October 19th, 2010

Carlos Bocanegra: He Works Hard For The Money

Kickettes, we hope you brought your credit cards, because if Carlos Bocanegra is “working” tonight, we’re taking him straight to the champagne room. Who’s coming?  Image via: our wildest fantasies come true, and obviously post the 2009 ESPY Award win.

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57 Responses to “Carlos Bocanegra: He Works Hard For The Money”

  1. nenna says:

    lol i thought it was robin van persie, i was like wtf..weird!? he looks alot like him maybe only in this pic, bcuz haven't seen this guy before.

  2. tiff says:

    LMAO! way to bring that one back. thanks for the laugh ladies

  3. Whitney says:

    I would love to stuff my entire savings down his g-string! WORK IT BABY! TAKE IT OFF! WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!

  4. Michaella says:

    Credit card? Ive got my fivers i the air and he can have em all if he gives me a dance ;)

  5. Princess Lea says:

    The moment I saw this picture, the Maroon 5 song Misery started playing in my head. Seems like Boca Boca's having a ball (pun intended) ;)

  6. Stacey Marie says:

    Oh..so this is what I miss when I don't come to kickette for a day?!

    Carlos Bocanegra, making womans panties drop one stripper pole at a time =)

  7. Dru says:

    First Tim Howard in nothing but his goalkeeper's gloves and now the Bocamuffin hanging off a pole…..dear USMNT, please keep this trend up, we quite like it.

  8. Emme says:

    Oh, I am totally in on this one! What should we have him dress up as? Perhaps a cowboy wearing chaps or maybe a fireman? I think cowboy.

  9. GracieB says:

    Hell Yeah!!!

  10. RedAne says:

    Sweet Mother of the Holy Pole!!!!!! That's what I call a fantastic picture!!!!
    Boca, you naughty naughty boy!!!! I just happen to know the best punishment for this kind of behavior… Come to mamma and I'll show you!!!! hahahaha…
    Kickette, dear Kickette… I'm already having trouble sleeping coz the daylight savings time has just started here in Brazil and now I come home after a loooooong day at work and you show me THIS? How am I going to be able to sleep again? How? How?

  11. why has my post been deleted?

  12. Pam says:


    Its time to have Captain America in the "Finest Five" or "Hot H.o.F."

  13. Georgina Sanders says:

    Oh yes, Carlos! Yeah, baby, work it, come on! Work that!


    • Georgina Sanders says:

      I can't stop looking at this! I'm gonna be having a fantasy of him where he's doing that with very, VERY little clothing on and dancing to Kelly Rowland's "Forever and A Day" for weeks! I blame Kickette for it, which is sooo good and healthy for my mind.

      Nasty me! C'mon! Work it you very, very, very hot stud! :-)

  14. Teodora says:

    I imagine Carlos doing a strip. I can hear "You can leave your hat on" playing on the stereo… so hot… Please, bring me a champagne…

  15. oh my today was just a great day Real Madrid won, Gonzalo Higuain now has a twitter account, things look better at school and now to top it all off Mr. Carlos Bocanegra just made my day even better rocking that suit (i would much rather he had nothing on) He looks hot oh count me in for the champagne room.

  16. VS1986 says:

    Oh, Carlos…why you wearin' that suit for??? TAKE IT OFF TAKE IT OFF TAKE IT OFF!!!!!!

  17. Mia says:

    I just paid off my cards but I'm game to run them back up again.

    I also just LOVE this picture! I have had it as my phone background since the summer.

  18. Zinny says:

    I would lose my mind if this man were to be my "entertainment". I'd crazily spend every last dime I had just to see Carlos rip off those clothes and shake that amazing bum of his. Woah…I need to slow down before I overheat myself.

  19. heythereivannah says:

    Me thinketh this is the actual way he sustained that neck injury… upside down spins, anyone? ;)

  20. SoccerLoverrrr says:

    WOW what a picture! Carlos you keep doin ur thaang while i drool and watch! :P

  21. rslkdl says:

    Oh God. Yes, please.

  22. littlegirl says:

    ZXCVFDGRTYUOKLP is the right word. i was thinking the same!

  23. littlegirl says:

    i have worked hard from 2 to 10 pm…if carlos bocanegra around a pole is my reward…thank you!

  24. suzie says:

    he`s wearing far too many clothes for my liking,

  25. ThatWelshOne says:

    I am in love. Officially. This man is awesome!

  26. senora ramos says:

    oh, to be that pole right now

  27. Kristina Bocanegra says:

    omgg!!! carlos is toooooooooo hott!! ;) u work that!! loll who agrees?

  28. Lashes says:

    Carlos you dirty dirty man.. Count me in for these happy times with footballer strip any day!

  29. MaryElla says:

    Why would God make something so pretty and not let me touch it?

    • Deanna says:

      HAHAHAHAAA! So true!

    • lolow says:

      Thats how I feel when I see all the hot foortballers especially my abosolute favorites Yoann Gourcuff and Michael Ballack. And I curse god for making me six years older than YG.

  30. DeeRoma says:

    You ok there? Need something to drink?

  31. JVD says:

    Usually strippers do nothing for me, but Boca on a pole? H*lls YES!

  32. DeeRoma says:

    I'm there!

  33. Sahar says:

    I’m in the miniority but I don’t like him.

  34. hereforthenando says:

    How negotiable do you think the "no sex in the champagne room" rule is?

  35. Marie says:

    count me in…..Man he ROCKZZZ!!!!

  36. CarmenFoxe says:

    Send me to a strip club where he works ANYDAY. How much do you think he charges? :P

  37. Shake it, carlos!!!