a 19 year old boy can commit 2 marriage y can’t a 30 year old man do that ,respect her enough 2 get her pregnant with ring on it or is he jst waiting until something younger n more beautiful comes along wateva its not my time his wasting

  3. camille says:

    any pics of whats inside the shorts kickette?

  4. peyzaj says:

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  5. Carolina says:

    We like short shorts!!

  6. xoWinnie says:

    pregnant ladies in bikinis are so cute! :') congrats to them both!

  7. Loninha - Brasil says:

    OMG!!Congrulations !! Babys babys I love babys !!

  8. Sarah, Madrid says:

    So adorable!

  9. Carla says:

    OMG she went like this to Iniesta’s wedding!! I only saw a front view picture but i didn’t see a bump! She still looked fantastic.

  10. Kristina says:

    Looking great, the both of them! Can't wait to see who's inside that tummy.

  11. Stasi says:

    Omg i will never wear a two piece with a baby bump :o

    • Kristina says:

      I think she's beautiful! I love pregnant bellies! I understand if some women don't feel comfortable "flaunting" themselves when they're pregnant, but I wish they did. Because they're gorgeous.

    • Sergz says:

      Why not? She has nothing to be embarrassed about. She's pregnant!

      In my opinion, she's gorgeous. :)

  12. Sara in Paris says:

    ''But obviously our trusty eyeballs have led our minds elsewhere, to an imaginary situ involving Victor sticking his key in her ignition.''

    oh boy! You girls crack me up!!! Valdes, you are too hot for words. You make La Liga a better place.

  13. Katie says:

    I could have sworn that Victor confirmed it right before the Euros. He was asked if she was coming to the games and he said that she was pregnant so she was going to stay home and watch from there. Or maybe I'm going crazy.