February 9th, 2011

Carly Cole: High Street Heroine

Joe Coles wife

As the WAG who single-handedly redefined the sporting genre to be inclusive of her credit card activity, Joey Cole’s wife is also notorious for photobombing her own pap shots with at least one (or more) fashion missteps. Today, though, is one for the record books: Carly got her hair groove back AND wore an outfit that we have no immediate complaints about (with time, though, that could change). Could it all be for the sake of her new High Street TV gig?

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11 Responses to “Carly Cole: High Street Heroine”

  1. Isabella says:

    Normal looking girl for once… and then the hate… oh dear.

  2. Leslie says:

    im not a fan of her style .. i'm sorry but she looks kinda boring ………

  3. GigiSantaCruz says:

    loooooooooooove the boots!!! and the hair, of course!!!

  4. rubyqueen says:

    i was wondering where carly was.??i haven't seen her in ages.!!she's looking gorgeous and the outfit is cute.

  5. Chulo says:

    That outfit…. really? Its kinda horrid but I agree on the hair.

  6. mochara says:

    she's stunning, and I have extreme hair jealosy……..

  7. nandosfreckles says:

    maybe im wrong, but it looks like she's wearing one of those horse riding outfits?

  8. Negra Cabreada says:

    Where is baby Ruby? Wanna see pics of her