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Brisbane Roar: It’s Bubba Time!


Goalscorer Besart Berisha (l), Matthew Smith and his daughter Ava. Unfortunately, Matt kept his clothes on for this shot, but you can appreciate the full majesty here. Image: Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images.

Earlier this month we advised you of a number of reasons (well, one, but it was a really good one) why you should be watching the A-League.

Our quest to entice our Kickette Army into watching soldiers on at warped ovary speed today.


The Midweek Mmm: Erik Paartalu, Brisbane Roar


Right, can anyone remember where we left the Kickette camper van? Images: Matt Roberts/Getty Images, Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images.

When it comes to the Australian A-League, our flighty affections lie squarely in Melbourne, where Harry Kewell and his fam are nearing the end of plying their cuteness.  However, a good old rummage through the dark recesses of the photo agencies this morning has forced us to consider an impromptu trip.

You think Brisbane Roar’s Erik Paartalu would mind awfully if we set up camp on his front lawn? We won’t mention the possibility of midnight sneak attacks on his bedroom if you don’t.

Kitted Out: All Systems Glow For Nike


Images via nikeinc.

We checked our editorial guidelines to see if we were obligated to run this video boasting a naked Neymar a mere two seconds in, and as it turns out, we are.

Being the kind of girls who pollute the environment with our every waking thought, we’re grateful Nike has picked up our slack. The kits they’ve designed for Brazil, France, USA and Australia are almost completely recycled and manufactured from an average of thirteen plastic bottles.

Which explains why none of these ‘ballers are perspiring in their new kits. Sweating like normal people is overrated, you see. Shooting laser beams from your midsection so it glows is not.


The Midweek Mmm: Harry Kewell, Australia NT


Image: Robert Prezioso/Getty Images AsiaPac.

Which is more important? Listening to your coach’s team talk or looking hawt for the ladies?

Harry knows. That’s why we wuv him.

A Kickette Review: On-Pitch Distraction Techniques


Hang on, guys, let’s not get carried away. If taking your shirt off earns a yellow, we can only imagine what kind of punishment an on-pitch Jersey Turnpike would attract. Image: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images.

Referees have a tough time of it these days, what with television replays, shouty captains and we punters all desperate to be the first to tell them how poor their decision making skills are.

The pressure is on to maintain discipline among a bunch of guys whose best interests are served by trying to fool the man in black, and since kicking the hell out of a guy’s shins is not a FIFA-approved method of tacking, players have developed innovative new ways to distract, confound or otherwise nick the ball off their man.

Let’s take a look at some examples.