October 7th, 2010

Carlos Bocanegra: Taping & Tater Tots

See that microphone, Kickettes? That could’ve been you!  Images via SmallBar Division

Bad news for any stalkers of the USMNT. If you weren’t at SmallBar, Division St in Chicago last night you missed an opportunity to get up close and personal with the delectable Carlos Bocanegra, who was in town taping a segment for web show Studio 90.

As these images show, Captain America pressed the flesh with those who did bother to turn up and it appears that the fans were rewarded for their efforts (left).

Look at that picture (above), Kickettes. That could have been you. Let this be a warning to you all. You could have shared a plate of tater tots, people. Tater tots! Where’s the commitment?!

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113 Responses to “Carlos Bocanegra: Taping & Tater Tots”

  1. Whitney says:

    I'm so happy some mentioned Benny! Sexy Beast! I hear he's a smoothe talker.

  2. elylovesfootball says:

    hot damn he's just too hot for words..
    i just got this big crush on him and i keep on asking myself why i don't freakin live in usa?!? why!?

    • loveu2much says:

      i askes myself the same question i regret the day i left even considering that chicago was prolly 5 hours from where i lived that man is so hawt

  3. Michaella says:

    Wow!!! Just wow, thanks Kickette I think I'm gonna take up a that vacant postion as BocaStalker!!

  4. Jen says:

    oh kickette, it's like you're synced into my brain. i was just watching the video from this taping. this is not the first time this has happened.

  5. Emme says:

    I am really tempted to go the friendly vs. Poland on Saturday……What should I do? Only a two hour drive…

  6. Pam says:

    Damn If only I would have been in Chicago..Love Mr Bocanegra! Hawt.

    To see the Studio 90 interview go to http://www.ussoccer.com. Click the "Multimedia" tab to see the video interview.

  7. Emme says:

    He is so heartbreakingly gorgeous! I am only two hours from Chicago!!!! :( This has been a stressful week and I thank you, Kickette for featuring all my top ballers this week!

  8. rslkdl says:

    I hate tater tots, but I love those dimples, so can I have them instead?

  9. he looks so freakin hot

  10. Zinny says:

    Cruel fate. Chicago is literally 3 hours from where I live; I would have ran all the way there if I knew!
    WHY DIDN'T I KNOW? The chance to share tater tots (and true love) with Bocamuffin will never come again =(

  11. Rossanera says:

    What's your dream law school?

    • JVD says:

      Evanston, IL (Northwestern).

      • Rossanera says:

        One of my best girlfriends went there! The law campus is actually in downtown Chi … literally up the street from my building, actually. Right in the middle of everything :)

  12. DebS says:

    In Chicago?! Damn! I need to read the news more often!

  13. senora ramos says:

    i so live in the wrong city/state. why is NO to stupid to realise the amazing kind of man candy we'd get if we could start hosting some friendlies. Super Dome people!!!!

  14. Violets says:

    Dimples. Sigh.

  15. Mogtog says:

    I was there! (Well, the bar is only three blocks from my apartment, so no excuse really).

    He was very personable in the interview session and the Q&A was fun – although the questions were more along the lines of "What do you think of Goal-Line technology?" rather than Kickette-approved "Are you single?". And he really did reach over and take Tator Tots off some random guy's plate! He was very cool about doing autographs & photos after the session as well – and I've got the photo to prove it (btw- the girls above are the bartenders/servers from Small Bar).

    On a side note – it was almost completely unpublicized, which was great in the end as it was a very relaxed event. Even 20 min before it started you could have walked in a got a seat. This was the first time US Soccer have tried to do this sort of event, so they probably just didn't want to overwhelm the bar. But hopefully they will do similar things in other cities soon.

  16. Georgina Sanders says:

    Mmmmm.. Anything that says Carlos Bocanegra is fine with me.. YUMMM-EEEE

  17. Maribel says:

    Damnit! Why is this country so freaking big?? WHY is Chicago not a short drive from Charlotte?? I'm beyond jealous of everyone who was there. Grrrrr.

    • Whitney says:

      I feel you Maribel! I live in Columbia, SC and these hotties don't come here for anything. I seriously have been thinking of making a move to one of the MLS cities, so that way I can at least get to a few games!

  18. SoccerLoverrrr says:

    I would love to feed carlos tater tots ;) hes too fine for words <33

  19. Pique_Xavi says:

    Hmmm I looove tator tots. Carlos and me wouldn't get along because I have a weird obession for the tots. We probably would of ended up wrestling for the last one in a tub of ketchup, but wait..as I type this it doesn't seem like a bad idea after all, lol.

  20. jellenp says:

    I hate everyone that was there.

    Anyone heard any gossip about his squeeze? Still happening?

    • maya says:

      Yes! Her name is Manolita effing Bernal!!!
      Ps. She played Model 3 in some crap movie that no one watched.

  21. Rossanera says:

    Does anyone know what their whereabouts will be over the next few days? If you do pls get in touch with me so I can stalk Boca and co. on your behalf, Kickettes.

    (Somehow I don't see this hiatus of mine working out.)

  22. Alex says:

    I got the email from Small Bar at 6:00pm last night… 6:00PM!!!!!!!!! How was I supposed to make it in time???? I don't know if I can get over this… I'm a regular there!

  23. Stacey Marie says:

    If I were in Chi-Town I soooo would have been there!! However, I am in Boston :( I would have LOVED to eat tator tots on Boca..Imean with Boca!!

  24. Whitney says:

    SmallBar? Chicago? I know where my next vaca will be!

  25. Rossanera says:


    • DeeRoma says:

      No shot of it today?

    • Leya_S says:

      Hahaha. Sorry I'm not laughing at your pain; I'm TRULY sorry to hear you missed him. But your response is perfect. That's exactly how I would have responded if it had been me.

      • Rossanera says:

        In times like these there is nothing to do but laugh. It's ok. Boca's not that high up on my list, in all honesty. Had this been, say, Alessandro Del Piero or Fernando Torres, then there'd be bodies in the streets right now.

    • BarceLisa says:

      apparently SmallBar is the official bar of US Soccer (whatever that means). Its where they tape that Radio show Studio 90. So all is not lost. Finish writing that paper and get your butt down there asap!

      • jellenp says:

        No, they just taped there last night for the Boca event.

        There are bars designated as "official" US Soccer bars so you can be sure they will always be showing the games – not the case in every bar, even sports bars. Plus I am sure there is some other commercialization involved but don't know anymore.

        I considered walking to Chicago from DC for this event, but thought Los might then think I was some kind of stalker or something. As if.

        • BarceLisa says:

          Rossanera says thanks for giving her even less of a reason to live.

          • jellenp says:

            Um, sorry!!

            Rossanera, I am sure if you go there tonight he will come back! For the tater tots! And you!

            And if he doesn't show you can just drink yourself under the table!!

          • Rossanera says:

            Did someone thumbs up this b/c they approve of me having less reasons to live/becoming suicidal? Didn't know I was important enough to arouse that kind of hatred!

    • SoccerLoverrrr says:

      your response is hilarious!!! buh it realli sux dat u missed it :(

    • @DebStimson says:

      I live in the area too. Forgot that US plays Poland here. :( The good news is that he says he wants to return to the fire to play one day! We can only hope! :D

    • Lex says:

      I KNOW!!! Me too, dammit. So close, yet so far away….

  26. gin_in_teacups says:

    Do I need Kickette making me feel worse about this? No, no I don't. I already got my wail on when Boca texted and I realized what a prime opportunity I'd missed by being in stupid Scotland when I should have been home in the States. Of course then I remembered that even if I was home in the States I'd have been in NY anyway. Then I considered whether or not I would have flown to Chicago to see the USMNT play, and I don't really want to answer that question since it might lead to more questions. Ones about my mental health and words like "obsessed" and "stalkerish" might have to be used. And then I remembered that I'm seeing Spain play in Glasgow next week and I immediately got all happy again. Still, Boca and tater tots is quite the killer combo. Do want!

    • Leya_S says:

      I hate you.
      I, too, would have loved to see USMNT play (Bocamuffin!!! <3) but I'm poor and in NY so there's no way I was going to Chi-town.
      SNT?!?!?! I'm totally jealous of that. SERIOUSLY. LEGIT. TOTALLY. JEALOUS.
      Have fun though!

      • gin_in_teacups says:

        You so do not hate me :-) Besides, if my seats are decent I will totally take lots and lots of photos to share with my fellow Kickettes!

    • BarceLisa says:

      seriously gin_in_teacups that is amazing. The USMNT play in NY and Chicago all the time don't they? plus as we see here, they also appear in bars. Seeing the Spanish NT (esp. the current one) is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, one you would usually have to go to Spain for.

      • gin_in_teacups says:

        Yeah, I'm really excited! It's definitely way more likely I'd get more chances to see the US team play than the Spanish. When I found out they were playing a match in the same place I was going to be I jumped at the chance. Although I am sad that some of our best players are injured. I was looking forward to seeing Cesc, Xavi and Navas. But, that is life I guess. It's still going to be amazing! And I'll be thinking of my Kickettes!

  27. tracy765 says:

    The looks on those girls' faces are priceless. I am not sure I would be able to remain upright if I was that close to Boca.

    • DeeRoma says:

      The one on the left looking so coy and mischievous….if I was her it would be because I grabbed his booty.

  28. heythereivannah says:

    It's so depressing how far away Chicago is from where I live…

  29. BarceLisa says:

    oh Rossanera, if you weren't too busy doing that law paper…

    • Rossanera says:


      • GiGi6982 says:

        I concur wholeheartedly (I say this everyday and have said it every day for the past 3+ years). Of course, I am too far away and it makes me sad. :-( Damn no one wanting to come to Connecticut!!!

        • DeeRoma says:

          They were in Hartford in May. I was so pissed because had I'd known I would have helped out my friend by taking sweet Brandon for the day and teach him all about the wonderful sport of football.

          • GiGi6982 says:

            OMG, they were in Hartford in May and I was not informed of this!!?? WHAT???? FML! Oh, nevermind, I was taking summer classes and missed a lot of things. FML x 5billion infinities! UGH!

          • Rusty (Mrs Fritz) says:

            Yeah, I was at the game, right after I got my cast on. I was in the front row, but sadly, all the hotties were in the pressbox because they were guaranteed World Cup places, and the two guys with US Soccer that I talked to weren't able to send anyone over.

        • Rossanera says:

          Hello friend! We've dropped out of touch! But I know you know why ! BTW, meant to ask – when are you writing the MPRE?

          • GiGi6982 says:

            I don't think I need to. I passed my LPR (ethics) class with higher than a C, so I don't need to take it in CT. However, I need to figure out when I can afford to take it for Virginia/South Carolina/wherever I want to end up. So I really do not know?? I fail at finishing law school/preparing for life outside of school.

      • Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

        Die in a fire you say, Rossanera? It´s easy, all it takes is a match! Mwwwaaahaaa!!

        No seriously, life always gets in the way of more serious things. Like stalking hot football players. Glad to see you again ;)

  30. Jessi says:

    i’m not going to lie. i contemplated quitting my job and taking up a life of crime yesterday. i wanted to drive to chicago and kidnap carlos and live a wonderful life on the run. *sigh*

  31. DeeRoma says:

    Hi, Captain. Tater tots, huh? *fun with ketchup*

    • BarceLisa says:

      Dee, it is scary how much we think alike. lol I love how he didn't know SmallBar was the actual name of the place.

      • DeeRoma says:

        We just have lots in common? :) The man's torso is made for having tater dots and spreading ketchup on the hip dips, tattoo authentication and most especially body shots involving honky-tonk lemonades from Legends.

        • BarceLisa says:

          is that before or after you give Naked Dirty Timmy an all-over scrub down? I would also do with Timmy what you just described and then afterwards me, Boca and Timmy can all go shower together.

          • DeeRoma says:

            No, I'm taking the scrub down with Interview magazine Boca. You can scrub Timmy to your heart's content.

            • BarceLisa says:

              yay more for me. Although, remember to share with your like-minded kickettes (i.e. me). lol 'Taters Tots and Body Shots' is what I would call my bar if I ever owned one. Of course it would have its own shower area for all the dirty boys. We could open it on Kickette Island (remember that?).

              • DeeRoma says:

                Yes, Kickette Island!

                Theme nights are a must. Come on, imagine biker Timmy…all in leather…

                • BarceLisa says:

                  lol you and I should bartend there… wait, why is Kokomo playing in my head?

                  • DeeRoma says:

                    Drink of the month: Slow comfortable Screw Against a Wall. What's in that, I do not recall.

                    • BarceLisa says:

                      I prefer lots of Sex On The Beach. although yours sounds just as good!

                    • DeeRoma says:

                      I knew Southern Comfort was involved!!!! Ingredients:

                      * 1 shot Sloe gin
                      * 1 shot Vodka
                      * 1 shot Southern Comfort
                      * 1 shot Galliano
                      * Orange juice

                    • BarceLisa says:

                      I love that you looked it up just now. All I'm seeing is the word "shot" and that picture of Boca's torso. If your ketchup/hip-dips theory holds true we may be able to accomodate all five liquids. Save the glassware.

                    • DeeRoma says:

                      I am nothing if not thorough. *Note to Boca* And after my 7 years in Nashville [even if I'm back in NY now] I'm highly qualified to offer southern comfort.

              • Pique_Xavi says:

                I thought you gals had forgotten about that. I was just thinking about that when that whole pick you one and only 'baller. Sorry Kickette I know you hate being off topic but I just had to get this out before I explode. So the so called "beer belly" that was talked about in Puyi's post, it was false, and I think that girl might be onto something. Not sure how old all your gals are but not long ago Sting the singer of course said he could do a little something* for long periods of time in one single night and all because of yoga. So if the island does have a real chance of becoming true yoga needs to be a MUST! LOL Puyi has been know to do both pilates and yoga oh I think I will stop there and let you gals make up your minds.

                • DeeRoma says:

                  Ooooh the one and only baller. Guess I have a lot to make up to DDR tonight…

                • BarceLisa says:

                  how could i forget my Barca boys! Especially your guys Pique and Xavi. God knows Geri spends all his free time on vacation. Its sorted, Puyi can be the yogalates instructor, Xavi can be the Receptionist and Pique will be the Pool Boy. Of course, all three will be contractually obligated to work shirtless.

                  • DeeRoma says:

                    What will be our bar uniform? I don't do short shorts.

                  • Pique_Xavi says:

                    I was thinking more like Xavi, Pepe, and The Ramos could be dance instructors. Along the lines of dirty dancing but not the boring country club part but the part where the staff gets to hang/"relax". Pique a pool boy/lifeguard. Yes, yes… me like that. Shirtless and oiled up…. I can picture the staff meetings now…… sigh! I swear on my part of town it was gloomy and with chance of rain and now its all hot and sunny its a football miracle, a sign this island needs to come true.