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Pep Guardiola: Gold Medal Moralist


Pep Guardiola with gold medal
Pep Guardiola was all smiles yesterday as the Catalan Parliament awarded him the Gold Medal, Catalunya’s highest accolade, for being an excellent representative of Catalan values in the sporting world. There were words of praise and admiration, which almost brought Pep to tears at one point. Since he was accompanied by those closest to him, we got a (rare) good look at his wife & kids. Loving the side-eye action from adorable, 3 year old Valentina. Image via AP Photo/Manu Fernandez.

David Villa: Soul Patch Of Love


David Villa and Quini share a moment as Villa collects his fourth 'Quini' award

On behalf of kickettes everywhere, Enrique ‘Quini’ Castro showed some gentle strokes of adoration for Daveed Villa and his soul patch in Asturias last Friday. Villa collected his fourth ‘Quini’ award, which is given to the region’s highest scoring La Liga player each year. Image source: MundoDeportivo.com.

Louise Redknapp: Simple Black, Slicked Back At The Glamour Awards


Mrs Jamie Redknapp. As every press opp’s best friend, we should’ve never doubted you. But we did, because you wore this, this and THAT recently.

By now, you’ve collected enough paychecks to know how to work a camera lens, we realise. Throughout your style trials and tribulations, however, we’ve fostered a weird (we) love (you)/(we) hate (your outfit) relationship with your red carpet looks. Some are winners, most have been suckers.

This time it’s different, though. This time, we’re turning over a new leaf with you and agree on your K.I.S.S.* approach to dressing. We also approve of your brunette ‘do and wish to handsomely reward whoever cooked that idea up with a round of silent golf claps. Soz, it’s all we can afford right now.

Overall, we love the head-to-toe ensemble you wore to last night’s Glamour Awards. Don’t get too excited, hon, because we’re only a team a six and most pay no mind to our musings. In order for your victory lap to commence, you’ll have to wait on our readers’ sometimes ruthless verdicts. (Here’s a tip: try spreading the hot husband wealth and you may be able to encourage them to have a fashionable change of heart as well.)

*Keep it simple sister.

Ashley Cole: Players’ Playa


Don’t panic, people. It’s just an ‘air-trophy‘. He can’t hurt anyone with it. Oh, alright. Ashley won the ‘Player’s Player of the Year’ Award at the Chelsea club dinner last night. We cannot confirm whether interns had a vote, but hazard a guess not. Congrats anyway, Ash! Image via chelseafc.com

Bumping Along: Yvonne O’Shea


Manchester United footballers and WAGS at the Manchester United Player of the Year awards at Old Trafford

Mrs John O’Shea seems about 7 months along, no? Any Manchester United Kickettes care to place a wager on the sex of this couple’s first born?