November 25th, 2010

C is for Celebration: Sara Carbonero’s Anniversary Augmentation – UPDATED


UPDATE: Apparently, following the boob job, Pastasauce was seen at Hachette Filipacchi publishing headquarters as part of a possible fashion blogging gig she and have in the works. So what’s the big deal? Well, HF not only owns Elle Espana, but Diez Minutos, too – which, if you’re keeping tabs on this developing story, was the only magazine to publish photos of Sara leaving her breast augmentation surgery. Do we think Sara sold out for an exclusive story set up? If the new cup size fits…

Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas, arguably the most popular couple of the 2010 World Cup, live together in Madrid and just celebrated their first year of dating.

So what did Sara give her beloved to mark the couple’s momentous occassion? The gift that keeps on giving (for Iker at least), of course! (Read: 250ccs of silicone or saline – we don’t know which she chose – put in both breasts).

See, here we are thinking we already had plenty of just reasons to move forward with our Pastasauce voo doo dolls** as previously planned, and because the Telecinco journalist just had to get a boost to her bust, followed by a taxi ride home from the excursion, we’re too beside ourselves to pick up our sewing needles. That, and we don’t sew.

Yes, Kickettes, please keep breathing and try not to choke on your canned yams.


That’s not even a feat Katie Price can claim.

Iker Casillas girlfriend boob jobWhile not much else is known at this time, we can confirm Sara had the surgery last Friday and was accompanied by friends. She went under the knife at what she thought was the ‘inconspicuous’ Aravaca Hospital Pardo de Nisa, because it’s located on the outskirts of Madrid and surrounded by gardens, but was caught by Diez Minutos.

Post-op, she managed to leave the facilities unassisted, despite just having major surgery that, for anyone else – anyone normal, human and not SuperSauce – would render one immobile for a minimum of 30 days. Sara only waited a mere two days before she, Iker and Iker’s really fugly murse went boozin’ at brunch.

To that we say: U-G-H/woe is us/life’s not fair/et al.

Judging from her pre-enhancement photos at left, we’re not entirely sure that Pastasauce needed the new boobies. And wasn’t wrangling Iker supposed to be the difficult part? We always imagined keeping him satisfied in our fictitious relationship would be as easy as the Apple Pie our office is currently emotionally eating.

Of course, we don’t judge. Instead, we speculate like wild hyenas before throwing it over to you, dear readers. Since we’re never ones to stray too far from the norm, leave us with your thoughts on Sara’s Cs.

** we don’t really have Sara voodoo dolls, that would make us crazy. Cough. And, as noted here, we have come round to Sara and Iker.

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122 Responses to “C is for Celebration: Sara Carbonero’s Anniversary Augmentation – UPDATED”

  1. Stat says:

    Actually, a boob job doesn't have you immobilized for a month.
    A normal "mastoplastic" (it that the right word? I'm Italian, this is how we call it here) is a surgery that in a good hospital – and I'm sure she went to the best doc in town – they make in day hospital, with local anesthesia. Almost painless, no need to drain, you can go home after a couple of hours and just rest for a day or two. And there you go with your brand new boobs.
    So she's not that "super", after all, and it's very likely she had the boob job. The fact that the very next day she was hanging around is perfectly normal.
    Sorry if the terms are not precise, I can't translate them in English. XD

  2. I am not gonna lie to you. After few minutes of searching (while having this almost heart attack) I am convinced that it's a mistake, the comment is surely about Iniesta!

  3. Julia says:

    The problem I have with Sara Carbonero is because she seems like she's enjoying riding on the extra-fame she got from being girlfriend of Spain's favourite football player and the captain of the latest World Cup Champions.

    If she's a sport journalist, why don't she just keep doing her job, instead of trying to milk from the hype she recieved because of being a WAG? It seems like she has no shame of accepting all the job, advertising contract and magazine cover opportunity she recieves even when it's clear that most of these offers are being granted to her because of her status as Iker's girlfriend.

    She should try to be more low-profile… It's getting to the point where it's becoming tiresome to see her everywhere.

  4. Catie says:

    Sigh. Her boobs may annoy me, but damnit I love her bangs.

  5. Iker'sMyMan says:

    i don't like her

  6. Anon says:

    Well she's really pretty but everytime I see a picture of her, I start hating her eye make-up. Why does she use so much eyeliner? She should get a rid of that! And btw I don't think she needed fake boobs but it's her decision and she can do what she wants because it's her life.

  7. NeutralObserver says:

    Wow, I'm amazed about the hatred here!

    Yes, I do find her decision – if the whole thing really is true – strange, but what's the big deal about boob surgeries these days? People are enhancing all sorts of body parts – if she feels she needs c-cups, let her have it. It doesn't say anything about her intelligence or about her being a "serious" journalist (do serious journalists have to be butt-ugly to be respected? Come on!).

    And to say Iker is shallow or less likeable because he stays with her is going a bit far. A girl-friend with implants makes you a worse person? Wow, a lot of guys out there should run and hide!

    I'll be curious to see if this whole issue will ever be "graced" by an official statement/photo. Until then it sounds like a load of (publicity) crap.

    • Lily says:

      ^agreed, 100%. I think the "boob job" rumours just provided a lot of people with an excuse to call her names, they probably hated her already for reasons that had nothing to do with it. I wish people were less mean and nasty, but I'm still inclined to dismiss this as publicity tosh.

  8. MrsNesta says:

    I'm hoping she had a boob job because Iker likes bigs boobs, then I'm well in there with him, and mine are real (although nothing wrong with getting boob job) :)

    Maybe OBC (Operation Black Cat) needs re-activating?

  9. N says:

    "sold out for an exclusive story set up"? That doesn't even make any sense, do you mean they're trying to publicise her new fashion-blogging Elle gig by publishing a story saying she had a boob job and putting out pictures?

    What a strange thing to be drumming up publicity for- fashion blogs are so common these days, and if anything high-fashion types tend not to like fake tits.

  10. numeronueve says:

    i continue to want to kill her. JUST SAYING.

  11. Hazel says:

    She probably already has great boobs! Seriously, why though? This is less about "ew boob jobs" or "she does not have the right to look sexy", but more "society's unattainable standard of beauty and sexy has just claimed another victim". I am no crazy fangirling tween, but I genuinely admired and respected her. Her natural beauty, seemingly down-to-earthness and professionalism were qualities that made me really like her. So when I criticise her for getting a boob job, it's less about "boob jobs are yuck" and "omg she's sooooo insecure", but more about Sara seeing the need to actually have one; that maybe smaller-chested girls- no matter how pretty, slim or smart- still need bigger breasts to be 'complete', 'perfect', 'beautiful', 'sexy', etc. etc. She's already slim, beautiful and successful (not to mention famous)- so why this?

    I have no right to judge, I don't know her life, it's her body, etc. but this sends the wrong message, especially to young girls who looked up to her. It's like admiring a celebrity's confidence about her body and then finding out she got liposuction for her first anniversary or something. They can do whatever they like with their body- durr, that's a given- but it's what it says about them and the message that it sends.

    And Sara's decision to do this makes me cringe.

  12. Mika says:

    So, you can't be a serious journalist if you want bigger boobs? Honestly, in any career, your personal decisions should not affect your professional opportunities.

    • laligaforladies says:

      She's entitled to do what she wants. But she must be aware that the public will take her less seriously after this, and she has made a big deal about how important her career is, etc. I also think she's gorgeous to begin with, and wonder why she has felt that this was necessary.

  13. Mika says:

    I'm so disappointed in many comments here in the thread. What, people can't be smart AND want to be pretty and sexy at the same time? Why is wanting to be sexy wrong? We all dress up. We all buy nice, hot clothes. We all put on make up. Some people take it farther than others. If that's not your thing, fine. But it doesn't mean when others do it, they're shallow sluts.

  14. Ash Menon says:

    I love some of the comments I'm reading here. Sara's a journalist, so she must maintain a professional image, so she must not have implants? Bollocks. Your job does not define your life, and she's also, apart from a journalist, a woman, someone's lover, daughter, sister, etc. She has a right to do what she wants. So unless we have absolute proof that none of the more professional female journalists and anchorwomen have had augmentation, I call foul.

    That being said, we don't really know if it WAS augmentation. If the post-op pic was any indication, I'd have thought it was a reduction surgery, or a mastectomy. Medical gossip about celebs always try and squeeze things into the "she had work done" angle, and that's not fair to them.

    If she HAS gone through some medical surgery, my prayers for her to get well. And if she got a boob job, then, well, I've got nothing against a little boing in my spiralli, I guess.

    • Lily says:

      I agree with everything you said. I'd feel sad for any Kickettes who actually happen to have had the procedure and are reading these comments, I'm not fond of the WAG-with-fake-tits look but it's her life and her judgment. As if having bigger boobs makes you 'trashy' somehow, ha!

  15. Ioanna says:

    I doubt this is true..these rumors are probably false. It doesn't make sense that she would get surgery & then be out and about and even show up for work. Her birthday is also coming up in like 4 days so I doubt she would want to be all bandaged up & on bed rest on her birthday. She had an injury with her finger not too long ago so it's probably something related to that. Stupid press..this story is as true as the stories that Sara was "distracting" Iker during the World Cup..

  16. MrsVilla-to-be says:

    She simply doesn`t go with Iker. He deserves a different kind of girl. I definitely prefer his ex Eva Gonzalez. Maybe she too had plastic surgeries,but hey,at least she is a kinda goes with her job. I don`t have absolutely anything against plastic surgery, but if a girl has Iker and a good job and if people around the world find her sexy,why on Earth would she need bigger boobs?! I don`t like this pastasauce`s move at all!

  17. Winnie Mata says:

    for anyone attacking her integrity as a sportscaster
    and saying that she's unprofessional and trashy;
    does the name Ines Sainz mean anything to you…?
    i mean if we're gonna start talking about "trashy"–just google her.

    anyway, Sara's a sportscaster! a big part of the job description
    is to be HOT in their case. she's not working on CNN,
    she's on Telecino! as a SPORTS-CASTER! women may like sports
    but let's be honest, the target audience is men; many of them sexist
    do you think some plain-Jane in a seersucker suit is going to keep their attention?
    NO. so they hire good-looking women in most cases
    (i think female tennis sportscasters may be the least attractive
    mostly because they are usually retired tennis players)
    i'm not a fan of her or her style to be honest, but it's anything but trashy
    it's slightly casual, but trashy it is not. loose shirts and blazers do not trashy make.
    as someone who hopes to study journalism in university
    it bothers me that people still don't understand how these things work.
    it's not a good thing, but it's the reality.

  18. bri_saldana says:

    Again…i don't really like her…she's like a female c9.

  19. sarakhatmi says:

    What does it concern us why she did it or if it wrong or right. It is a matter between her and her man (Iker) she might have given them to him as a first anivercery gift, or maybe she did it to feel better about herself or what if she did it for the fun of it…it is non of our consern…this is a rather pointless conversation to have…

  20. @AgnesWonka says:

    she operated her boobs? very original….. ¬.¬

  21. Kleon says:

    I don't think she needed a bob jobs, looks like she uses her body and pretty face to upgrade in her job rather than her achievments as a jorunalist, unporfesional ans sad… really sad

  22. Malinka says:

    This is very upsetting. She's pretty and probably makes many women jealous with her looks (let alone her bf) so why the boob job? Instead of breast implants she should have opted for a psychologist to adjust her body image.

  23. d0li says:

    is there any proof that she got inhancements? I looked that the pictures and she has a coat on so I can't see any difference.

  24. Iram says:

    is she flipping us off on the pic?? It seems like it!

  25. Sofia says:

    Also, it is ridiculous to think Iker was the one pushing her to get bigger breasts, in case any of you noticed his gfs before Sara all seemed skinny, with naturally small chest. Eva did not have that much cleavage as Sara naturally had!

  26. Sofia says:

    It is sad if a girl as gorgeous as Sara felt she had to do something so painful to herself because society forces on us the idea that "big boobs are sexy".

    But it's her body, after all- to everyone who complains about looking "fake" because of her getting bigger breasts, would you say people who dye their hair or wear braces are also deserving of such criticism? Hair dye and braces are also artificial ways of modifying the appearance.

    • sheila says:

      Braces aren't just an appearance modification, they actually do resolve mechanical/morpholigical issues in the mouth. I have never had them, for those who may be drawing conclusions… But, yes, I have had some color in the past… It's just hard to look at some color jobs and not say 'ooh, that's so wrong'… :-p

      • N says:

        Not every pair of braces is worn for medical reasons, you should see how bent out of shape people in some places get over teeth that are anything less than 100% white, straight and perfectly aligned even if there is nothing else wrong with them (like Kirsten Dunst's teeth). But it's a medical procedure that people have for aesthetic reasons, too.

        Incidentally, people who are medically classified as underdeveloped can have boob jobs recommended by a doctor, too. Though clearly 'underdevelopment' was not a problem in Sara's case, she still has the right to do what she wants with her body.

  27. Skeptic says:

    Is everyone forgetting that he was with ANA ISABEL this time last year? As "good" as they seem to be together, she can take a hike.

    • zralicious says:

      i thought the same thing too.. he hooked up with sara only early this year..he was still with ana this time last weird how they celebrated their "one year anniversary!"hahaha..

  28. sarakhatmi says:

    Wanna know why she did it? she has lost 6 kilos sins summer, she has gotten superskinny beacause of stress at her work etc, that effected her breasts, so she did a SMALL jobb, that is not even that big of difference if you look at this image taken after the surgery, like yesterday or something…she did it to look better, and it wont make her less of a serious journalist. If it was a matter of HUGE breasts, then yeas, but this is a small jobb inpropotions wiht her own body, i seriously dotn get the fuzz…look at this image and you will see…

    • Irena says:

      if that is a picture taken after the alleged boob job, i think it was some other medical procedure. ah, i feel good now :)

  29. Dodie says:

    Those pictures were taken before the alleged boob job happened, she's supposed to have had something done just this past weekend.

    I'm also a bit sceptical about the boob job claims, spending just two days in hospital before returning to work and boozing it up is not enough recovery time if she really did have one. And I don't think she's trashier because of it or anything, either. I suppose we will never get an official statement from Sara about this, but it's her body and her business though it makes me sad that even beautiful women get so insecure about their looks.

    • Pique_Xavi says:

      I said she wasn't trashy and that picture was taken early last week so I don't know for sure because I had seen another picture of her in a dress and she looked different. I was just pointed out what I noticed in the picture I saw was saying that it was evidence. The beauty of science and medicine is that each day they come up with new things and we don't know if there's a special kind of surgery for whatever enhancement she or anyone has had. For instance, there's an injection to inhance your breasts. They usually get the fat from your thighs or buttocks. The thing is that because its fat, breasts will be "bigger" only temporary. I too said that its her choice and well its not only her business now which is sad because if we were to do something like that no one would really care. And yes, pretty girls are also insecure sometimes more than "regular" girls because they are always afraid of the next pretty girl or the younger one…

  30. Annie says:

    If she booked herself into the hospital for a surgery on the 19th and was out by Monday morning and at her job, how is it even possible that she had a boob job?

    If she actually had it, it's probably been barely a week and the fact is, breast augmentations take longer to recover from than that- she'd have had to be on bedrest for a while, and 3-4 days later (when the pics were taken), she'd definitely have had stitches in if she had the operation! Even office workers aren't allowed to return to work for at least 2-4 weeks after having the surgery, how is it possible that she was back in just 3 DAYS?

    I might have bought it if the pics came after she took a long holiday (that would allow her proper recovery time), but after just a weekend, she goes back to work…..I'd be v. surprised if it was true. That, or she got some very strange medical advice.

    • Dru says:

      it actually takes about a week to recover properly from boob jobs, but this is weird timing. I'll just treat it as an El Clasico rumour till then.

  31. Interista says:

    Hmm I don't really feel like moralizing about the boob job, she never was hired to be a serious sports journalist anyway. It was all about the looks, anyone who has heard her post game comments will agree.

    What I do react to though are the rumors saying that the boob job was actually a present from saint Iker to Pastasauce on their 1 year anniversary…Maybe he's not such a saint after all?

  32. Lily says:

    This comment thread is making me sad, it is that mean and nasty in places. If people can cut Alex Curran/Gerrard and Posh (both of whom had their busts boosted, tho I think Posh might have taken hers out) some slack and even like them, why does Sara come in for so much venom?

    (I know I'm going to get red-arrowed for defending her)

    • Lily says:

      That said, if she had it I hope she had it for herself, and not for Iker- if she did, that would make me very disappointed in both of them even though it's none of my business and we will probably never know.

    • Winnie Mata says:

      honestly, i agree. but the thing is, most people here were just looking for a "reason"
      they already suspected that she was shallow, only dating Iker for publicity
      and therefore using him, that she's superficial, and that her career as a sportscaster is a joke
      this (if it's even true) is just "proof" of all that in some people's eyes

  33. Lily says:

    Even if it is true, I cannot say that I care- if Olalla could have what looked like a boob job all that while ago and we still loved her anyway, what difference does it make if Pastagirl had one?
    People who hate her will hate her anyway, and besides I'm not even sure that this makes any sense- she had lovely boobs already, and if it was only for TV there are those 'chicken cutlet' things you stick in your bra to fill it out.

    In all honesty, I think this is just another crazy rumour to stir things up before El Clasico. I'll wait for post (alleged) op pics of her in something other than a coat before making judgments.

  34. Nora says:

    Not to be a snarky bitch or anything, but can we call her Meatball Sauce now?

  35. Ess-Jay says:

    I dislike her. I don't know why, but she just irritates me.. She's not even that hot… Pretty, yes. But I dunno… I used to LOVE Iker, but now, not so much… Maybe it's because of her, but he's just kinda lost his appeal nowadays… :/

    I wish he'd get back with Eva! They were so cute together… And I'd rate Eva a lot higher than Pastasauce!

  36. 2EZ says:

    ok sara is extrmeely gorgeous and thats pretty much why she is so popular. She's a journalist who is superficial, "OMG I WANT A SOCCER BF" so i decided to get the easiest looking guy aka spain's national team's golie. You are hella overrated, and the media likes u for ur looks not for anything else. Overrated, and good luck using Iker cuz he can easily get a hotter gir lthan u :)

  37. Jane says:

    all this while i tried my level best to like her because she just seems to be feeding off iker's star status but then i decided to atleast feel indifferent and i did. but this BOTHERS me a LOT because it reflects on iker! to think that he would approve that and CONTINUE to be in a relationship with some like her

  38. Irena says:

    I am just waiting for Kickette to get an update on it (more credible source or post-operation pictures maybe?) which turns out to be that this was just garbage and she went for some other kind of operation :(

    • Lily says:

      I know this is just a rumour, but honestly, even if she had a boob job it is her business. Besides, if she took a taxi home and went to brunch….what kind of boob job allows you to do that so soon?

  39. Duha says:

    I don’t think she had the operation. Maybe she wanted to and went to do it but didn’t. But it’s totally fine if she did. It’s Iker whom disappoints me. It’s probably all to please him.

  40. Louise says:

    I know Kickette is a gossip website and everything, but based on the points you make about the fact that she left the hospital alone and went to brunch soon after, along with the not-so-reputable source it's printed in and the fact that it's the week before el clasico, I would think you would have more skepticism about whether this were true or not.

    • Ana says:

      Besides, and here is the fact- she had great-looking breasts ALREADY. Kickette themselves admit that, she is not flat-chested, and she has lost weight recently, which would just make any kind of bust boost even more obvious.

      If she had it done, it's her business- jealous fans of Iker would find a reason to hate her anyway, boob job or no.

  41. Ange says:

    she just lost points with me… she didnt need plastic surgery!!! but its her decision…

  42. jamtart heart says:

    It's crazy to me that anyone thinks a private medical procedure is anyone's business but hers, or that it magically would make her less professional if she had…? Ridiculous.

    • ashley says:

      Seriously. I know it's kind of the point of the site, but does it really matter? And all of this nonsense about her no longer being a serious journalist (seemingly coming from other women), says a lot about the way that society wants women to view themselves.

    • Dru says:

      Honestly, I think some commenters are a bit carried away by their existing dislike of Sara, for whatever reason.

      She's a celebrity of sorts so people are curious, but it's her body, after all. It's sad that we women feel the need to trash another woman like this.

  43. SoccerLoverrrr says:

    she irks me.

  44. Ali says:

    Actually, I really think she had an augmentation. At the news today she was not moving her arms the way she uses and she was wearing a very loose shirt – she generally uses tight shirts. I think she's lost a lot of weight and now she just wanted bigger breasts – and instead of gaining weight – she had the implants, which will make her look kind of odd… You know, like those super skinny models with big boobs…
    She is obsessed about her image, that's it.

  45. Kyra says:

    I think she must be pretty insecure to feel the need to get her breasts done. Have you looked at yourself in the mirrior, lately Sara dear? You were fine the way you were. And IKER, you should have told her she looked just fine without implants. Don't you be gettin' spoiled, boy! D:

    • Lily says:

      If she got them for herself, then I guess that's slightly less lame than getting them for Iker and I can respect that decision. But yes, she was fine the way she was!

      It's sad that even women as beautiful as her feel the need to look 'sexier' by doing something so drastic, where is the hope for us ordinary mortals then?

  46. Lissete says:

    Y'know I can't judge her completely because it must be tough to be the girlfriend of such a famous person as well as being in the media all the time. She's a journalist and as all female journalists know, SEX SELLS. Sure I might not respect her decision, but I understand it.

    In a way I'm surprised at Iker Casillas. He looks like someone that wouldn't agree with plastic surgery and isn't shallow. I would hope that he wouldn't agree with her decision as well and convince her that she's perfect as she is. I don't want to put the blame on him, but I feel like perhaps he didn't make a big enough argument against it or he's just really whipped and agrees with everything she does. I don't want to think he's superficial but this has caused me to lose more respect for him :/

    • Lily says:

      Honestly, if she got plastic surgery for herself, I might not agree with it but I can respect that decision, even though I think fake boobs look daft. She had a fantastic body already, and from what I could see she didn't lack in the chest department, though I wish she'd chosen to go with those chicken cutlets they stuff models' bras with rather than going under the knife, if she really did do it.

    • caitanya says:

      Sara is an adult. I doubt that even if Iker were anti-plastic surgery, he would break up with her for something like that. I know someone whose gf had plastic surgery (not facial and not something extreme) and he said although he didn't like it, she had wanted it and saved up for it. It is ultimately her body. Whether or not we (and Iker) agree with what she does with it is another thing.

      • gi0ia says:

        Absolutely! Ive heard of women who did it against their man`s wishes while he was away. Just because she had a boob job (if she did) it does not necessarily say anything about him…

  47. zztop says:

    what if it comes to light she was there for a biopsy, how will we kickettes feel then? The gutter press can be trusted only to go for the most sensational story they can think of.

    • Lily says:

      Biopsy? God I hope not….she's too young for that.

      It might be something a lot more mundane, like she had her appendix out or something. And even if she did have a boob job, it's not that big a deal, though it's sad such a beautiful young woman would think she needed to go under the knife. Of course, if she didn't, then we look like idiots!

  48. Winnie Mata says:

    meh. it's her body, like someone mentioned previously.
    i think they suit her and look classier than most "augmentations"
    but did she need it? in my opinion, no.

    however, i'm more concerned in those horrible bangs of hers.
    i mean, can i even call them bangs? they're split down the middle
    are too short to be blunt bangs, and she's a little too old for the side bangs look…
    also, it irritates me to see her wear so much make-up
    when she looks much better without most of it (again, in MY opinion)
    doesn't she know the super-made up, matte look is over for this season?
    dewy and au naturel is in, honey!
    her eyes are pretty enough to do without the one liner pencil
    she probably uses each time her make-up is applied! smh.

    the whole blue-dress look was a total fail.

  49. Joellissa Remmy says:

    If this News is True, than she's my hero. I don't know how any one can work up the courage to do it……scary. Sara come on stop it, you don't need it!

  50. C16 says:

    Ok… Her choice. I don't think she needed to do that but oh well…

    I was finally accepting you Sara Pastasauce. Major step back.

  51. Chrissy says:

    Guys, are you SUUUUUUUURE that it's a boob job? Like, if it turns out that it was some actual srs surgery, I'd feel bad :/

    But if it indeed WAS a boob job, then meh :/ whyy?

  52. YouNeverWalkAlone says:

    I like her just fine, and she can do whatever she wants to do. To me plastic surgery really isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. If you don't believe in making yourself look prettier through plastic surgery, then why do you believe in makeup? It's still enhancing your self…

    Besides, I bet it's not really a boob job at all, just something else, or else she would be in the hospital longer.
    The media's probably just making things up as usual

    • Dru says:

      ^Thank you! I think this actually needed to be said, it's her body and ultimately her business.

      If she did get plastic surgery, I hope she got it for herself and not for Iker- though she doesn't seem the type, first people claim she isn't enough into him and now they say she's getting a boob job? Make up your minds, ladies! (and gents). I also think she was gorgeous already, and didn't need any augmentation, but we can't live other people's lives for them.

      On that last point: this is the week before El Clasico, I wouldn't believe anything printed in a Spanish tabloid at this time. Not that I think they are so reliable at other times either !

  53. lvgirl says:

    did she really go drinking two days later? didn't anyone tell her alcohol screws up the healing process and gives you bad scar tissue?
    not like she needed it anyway

    • Dru says:

      That's the thing, I'm not sure that it was a boob job she went for, usually people can't go back to office for about a week following those, and she was back in just what, 2-3 days?

      I'll feel awful if it comes to light she went in for something serious, though.

    • Winnie Mata says:

      she might not have had implants. there are other ways to do augmentations these days
      like macrolane injections (which is what Katy Perry is rumoured to have)
      they may not necessarily be any scar-tissue there

  54. BarceLisa says:

    This is hilarious, I called her out on journalistic integrity months ago and got crushed for it. I don't expect her to be Christiane Amanpour but at least she could LOOK professional. Frankly, when Kickette showed us that photo of her from like 7 or 8 years ago, It does not surprised me now if she got any kind of enhancement.

    • Thea says:

      It's such an stupid thing to get caught doing….. Victoria Beckham and cheryl cole, and Coleen rooney were all able to keep their alleged surgeries under wraps and she gets papped red handed, in Spain where the privacy laws are tougher! She's an idiot!

      • BarceLisa says:

        you see, if she were a serious journalist, she would know that already right? This whole episode also demonstrates the regard in which she is held by her collegues in the Spanish media. Journalists may be a lot of negative things but they never attack each other's personal lives.

        • Thea says:

          Think you will find that the tide of public opinion is turning and her positon as both GF of the national team and a 'serious and impartial journalist' is unrealistic ……the media won't be playing fair and the coverage will get more critical and damage…..only the strong survive!

          Anyway am so excited about the match, just off for dinner on Las Ramblas now….you always eat so late out here! GO BARCA

    • Lily says:

      Honestly, I wouldn't place any credence in a photograph taken when she would be what, 17 or 18- people's appearances do change between then and their mid twenties. But I don't understand why she would think she needs a boob job though, she had fantastic boobs already and she's only what, 25?

  55. Anya says:

    Having plastic surgery is NOT pathetic.
    But not admitting to that when you had it – that IS pathetic.

    I'm curious whether she's going to say something about that. Because I have a feeling that that wasn't boob job. Breast augmentation is an operation – you need to stay at hospital for few days for an observation, plus you're in such terrible pain – she looks too good on those pictures, for someone who's body was cut few days ago. Maybe she had a cyst or something like that?

    It's just so hard for me to understand that such beautiful woman went under the knife. Makes me thinking that maybe I should do it.

    • Annie says:

      The main evidence against her having had a boob job this weekend is that she simply didn't have the recovery time for it, if it was true- these procedures take at LEAST 2 weeks to recover from, and people are not allowed to go to office during that time, but she was back on air this week. I'd have bought the story, like I said, if she was looking bigger after a long holiday when she could have had the time to recover- she is not superhuman and no responsible doctor would have let her out of the hospital just like that.

      Please don't think you need to do anything to yourself, dear- I'm sure you're fine just the way you are, whether she had anything done (she didn't need to, IMHO) or not.

  56. rubyqueen says:

    why do beautiful girls feel the need to mess about with their beauty.???sara this doesn't look good for you future journalistic career.:(

  57. lalabee says:

    i dont have anything against this girl, but she is totally ruining her image of a serious journalist. If she wants to be a TV presenter or model than she should just do it…i mean, i have friend who is journalist and who works for TV, she said if she would ever allow herself to behave like Sara, she would get fired right away….

    i agree…for a serious journalist, really not classy.

  58. Ava says:


  59. Miinaaa says:

    Ugh when it comes to Sara, I like to chug my haterade by the gallon. I mean they %@#!ing live together! The horror! So saddd.

  60. blitzenTO says:

    I never had anything against her before (except for her love of excessive eye makeup), but I find this really disappointing. I just can't understand why such a beautiful woman would feel the need to get fake boobs. There was nothing wrong with her natural ones anyway. This makes me think that she is either shallow or insecure, neither of which is attractive.

    Having said that, though, all we really know is that she was at the hospital. It could have been for anything, maybe even getting a lump removed. In which case we will all feel like crap. Until I see confirmed pics of her "enhancement" I am giving her the benefit of the doubt.

    • Dru says:

      Same here. If she did have a lump, that is indeed scary.

      I also wonder what kind of boob job allows you to go back to work in less than 3 days, recovery time is usually at least a week which is why I don't believe it 100% yet. If she got it, I hope she got it for herself- if I don't hold it against Posh that she had implants, I won't hold it against this girl (though, like you, I wonder why- she had a great pair anyway).

    • Caitlin says:

      <<This makes me think that she is either shallow or insecure, neither of which is attractive>>

      Would you say the same about Olalla then? Don't get me wrong – I totally agree with you on that Sara really didn't need the implants and personally I can't understand why women would want to go under the knife for this (especially when people can always tell because it looks so fake).

      But I think it would be kind of unfair for people to slate Sara for this when they wouldn't think of saying the same thing about Olalla Torres.

    • natarodri says:

      I think you are being a little extreme. Most women, to not say all, don't like something about their bodies, for example, I don't like my nose, and that doesn't mean she's insecure. Maybe she didn't like that about her boobs or had lumps in her breast. Just because you get surgery doesn't mean you are shallow or insecure. It just mean you didn't like something and changed it.

  61. Caitlin says:

    Well, I don't think she needed implants at all – I thought she had a great figure.

    But I don't think we should judge her; after all Olalla had breast augmentation too and nobody seemed bothered about that.

    • Dru says:

      I thought she had a great figure too, and frankly I don't think we should judge her either, if it is true- if she got them for herself, she has every right to do so.

    • Winnie Mata says:

      i knew Ollala's boobs seemed bigger recently, but i just attributed it to her baby!
      then again, Ollala's no Pastasauce. in the eyes of most fangirls she's the "perfect" WAG!
      not the prettiest, understated, and seemingly devoted.
      she's not gorgeous, or an "attention wh0re",
      and she doesn't have a career that would really benefit from her relationship with Fernando
      so i can see why nobody cares.

      • Caitlin says:

        If you look at photos from Olalla and Nando's Miami vacation from 2008, you can definitely see that she looks a lot more 'enhanced' than in the past.

        And since that was well before her first pregnancy, it can't have anything to do with hormones ;-)

    • Femz17 says:

      What?!?! Olalla had a boob job? Nooooo!

  62. littlemissunited says:

    How true is this though?

    I mean surely you have to rest for atleast a couple weeks after a surgery such as this?

    Pics (of the boobies) or it didn't happen!

  63. emily says:

    as long as shes happy with whatever she got done/didnt get done THEN GOOD FOR HER, i guess…
    i guess i wont believe it until she literally says it (which she wont) OR theres pictures prove..maybe she had surgery for something or had to stay at the hospital for something…idk
    I kinda hope she didnt get them done…shes doesnt need anything to be done

    • Dru says:

      I don't think she will ever say anything officially either, but if she had a boob job for herself (god knows why, she was already beautiful and had a lovely pair) then good for her. I'd still rather wait to see clearer post-op (alleged op, anyway) pictures before deciding if she did or didn't.

  64. Niina says:

    I've secretly wanted to wedge something between Iker and Sara for a while now, but this was NOT what I had in mind.

  65. Amandinha says:

    thats all I have to say: ugh.

    Hope you're happy with the 3 letters you deserve, Sara.

  66. amber says:

    She had boobs that were fine for her body to start with. For someone who just wants journalistic integrity she's not going about it the right way.

    I've been super disappointed with her commentary on matches, and now her network treats her relationship like an exclusive (something she just goes along with). It's all a little annoying.

    Thankfully, as much as I like Iker, I don't pay much attention to him off the pitch.

  67. Macc Lad says:

    I hate that women feel they have to get a boob job

  68. she is pretty but somehow overrated

    • Georgina Sanders says:

      True. Although I acknowledge the fact that she's pretty, the things referred to her like "hottest blah blah", "prettiest blah blah", "sexiest blah blah" is just so unbelievable to hear, to the point of exaggeration already.

      I don't find her the "-est blah blah" because her type of beauty is something that I've already seen before and admired more to other women.

      P.S. And somewhere in Spain, Eva Gonzales is secretly suppressing mirth, because she's "au naturel" (maybe, we never know) :-)

    • Eli aka NG says:

      I'd rather say "totally" overrated

    • gossip girl says:

      tthe picture say as she`s so, so classier…
      the way that this cuple is going through is not good
      but love is blind…

  69. mamaly says:

    call me old-fashioned, but for a" journalist", not much class

  70. Thea says:

    Does seem a silly things to do if you really didn't need to do it! But hey free will you can do you want – just hope she did it for herself as it will make her look less serious as a journalist in reality!

  71. Thea says:

    Think you will find that Iker is a far bigger T*t than any she can get put it in!

    • littlemissunited says:

      oh dear

      you picked the wrong place to say that haha

      • Thea says:

        Well honestly – it's a bit like getting your boyfriend's name tatoo-ed on your person if she did it for him!

    • Ana says:

      Thea, I understand that you are not a fan of Real Madrid but frankly, I think it is unfair of you to go around calling Iker names, and calling Sara names just because she is his girlfriend (criticism is fine, but you're exceptionally mean here)