September 15th, 2010

Carlos Tevez: A Snip In The Right Direction

So Carlos Tevez has taken a step towards sartorial respectability with a new haircut. No. He still doesn’t really do it for us, either. But it’s a start. Image via

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58 Responses to “Carlos Tevez: A Snip In The Right Direction”

  1. bri_saldana says:

    Makes a Kickette girl VERY, VERY, PROUD!

  2. Gabi says:

    This dude is so ugly. I'm sorry, but Ribery and him are some of the ugliest men I've ever seem

  3. SunnyK says:

    When you have nothing nice to say…eeek!

  4. Tomisin says:

    What a strong stomach his wife must have. * girl stop it*

  5. Eli aka NG says:

    He totally looks neandertalish. No likey

  6. Jessie says:

    do you know how many photos of sergio, nando, cristiano, yoann, iker and pique you’re gonnna have to post to get his face out of my head? get started kickette, lol

  7. Eebza says:

    kickette is my happy place.

    not where i come to have nightmares


  8. Stevie and Nando's girl says:

    Well, atleast he’s trying!!! This is a huge improvement.

  9. keyla says:

    oh well, idk what is he doing here anyway!

  10. Zahara (Spain NT, Barca lover) says:

    he is so adorable…
    and how i like that big, toothy smile

  11. blissbubbley says:

    It’s a improvement but it’s still not quite enough!

  12. aps says:

    He should have kept the long hair to cover up those huge ears of his.

  13. aristeia says:

    A vast improvement to say the least.

  14. Zinny says:

    NO. Some of you might think Carlos is a good footballer, or a good guy, and you're fans of him, and that's fine. But Kickette is a place for the likes of Yoann, Cesc, Nando, Sergio, and ect. We don't mix the faces of Angels with the likes of THIS.

  15. Kantarin says:

    Muh, I still think he’s hot. I prefer his longer hair but I can’t resist that smile. <3

  16. xoWinnie says:

    meh. still a douche.
    and an ugly one at that.

  17. Oh man… just makes his face more visible. Not sure that is a good thing. :(

  18. Colleen says:

    I think he's cute. Oh well, guess I'm alone on that one haha

  19. Leesy Lou says:

    Didn’t think he could posibly do anything to make himself look worse!!! But he has!!!

    Dear god it’s awful!!!

  20. cherryboomboom says:

    I like it .

    I'm not Ironic …

    I love Carlos Tevez because I think he is beautiful just by being himself , he doesnt tan , doesnt do any beauty treatment , he burned his face , was asked to do surgery and refused because he though that scar was part of who he is . And to top it all , he always has a smile on his face and smiling is the perfect comsmetic .

    so long hair or short hair , I love Carlos Tevez :)

    • Sosi, Madrid says:

      Cant agree more, he is a sweetheart and always true to himself, best argentianan player by far hugs to tevez :)

  21. MissAlxC says:

    Good. Now he can fix his teeth too.

  22. Dahlia says:

    Golly…he looks much much much better, with the previous hairstyle he looked like a caveman from the stone-age!

  23. gin_in_teacups says:

    Huh. Who’d have thought that a haircut which showed MORE of his face would be an improvement?

    Hmmm…that’s meaner than I usually am. Bad morning what with the Sergio injury situation and the CRon hair situation, and I will happily take out my anger on Man City players. Put up a photo of De Jong! Let me at ‘im!

  24. Lisa says:

    good lord. I log on to the main page and the first thing I see is this?? I need some Yoann or some Pique to balance it out.

  25. It’s like polishing a turd. Still a turd at the end of the day.

  26. Lee Sharpe Roy Keane says:

    what's he doing here ?

  27. I seem to remember a certain story on March 11, 2010, about Tevez's personal life that was accompanied by this statement:

    "Probably the first and only time you’ll find this man’s name or likeness on Kickette."

    I wish that you would have upholded that.

  28. WagInTraining says:

    awwww he's always smiling about something! am loving the new do

  29. Maribel says:

    Well it is better than the caveman look he's been rocking forever. A for effort, Tevez!

  30. robin says:

    dont be mean girls, hes a sweetie inside! ; )

    • LosAngeleno says:

      I agree. Plus I love a big huge smile in first thing in the morning even if it’s not on the prettiest face– cheers me up. (I have a pretty horse-y smile myself, so I try not to judge.)

    • DebS says:

      a sweetheart who cheats on his wife with his girlfriend WHILE she's in the hospital giving birth to his child?!

  31. Lotte (former Zlatan says:

    No, he´s not eyecandy. But it´s a bit better perhaps.

  32. Leya says:

    I think it looks a lot better. He looks slightly less scary….although this faux-hawk business is like the plague. I wish ppl would give it a rest already.

  33. Kc95 says:

    P.S. Kickette, do you plan on covering the other recent hair cuts football players have been treating themselves to. CR made the snip at sometime yesterday, and magically, it's not an improvment. In any way.

  34. Dutch-Gooner89 says:

    It's an improvement but i still wouldnt tap that lol

  35. shay says:

    Can't turn a sow's ear into a silk purse as my Gran used to say.

  36. Kc95 says:

    Ok now, get rid of the faux-hawk, take out the earrings, fix the teeth, apply crest white strips, and then we can start talking.

  37. Beth says:

    I think if his mouth was a bit smaller then he would be alright looking.

    Don't judge me!