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Kickette Interview: Hunter Gilstrap Talks Bachelorhood & Base Layers


UPDATE: Our tight knit footy community is 0 for 2 in these awards. But at least they and we tried!

The Cosmopolitan 2011 Bachelor of The Year Awards are after happy hour this evening and unfortunately, we’re sitting this one out. We and our livers feel shameful disgust so please don’t verbally lash out on us.

If you recall, last year D.C. United’s Chris Pontius tried (and failed. Soz Chris) to secure the Cosmo single-and-ready-to-mingle crown, but luckily for the footy community, we all have a universal shot at glory again with this tall glass of United Soccer League (USL) playing water.

Because everyone here is naturally hardwired to seek fame and fortune first and foremost whilst mating, we felt it imperative to speak with Hunter and learn more about his salary career in the USL as well as his dating do’s and do not’s.

Image Credit: Cosmopolitan.com.



Soul Patch Watch: Lucas Neill


Image taken at the Australian Football Awards, 04.10.2011.

It’s very long, Lucas. And looks crooked? Basically, it needs work.

Please see David Villa’s fantastic facial art when you have a moment.

That is all.

Ryan Giggs: Mounted & Ready For Action


It’s like grown-up Subbuteo. For pervy people. Image: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images Europe.

Admittedly there isn’t a great deal of room in our office, but if we ever had a reason to locate and work out how to switch on the vacuum cleaner, this would be it. Our own footballer. In all his glorious be-suited buffness. Willing and able to fulfill our every sordid fantasy.

And concreted to a plinth so he can’t escape if he changes his mind.


Kickette HQ: Perturbed By An Awards Poll


When you consider the amount of hot air, high fashion, alcohol and misbehaviour that generally occurs when awards are dished out, you’d think we’d have a staff member whose only job is to sniff out those nominations.

Well, we don’t.

Generally, if we learn we’ve been nominated it’s too late and even if we win, we’re too disorganised to go to the ceremony.

However, a surefire way to get our attention is to let us know we’ve been nominated and then tell us we’re not winning. And it just so happens that this exact scenario unfolded this weekend. Health and fitness magazine (there’s the irony), Shape, have very kindly placed us in the ‘Best Sports Blog’ category in their Best Blogger Awards. At the time of writing we have 6.99% of the votes.

We expect to see this shoot up as the Kickette Army rouses from slumber and votes for us. Or we’re gonna ban the pretty until further notice.


UPDATE: Apparently prize winners get some sort of web video/viral prize which means if you want confirmation that we’re not 55-year-old men/gnarled hags/aliens from the planet Zarg, you’ll hafta vote for us. Soz.

Good Week/Bad Week: Good Deeds & Grandads


Only one person in this photo has a fully functioning set of knees. Can you guess which one? Image via twitter.

Whether it’s signing petitions in aid of animals or thinking about spending more time with the oldies, this edition of Good Week/Bad Week is packed to the rafters with inspiring ideas.

Even the Carlos Tevez story. Although to be fair, all that saga inspires us to do is stop reading the newspapers.