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Well Suited: Samuel Eto’o & Filippo Inzaghi At The Gran Prix Della Pubblicita


Observations from last night’s Italian advertising awards ceremony: way to work the grey, Mr. Eto’o! And isn’t award winner Filippo looking a little rough around the facial fold edges these days? Image Credit: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images Europe.

Clarence Seedorf: Dubbed A Dutch Knight


AC Milan’s Clarence Seedorf gave the biggest grin without gums after being appointed Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau by the Netherlands ambassador to Italy in Rome, 28th April 2011. He’s got every right to be giddy, now that he’s in good, chivalrous company with Edwin Van Der Sar and Giovanni van Bronckhorst (the only other Dutch footballers to have received the honour). Image Credit: Reuters/Stringer.

Marco Di Vaio: Tiny Trophy Winner


captain of Bologna Serie A

Image Credit: Getty Images.

Bologna FC captain, Marco Di Vaio, was honoured at the Nettuno d’Oro award ceremony this past Monday with a piece of hardware fit for someone who doesn’t meet theme parks’ roller coaster height requirements.

While we have not one clue as to what that diminutive statue signifies (nor do we have one ounce of desire to find out), we want to congratulate the pretty Serie A player for deciding what to wear. That suit makes us wish we could’ve dropped something in his celebratory drink and taken advantage of him with – or without – his consent.

We really need to sort out that pesky Royal Mail delivery discrepancy so we don’t continue to miss out on prime stalking opportunities like this. Dammit.

A Night Out At The Oscar Del Calcio AIC 2010: The Good, The Bad & The Shiny


We know. Javier’s hair. We’ll discuss in a minute. Images: Zimbio.com.

Italian footballers! Oh, how we love to love. And yet? Much like the rude arse Yetis placed outside our favourite nightclubs whose sole purpose in life is to push us away from guest list queue towards the one full of peasants, footballers’ fashion choices often act in a similar, aggressive shoving manner to our senses.

Wow, that was one random nonsensical comparative statement but never mind.  Let’s take a look at what went down at the The Oscar Del Calcio AIC 2010, shall we? READ MORE

Sporty Personalities: Beckham, Fabregas & Walcott


Look how they’re all studiously avoiding a glimpse of his hair! It’s not just us, y’know…

Outside of the UK, it’s a little known fact that British people are prohibited from commencing their celebration of the festive period until the winner of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year has been announced.

Fortunately, the awards ceremony (featuring the cream of the country’s sporting talent) took place on Sunday evening, and the nation can breathe a sigh of relief . It’s time to indulge in any faintly amusing habits of wrestling over last minute gift ideas in Poundland and/or crashing into each others ill-equipped vehicles in two inches of snow.