September 28th, 2011

Carlos Tevez: Over & Out?

Something on your mind, Carlos? Original images: REUTERS/Stringer.

Well, didn’t this just get interesting?

For those of you who weren’t attempting to break the world record for nacho consumption during a football match, some ‘confusion’ took place on the bench during Manchester City’s 2-0 defeat to Bayern Munich last night.

It has been claimed that Carlos Tevez, who made it clear in the summer that his long term plans don’t involve being anywhere near Manchester, refused to warm-up when instructed to do so by boss Roberto Mancini, resulting in Mancini being forced to sub Sami Nasri with James Milner instead.

Tevez claims, in a statement released this morning, that he will not get into the specifics of why he didn’t play, but he was warmed up and ready. For his part, Mancini has stated that Tevez is ‘finished’ at City.

Should he stay or should he go, Kickettes? We’ll forward your responses to Mr Mancini, who we’re sure will be delighted to read and respond to each one personally.

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30 Responses to “Carlos Tevez: Over & Out?”

  1. S4Jill says:

    I think Tevez is disgusting. He's so unprofessional and acts like a spoilt child.
    What team would want him when he shows this sort of behavoiur when he doesn't get his way. He should be kept on the bench and made to just sit and stew.

  2. Shauna says:

    Mancini is the one I feel sorry for in all this. I have no doubt he would have sold Tevez in the summer – the Brazilian deal which collapsed on their deadline day – if a suitable deal had come along. But City reportedly paid 45 million for Tevez – and pre-Munich if Mancini had sold Tevez for a "bargain-basement" price he would have been criticized for selling cheaply. Other clubs, such as Inter, were mentioned but ruled themselves out, they were not prepared to pay Tevez the 250,000 per week he is getting at City. So, Mancini got "left" with a player he would probably have been happier to have unloaded in the summer. Now this. If he does not assert some authority, he loses the dressing room – and eventually his job – even if Tevez leaves, so he must be, and be seen to be strong. If MCFC "fire" Tevez they will have to have very strong legal grounds – or be counter-sued. Next option is stick him in the reserves until January – then sell: but what if no-one buys? They will still be paying 250,000 per week? Persuade Mancini to put him back in the first team squad? What if Mancini says "no"? End of Mancini's MCFC career?

  3. xoWinnie says:

    he's despicable; always has been.
    i'm surprised people are still shocked by his shenanigans.
    he is a filthy player too i might add. absolute cheater.

  4. DebS says:

    I can understand Dzeko being upset about coming out but I figured it was more to get fresh legs out there. City did a lot of chasing in that game and I'm sure Mancini thought fresh legs would give the team a bit of energy out there.

    Is Balotelli hurt? I'm just wondering why Mancini wouldn't have used him when Tevez decided he was bigger than the team.

    Mr. Mancini, Tevez needs to go. Once he showed his hand by saying he didn't want to play at City, he should have been shown the door then, unless Mancini was hoping it would turn out like the Rooney saga? But the fact that he totally moved out of his house before the season should have been the deal clincher. I'm sure he's none to happy that Kun is in front of him in the pecking order, as he is on the national team, but Kun's helped both teams significantly more than Tevez, imo, so the decisions of both coaches are spot on.

    • Ellie says:

      As far as I know, Balotelli was suspended for last night's match – I think his suspension was carried over after he picked up that red card in last season's Europa League.

    • mata says:

      Balotelli's serving a 3 game suspension after picking up a red in Europa league last season, so I think's he's out for the next champion's league game as well. Too bad, he played well against Everton, and he's starting to look like a choir boy next to Tevez! Hope he stands by his manager and works his heart out now, because he's really needed, and Mancini deserves to be paid back for all of his loyalty and patience with Mario.

  5. elsebethynwa says:

    The fact that he needs an interpreter when he gives interviews totally pisses me off. Hire a private teacher FFS. It's no excuse that he grew up poor in the slum in Argentina. Just because you are from the slum doesn't mean you are stupid Most people would speak the language of the country they live in after being there for 5-6 years, Disgrace !

    • mata says:

      Don't kid yourself, he can speak English well enough when it suits his purpose. Heard he tore a strip out of a ManC employee on the flight back from Germany because he didn't think he was being shown proper respect, had no problems abusing the guy in English at all! And he's certainly mastered the expressions "pay rise" and "transfer request".

  6. lunashailow says: the beginning i felt sorry 4 the guy.that was before i knew he was playing us all this time.the whole family thing is just a sham.this started sinds the world cup last year..he,s been acting all need 2 wait 4 the next transfer stop.cut him loose now.before he do further damage 2 the club and him self..

  7. Maribel says:

    I'm sorry, but he gets paid a LOT of money to fricking play football! When his boss tells him to play, he needs to get his sorry ass on the pitch and play. They give him like 200K POUNDS a WEEK for gods' sake! He is a douche. And like others have said, if he is so close with his family, they should fly out to see him, he can certainly afford it.

    • Hot4Spurs says:

      I'm with you on that! He's been using his family as an excuse. I don't know much about them, but I could never understand why his wife and kids still live in Argentina for all of these years. It's all very strange to me. I'm not trying to judge them but there are many, many foriegn players who move to England and settle in with their families. That's all a part of the game. Maybe having his family with him could have made him feel better about playing in England.

      • Raincitygirl says:

        His wife Vanesa took the kids and moved back to Argentina after he cheated on her once too often. One of these cheating incidents occurred while their younger daughter was still in hospital following her premature birth. As far as I'm concerned, if Tevez's kids don't live with him anymore, it's his own damn fault for not keeping it in his pants.

        • Hot4Spurs says:

          Wow! I had no idea! That explains it all. How in the world did I miss that? LOL! Oh well, good for her and the kids!

          • Raincitygirl says:

            And now apparently they're back together. She must be one of the most forgiving women on the PLANET. Or just have no self-esteem.

            • AC_USA says:

              I feel bad for her. As for him, rot on the bench hun :P This may sound a bit mean but seriously I ever thought that a woman would come even near him to give him a hug yet alone make kids with him :) hmmm….and then there is the "other woman". I guess money does buy you everything (nothing against the wife). :(

  8. MadridistaJenn says:

    I feel weird saying this because I'm not a Man City fan, but this Tevez saga needs to end! Every blog that I visit has him on their main page and its the same exact story every single time. Like most, I empathized with his homesickness and missing his family, but enough is enough! Any professional that refuses to do their job should not have a job and the idea that Tevez is doing a job that most only dream of (and acting like a prepubescent boy), during a period of unemployment in so many countries, makes me more angry. Its quite funny that so many people speak so negatively of Cristiano Ronaldo and his "egotistic individualism" and yet the guy has never disrespected his team, his teammates speak highly of him (Fergie and Mou, too), and he performs to the best of his ability.
    This isn't fair to the team and, most importantly, it is not at all respectful of fans who are committed to their team. Man City will have to cut their loss and work with what they have in great players like Aguero.

  9. rudpup says:

    Loath Tevez, he's an absolute tosser. The only possible excuse for not going out on the pitch was that he had suddenly become ill, which he is not claiming. Though I suppose it's refreshing that he's not blaming his wife and kids for a change!

  10. Hot4Spurs says:

    Tevez is annoying me right now. He knows they just can't let him go, not without the hefty price they'll get for him. He'll be wasted space on the bench with that attitude.

  11. anastasia says:

    Mancini should have dropped Tevez last winter transfer season when he (Tevez) started complaining about not being able to go home to South America to see his kids for Christmas. I'm sure with his salary he could afford to fly his entire family to England for the holiday.He's a good player,but his attitude is crap.I think MC's owner will back Mancini & Tevez willl be out next transfer season.All the players (any team/league) need to stop throwing a fit when subbed out-its okay to look dissapointed,but the manager is in charge & you (the players) need to follow his orders & then if there's a problem,discuss it off the pitch away from cameras. It's a team, remember?

  12. IrishBlue says:

    I would be so annoyed if this was one of the Chelsea boys, I mean they're paid enough flipping money they should at least should show a bit of commitment!

    I'm pretty certain the fans will never forgive him, nobody wants a player who isn't willing to put in the effort for the good of the team.

  13. Sarah, Madrid says:

    I read he said, " I wanted to leave for family reason? But I did my best"…( reportedly said)! I sympathize with his family issues, but what this have to do with anything, footballers are paid millions to do Something they love and good at, who are they to complain or refuse to enter to do the job that they like! No excuse…they are professionals..dzeko is understandable more than tevez, but still excusable!
    I saw Mancini interview, I wanted to give him a hug! He looked emotionally drained and fed-up…
    I bet Mario Balotelli! will be looking at this thinking oh wow! I am not that bad after all!..

    • RudPup says:

      How can anyone say he wants to leave for "family reasons"! I get so sick of Tevez and everyone presenting him as this devoted family man, who wants to leave Manchester because he misses his family so much and his wife won't move to Manchester, when every one in Man knows the real reason Vanesa won't move is because he's been shacked up with his teenage pop tart from Buenos A. If he really loved his family so much he ditch the girlfriend, zip up his trousers and attend marriage counselling. This guy makes me sick. Heart bleeds for Mancini, though, who seems a lovely man. Loved the way SuperM hugged and kissed his after scoring last week.

      • mata says:

        And when Tevez's wife was giving birth to their second daughter, and there were complications and the baby was in serious condition, Mancini did not hesitate to give him compassionate leave, despite it leaving the team in a bad way, because let's face it some things are more important than football, and how does Tevez repay him? He spends a nanosecond with the baby and then goes off on holiday with his girlfriend, Spain I think it was. Not my idea of a family man.

  14. Gladys says:

    Apparently right before Tevez's refusal, Edin Dzeko threw a fit for being subbed out. I've never heard of this kind of behavior towards a manager. Maybe they don't love Mancini, but it's really disrespectful. And Tevez…what is up with him? If it weren't for the transfer money (as if Man City needs it), I would just toss him from the team immediately. Sometimes I feel sorry for the guy cause he seems so pathetic lately, then he does this.

    • AC_USA says:

      Dzeko was the best guy on the pitch and taking him off?? I would be pissed too! Not that I am saying what he did was ok, far from it, but I am sure he knows he made a mistake and he will apologize for it. Carlos on the other hand-do us all a favor and leave before you are kicked out. I said this when City refused to let him leave that it was only going to bring problems to the team. Guess who was right? lol

    • Raincitygirl says:

      Yeah, Dzeko threw a fit, but it's not unheard of. Tottenham's Rafael van der Vaart threw fits at Harry Redknapp quite regularly last season when he was subbed off, Tevez has done it to Mancini before as well. And of course back in the 2006 World Cup Wayne Rooney had an epic snit at Sven Goran Eriksen with all the cameras rolling.

      I can cut Edin Dzeko more slack than I can cut Tevez, though. Yes, it's disrespectful, but to my knowledge it's the first time Dzeko has thrown such a fit. If he makes a habit of it the way Tevez has, I'll be very ticked off, but I can more readily forgive a one-time lapse than I can a pattern of behaviour, like with Tevez or van der Vaart.

      As for Tevez, throwing tantrums when he was subbed didn't get him anywhere, so you'd think he would have stopped by now. Instead he's escalated the bad behaviour. I can kinda sorta see going on strike like that if it's a pre-season friendly or something similar that doesn't really matter. To refuse to play when you're in the Champions' League and your club is LOSING is just nuts. It's sad in a way. Tevez was a big part of City getting to the CL in the first place, and now all he'll be remembered for is acting like a toddler at a crucial moment.

      • mata says:

        I agree, Dzeko was working so hard and seemed to really want to make an impact in front of the German fans because he used to play in Germany, and I think this was a one-off because he was so disappointed at being subbed. I'm not excusing his behaviour, but I think he should apologize to his manager and not do it again and let that be the end of it. I think Mancini's reaction to Dzeko was due largely to the context, happening as it did in the midst of his problems with Tevez – poor guy must have felt like it was a mutiny on his bench.

        Tevez, on the other hand, deserves to have his fat, pompous bottom kicked all the way back to Argentina. And if ManC FC sell tickets for the priviledge of getting a boot in, they can recoup their losses on this Ahole!

    • mata says:

      A couple of weeks ago Dzeko gave an interview where he thanked Mancini for standing by him because last year, when everyone was calling Dzeko an expensive flop, Mancini stood by him and told him he believed in him. So I don't think Dzeko dislikes Mancini at all, he just lost it because he is so keen to prove himself. Now he needs to apologize to that manager and repay the faith. I think he will; seems like a nice guy.

  15. Shelley says:

    He must be the most fugly and stupid footballer on the planet! But he's rich, so I am sure that there are some skanks out there who will like him.

    I really hope he leaves English football, the sonner the better. Think Mancini did the right thing speaking out. Hope the owners take Mancini's side and not the players!