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Kickette 2009 Readers’ Choice Awards: Footy Fashion


Djibril Cisse

You can’t talk footy fashion without mentioning DJ, hell no you can not.

But where does he feature in our third day of Readers Choice Award categories? If you guessed, “he features in the mocking category”, we suggest you get your coat because you’ve pulled, luv.

Okay, Kickette army, here’s your selections for today. (We wrap up tomorrow!)

- Dapper Dons

- Eye Bleeders and Brain Freezers

- Denim Disasters

- Most Controversial Hair

- Lifetime Achievement Award – Stunted Style-Icon

Kickette 2009 Readers’ Choice Awards: ‘Baller Bodies


Mario G, we love thee

Today we’re asking for your opinions on matters of serious importance in 2009: man flesh.

Treating men like objects is something we work very hard to do here at Kickette, and we are excited to pass on the responsibility to you, dear readers.

Bayern Munich’s Mario Gomez features as one of our nominees today. The first person to cast a vote for him wins any tummy button fluff available.*

- Just Play In The Nude, Already

- Short Tent Supremo

- Best John Terry Bulge

- Mature Man Candy

- Obliques We’d Like 10 Minutes Alone With

Voting will be open on all categories until the 23rd, when we will announce/celebrate the winners.

*No one is winning anything from Mario’s belly-button. Taking part is the winning. We’re all winners here today. Etc.

The Kickette 2009 Readers’ Choice Awards


kickettecomm Updated with nominations included below this time…yes, ’tis Monday indeed.

We love our readers, and let us tell you why:

Quite frankly, the Kickette army of soldier-girls are the best-dressed, cleverest, and cutest experts on football around.

That they can also wield a pair of hair straighteners with the speed and agility of a ninja with nun-chucks whilst simultaneously watching three different games of football (often from three different leagues) is further proof of their ferosh.

With that round of kissy-uppy over, it’s time for our readers to step in the spotlight and make their voices heard with our First Annual Readers’ Choice Awards for 2009.**

We’ve selected the topics (and a few choice comments), but picking the winners is all on you, folks.

Voting starts today (we’re opening with The WAGS) and winners will be announced in a fortnight.

**Yes, these are the same Awards that we tweeted would be happening “next week” about a month ago. Cough. Crickets. Etc.**

Here’s the first round of nominations!


- Most In Need Of A Muzzle

- Biggest Step In The Right Direction

- The Ultimate WAG Wedding

- Biggest Fashion Crime