September 29th, 2011

Carlos Bocanegra: Style Star

Abs are always in style. Image via AP Photo/Daylife.

As we were dutifully informed by several members of the Kickette Army yesterday, Carlos Bocanegra has been┬ánamed one of the 25 most stylish Latino-Americans by Complex Magazine. We’ve always known that ‘Los has style, mostly in the form of muscles and whatnot. It turns out that one of the newest members of The Finest Five can also wear clothes pretty darn well. Who knew?

Join us now for a retrospective of Carlos’ best looks. There will be more skin. We promise.

High Fashion

While living and playing in France, Carlos was a front row regular at shows during men’s fashion week in Paris including Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent.

There’s really no better body to hang designer garments on than that of a professional footy player. No one wears an LV man scarf quite like Boca does.


Suited & Booted

And pole dancing on a party bus.

Notice the way Boca has casually yet stylishly placed his Ray-Bans in the pocket of his suit while he showed us his best “he works hard for the money” moves. A lesser man would have just tossed them aside and put them at risk for being trampled by an errant stiletto.


T-Shirt Time

Even while casual in a t-shirt ‘Los can bring the heat.

We recognise a man’s need to be comfortable in a simple t-shirt. Some guidelines though: the t-shirt must be absent of stains; it should be tight around the pecs and biceps; and it should be free of gimmicky slogans or rude cartoons.


Sans Shirt

This was always going to be our favorite look on Carlos even without the universally-loved former World leader next to him.

Skin for the win. And tattoos. And Budweiser.

The biggest of Kickette congratulations to Carlos for this great honor. We know it’s cold in Scotland, but we expect him to strip off more often now in order to show off his “style.”

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13 Responses to “Carlos Bocanegra: Style Star”

  1. Emmy says:

    Kickette failed to include the best picture of Boca…the one from USMNT ESPN "dirty" photoshoot.

  2. Lostres says:

    Green shirt! Green shirt!!! Wait.. Suit!!! No wait, Naked!!!!, No wait… (Collapses onto the floor in a Carlos induced coma).

  3. Alisha says:

    Being a Rangers fan and now having him at my club is amazing! I get to see him whenever i'm at a game, next step is to meet him after, I cannot wait!

  4. Sara P says:

    Wow! He is just yummy! I think he can wear whatever (or nothing at all), whenever he wants and be able to pull it off. I can just imagine how much flack he caught for wearing that scarf from his US teammates, but he pulls it off quite well. :) At first I tried to decide which way I liked him best. Do I prefer him in a suit? Or dressed down in a t-shirt and shorts? Or in a USA uniform? Or with articles of clothing missing? Well, obviously the last one wins….but hot damn, the man can do no wrong in whatever he decides to wear.

    What a fabulous way to start my Friday morning at work! God bless you Kickette staff for bringing these wonderful photos into my life this morning!

  5. KaleRSL says:

    Carlos in the green shirt is my fave. Absolutely gorgeous.

  6. Camille says:

    im so proud to be an american right now lol

  7. Rachel says:

    you know you have a problem when you know what pictures are coming based on the subheading…. whoops, just outed myself as a creep lol

  8. Mrs. Q.Borri says:

    No wonder he is on the F5!!!! You cant say NO to that, you just cant -well I cant- my fav pic is the one on the pole with the suit.. *Gasp!* and the one with green t-shirt, also the one with his new team, and the one that he does not have a shirt, yes that one too… I could not forget the one he is front rode on the Fashion Show.!

    In conclusion Carlos can wear anything, anywear, anytime (or nothing at all) and I will like it! :) Congrats on beeing the most stylish Latino-American. You are always on point! Felicidades!

  9. Janet says:

    I love my Captain America in any flavor. He just pulls it off. And sans shirt is by far one of his best looks. He should show off that style more often….

  10. Gladys says:

    I prefer him drinking a beer half-naked with Bill C. or in that adorable green shirt, but really, am I gonna complain about any photo of this man. He's perfect in every way!!! (Even love the super sexy chest hair trail he's sporting for the cold Scottish weather.)

  11. liz says:

    Not gonna lie, I'm partial to stripper pole Carlos. but green T Carlos comes in a close second, they match his oh-so-sexy ojos

  12. JA7 says:

    He is delicious. Seriously edible, omg. The first let me take that shirt off for you.