July 23rd, 2010

Casual Cool: Thierry Henry & Andrea Rajacic In NY

Thierry Henry and gal Andrea Rajacic arrive for the New York Red Bulls vs Tottenham Hotspur match at Red Bull Arena in NY. His t-shirt is just plain fantastic. Clubber Lang forever, yo!

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54 Responses to “Casual Cool: Thierry Henry & Andrea Rajacic In NY”

  1. SylvieIsStupid says:

    you're an idiot. you need a shrink. you are an absolute, utter, and complete waste of space on this earth.

    now stop terrorizing this poor couple and get a life. and for the record, being beautiful is not the only and most important quality a woman can possess. but since you probably look like a troll, I see why you would seem obsessed with it.

    • HatersWannaHate says:

      LOL seriously sylvie… only someone seriously obsessed can be this upset about some guy they dont even know dating a girl that they dont know. they seem happy together, what is it to you? chill out, you've insulted 3 people youve never met in one post. i think you are the one that needs help. just saying home girl!

    • Madison says:

      Totally agree with you, Sylvie is stupid and a complete idiots.However this website doesn't seem to be a free website to post one thoughts. Just have the feeling that some responses are coming from the interested.To be honest with you fame is virtual and it's someone like Sylvie who make People like them feel special and important.

    • madison says:

      Totally agree with you, however If you take time to answer sylvie maybe you are just as similar. On the other hand some celebrities need some fans to remind them why they are so famous is beause the fans make them feel special but again sylvie you are stupid …

    • Sylvie says:

      @ SylvieIsStupid and @HatersWannaHate
      thanks for your comments, i feel very privileged you took time to answer me.
      I doubt those were insults since any press is good press and i doubt any one of them Thierry Claire nor Andrea read those posts but if you are any one of them i am sorry maybe you shouldnt risk reading those comments.I am sure you/they are very nice people but you sure knew what you /they signed for by puting yourself /themself in the public eye.If you think that about me what do you think about the general press( mostly the british one)..I am for sure an idiot and waste of space and utter , need a shrink but it is people like me ( the fans)who make people like you/them be so famous and in demand..that's true i don't know you/them at all and don't intend to know you/them further …This site is a free one ( i start to doubt that now) and anyone can post what they like. I am surprised that Kickette hasnt deleted my posts yet. But again i take responsibility for being that stupid , utter, obsessed( not so much it is just for fun…), need a shrink, a waste of space.

      • Sylvie says:

        They/you should be happy that people care so much about them/you to write about it( not so much but for fun..), i am tired going to bed now, goodnight you all. My real name is not Sylvie by the way …hey hey , ok going to bed now. Cannot wait to read you answer..

      • Tanya says:

        Something is suspicious, answers to Sylvie's posts are always coming as a couple, wonder if the sisters are answering or the famous couple.

        • leyla says:

          we all know that fame doesn't bring happiness… but some people don't ASK to be followed, photographed, and commented on. so sylvie, no one is saying that you are the devil, but think twice before you say things about people.. because at the end of the day, carrying that much hate isn't healthy, especially for people that don't know you and did nothing to you. tanya, i doubt ANY of the people that are featured on this site read this stuff, however im sure that people that know them have seen these articles at one point or another. the internet world is a small one

  2. Sara says:

    let's be honest here, you DONT know her or her sister. i grew up with them and have known them for id say…. 13 years now…and i dare you to ask anyone else that knows them even a little and they will tell you that you are wrong. on second though, im sure you know OF them…and you are probably bitter, jealous, have been pushed aside, are not happy with your life…because why else and how else would you hate two sisters so much that you'd write all these lies on a site, you sad, pathetic person. they are some of the nicest people i have ever met and i am not even best friends with either. neither of them are fake, they are out there living their lives not caring about what miserable people like you think. and look…you are at home, dying of hatred , and they are out there, living life happily. cheers!

    • madison says:

      Very true, i am not sure though people are dying and stuck at home and hating her etc.., they are just expresiing themselves. After all that's what this site is about. I doubt they read those posts.It is only people like you and i who do.
      She might be very nice and i am sure she is, but she might have also at some point be somebody's fans and wrote about them like we do. Fame doesn't bring happiness, it doesnt mean that she is more happy than anybody else..

  3. T.A says:

    I have to agree with you that just coz someone has grown up around money, doesn't mean they don't want more or better than what they've got. I'd love to know how she met him. She must have friends in the right places to have been in the same circle as Thierry Henry. She sure is lucky that's for sure. The fact that she's rubbing shoulders with the likes of A listers like Eva Longoria etc. means she's done extremely well for herself. I've seen pictures of her as a brunette and she looked much better i think. And the fact that Thierry Henry has been with her for so long now means she must be doing something right =) I have to admit i LOVE her legs.

  4. Giselle says:

    Well i've met her quite a few times in the States and she's quite attractive. She's not stunning but she used to have a really nice body. I think she's lost a lot of weight since being in the limelight with Thierry. She's absolutely skinny now and the blonde hair doesn't do much for her. Before she met him she was a total party animal and was all over the place. And i have to say she was def popular with the boys. But of course being with Thierry Henry now she's in the league that she's always wanted to be in. So good for her ;p

    • anne says:

      i 'knew' her through friends (but we weren't friends) and she is a natural blonde actually. from what i heard/saw when she was living in ny, before she met thierry, she wasnt all over the place in a bad sense… she worked a lot at milk studios and her work threw a lot of events…whenever i saw her she was out with a group of girl friends. personally from what i was told, shes well-traveled, down to earth, intelligent and couldnt care less about what 'league' she was in as she was raised around educated people with a lot of money and her family apparently has money. she was always surrounded by a classy crowd and she herself was always well-mannered so i cant say anything negative!

      • Giselle says:

        It's like a previous comment made by someone, just coz she was "raised" around people with money or her family has money, doesn't mean that where she is now with Thierry Henry was on the same level as the people she grew up with or her own background. Thierry Henry is an internationally well known celebrity. He's worth millions. So even though i get what ur saying, nonetheless she is in a completely different league now.

  5. Anne says:

    Ms. Merry, if you know that much. where they are living? New York or New Jersey? for you info She is just OK, is not a big difference btwn her and his wife. But will see if that love will be forever honey cause NEW YORK is NEW YORK, she better get married ASAP. i hear he is very, very flirt…coquet….

  6. Artemida says:

    from what I read about Andrea – she is 23, not a model, has a degree, her father is a doctor (I think a plastic surgeon)… so she's a well educated and a girl form a decent family, OK so she's not exactly the prettiest one, but none of Henry's girls were actually pretty… just his ex wife, in my opinion. so don't hate the girl and call her a gold digger just because he chose her, and chose to marry her. and I don't understand these comments that he should find a black girl… are you saying that a white woman couldn't love him same as the black one?!

    • smurfette says:

      actually, I do find her good looking.

    • Anonymous says:

      I knew Andrea a while back, and from what I do know she did some modeling in college. She does come from a wealthy family, (dad is a big plastic surgeon) and you can tell, but she doesn't shove it in anyone's face or anything. So there's no way she's gold-digging- she's already got that. I remember that she was always really fun to hang with and has a great sense of humor. I also know that when she's in a relationship, she's totally devoted to that one person, and I'm sure that hasn't changed. She's always been really pretty, she's got that 'foreign' look to her that guys love. It's also in the way she carries herself, too- confidently. And yes, she's always been that skinny. I know he's this big time celebrity and all, but he hit the jackpot with her too.

  7. smurfette says:

    OMG, I love love love him.
    Great start into the new life. Wish him and his girlfriend all the best.
    Have fun watching him in the US. I am so jealous, flying in next year to see him (if he hasn’t returned to Arsenal by then, which woudl be even better).

    I find his girlfriend nice (as far as I can say) and she is really good looking, but except for the body she doesn’t strike me as a model, more like… average? In the best sense of the word.

    And why does he have to be with a black woman just because he’s black too?
    If that’s his taste, fine. Has he ever dated a black girl? I need to do some research on that one… so I am off :-)

  8. FresaV says:

    My husband would love that shirt.. on a side note, those jeans give new meaning to the word "skinny". My thighs would just laugh at me if I tried to wrestle those on.

    • Jamtart Heart says:

      Haha! My thighs would laugh at me, too.

      She's rocking those jeans, and the shoes, too. I've only seen a few pictures of her, but she generally looks like a class act. I think they look great together.

  9. Edward Sasam says:

    Not a bad display from Spurs, who were still resting their 10 World Cup Finals players.

    Especially considering that it’s still pre-season, while New York are well into their stride with half their season played already.

  10. Pam says:

    So I'm guessing she's his domestic partner? Theyre living together, she moved with him to NY? Are they secretly engaged or something?

  11. tammyv says:

    Kickette, why no MLS tag?

  12. Dee says:

    I do like that shirt. I do like the down to earth approach of going to the stadium. I have to give him that.

  13. Janey says:

    I KNOW i will either be flammed or ostracised for this, so forgive me for my non-pc views, but, can he not find a beautiful black girl to get with, there are so many stunning black queens out there…why does he go for the plain janes? when he could get a fine looking felisha?

    *runs and ducks in corner*

    • Piquette says:

      I'm Bosnian like Andrea AND I agree with you. Ugh he should be able to do much better than this sponzorusa.

    • Laurie says:

      I think they don’t have a number 9 yet, so yeah :D
      I don’t care as long as he stays in Premiere League… They don’t show La Liga games in german television…

      • Laurie says:

        ah, forget that. wrong window.:D

        i guess that’s because he lived in europe. in france wealthy footballplayers like him don’t come across black girls that often… same with barcelona… but now he’s living in ny, who knows?

        at least he could find someone more spectacular than her… black or white…

        • Ana;) says:

          To answer Janey yes I agree with Laurie I guess not many black girls hang around in perhaps places where you are more likely to find footballers.

          Glad to see he scored though, and I love that he said he wants to come back to arsenal one day! Yaay Thierry!

      • Sase says:


        I agree with you and to say that there arent many black girls where they play is inaccurate…to me and many others, its the simple truth that they don't want one.

        *ducks the stones being flung my way*

        • Janey says:

          To be honest i really dont think there are a large number of black girls in the places they hang out, not a lot of black girls are in the glamour world- and i know they have a lot of contacts and therefore are surrounded by sports players, but i do agree that they may not want one, i guess a white girl may be a status symbol e.g saying to the white man i got one of yours, since it is a white mans world! its a way of competition,not for all, some do prefer white women, but lets not lie, there are a lot of black girls who i see who would absolutely blow the majority of these ‘wags’ out of the water lookswise. the attitude is a diff matter, but for the black females i know their aim is becoming doctors and lawyers (not the type you see in inner city london dont get me wrong) but all the ones i know, and becoming a wag would not gp down well with the fam

  14. Laurie says:

    He could do so much better……… …

  15. terter says:

    Red Bulls Stadium is actually not in NYC as photo credit suggests. It's in disgusting New Jersey.

  16. LuvinBale says:

    I went to the Tottenham vs RedBull game last night and I have to say- YAWN!!! It was npot as exciting as I thought it would be. Yes Thierry was there and some fans cheered but he got alot of BOOS! Everytime he touched the ball he was booed. As a Spurs fan- I find it funny. BUT- I do hope he brings a much needed breath of fresh air to MLS- we so desperately need it. After the Beckham- Im playing for Galaxy oh-no-wait-a-minute someone better wants me. BYE-EEE!

    Spurs did win last night 2-1!!! My boy Bale scored the winning goal! Love Love Love Love him!!!!

    Bale and Kabou will be doing a store signign in NY today at the Puma store in Brooklyn!

    • Jenna says:

      what!?!?!?!! bale and kaboul did a signing in big BK????? omggggg!!! and i missed it? footballers in brooklyn? that's like my dream come true, aaaaand i missed it. did anyone go? also, titi taking the path train with commoners? awesome!

  17. Mrs Navas says:

    i thought he was with the woman who he cheated on his wife with!?!? now he's with a model. what!!! Titi you doh play.

  18. Dilara says:

    "The big story being that he rode to the stadium on the PATH commuter rail with everyone else, including all the fans… "

    I guess that's why Andrea looks so miserable.

  19. Blair says:

    Does he have his east coast geography mixed up? Rocky is obviously a Philadelphia thing. Oops!

  20. senora ramos says:

    aww! i love you titi!!!! congrats on the goal!!!!

    i feel not enough excitment is made here over this, imo, HUGE INCREDIBLE signing and boost to the league. he is still so amazing! i hope he continues doing well, and there are less completely embarrassing interviews for him like that stupid good morning ny facepalm from the other day.

  21. tammyv says:

    The big story being that he rode to the stadium on the PATH commuter rail with everyone else, including all the fans…

    After watching the spectacle that was the Brand Beckham launch, I respect his approach a lot

    • EternalDreamer says:

      Definitely a departure from the welcoming of newly-minted Hollywood stars, the Beckhams. When you consider that he is making a salary many of his teammates only dream of commanding, he could easily become a polarizing figure. Maybe he realized that and is deciding to take the down-to-earth approach…or maybe that's just his style. Either way, he definitely earns points in my book for taking public transport.

    • MUfcYanksGirl says:

      Did he really ride the PATH? That's hilarious. Can't say I blame him.. the traffic near that stadium is hell on earth.

  22. smurfette says:

    they are engaged? Doesn't he learn? I hope they are not going to marry without a prenuptial agreement. If she takes him to the cleaners as Nicole did that man is going to be poor soon and no more attractive women swarming around him… except for the ones who like him as a person of course, not saying that she doesn't but he should take precautions.

  23. Pam says:

    Merry, from where do you know her from? u from NYC or Spain?

  24. smurfette says:

    I didn't say she was looking for media attention, his ex wife though wasn't exactly poor either and despite being a model wasn't looking for media attention through him either. I'm just saying, he went through it once and I am sure Nicole loved him to pieces too. But once it is over, the money grabbing side often gets a say in the decisions, happens to the best, most in love, kindest of us, too.

  25. Artemida says:

    oh merry… are you Andrea or her sister… you spend an awful lot of time answering to every single post about her?! The fact is… I don't give a damn about this girl, it just bugged me to read all those hating comments when half of these girls would die to be in Andreas place.. so I just said my opinion. Enough from me, peace out!

  26. Pam says:

    I wanted to know, thats why I asked you..but fine, dont say if you dont want to..