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A Stiletto Too Far: The Kickette Army WAG Rankings


Alex Gerrard, Noemie Lenoir and Victoria Beckham line up for your votes. This is your chance, Kickettes! (Getty Images/Daylife)

How does a site like Kickette cover the recently released shortlist of players nominated for the FIFPro World XI?

Well, we compile a list of the eleven hottest players from that list, ask our beloved readers to critique/slam/dribble on that list, and give our comments moderator a nervous breakdown into the bargain.

But wait.


Red Carpet Review: United For Unicef


Last night, Manchester United held their annual United For Unicef charity dinner at Old Trafford with a bevvy of sport and soap stars in attendance.

A request? Please take a moment to check in with the macho-man-of-the-moment pictured above, the darling Mr. Dimitar Berbatov. Then respond:

Which of the following three scenarios is most likely to have occurred prior to Berba’s arrival on the red carpet:

1. After scoring an insane five goals against Rovers on Saturday, Dimitar went on a 24 hour bender which involved consuming the amount of whiskey equal to the gross domestic product of a developing nation, waking up in a dumpster behind a Gap seconds/sample shop and quickly compiling a “formal” ensemble that would double up for his speaking engagement at the Tall People Can Wear Soft Stuff & Still Feel Be Manly event later;

2. Drank the blood of ten virgins, had a ceremony for his formidable widows peak and emerged from his Batcave ready to par-tay;

3. Please. This is The Continental. He will wear corduroy trousers and trainers to a black tie event if he pleases. That’s how he rolls, seen?

FYI: There are no wrong answers. There were, however, several well-dressed people there. Click through to see our top three couples. READ MORE

Helena Seger: Cover Girl


Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s other half graces the cover of the December issue of Swedish Elle. Inside the glossy pages, Helena waxes poetic on her relationship with Zlatan as well as her independence. Employing the age-old “I’m not a WAG” argument, she makes it clear that she was successful in the realty business well before she met the man with the golden thighs. She also tells us that she loves being a mother, but has no desire to get married so as not to lose her independence.

Bonus: this is how she and Zlatan met: he double-parked his Ferrari to her Mercedes convertible. Obviously.

Helena accompanied her man to the Swedish Football Awards this week, where he picked up his fifth Swedish player of the year award in six years. Congrats, Zlats! Helena wore a stunning Dolce & Gabbana dress to the awards. We like. You like?

Tell us this: How many of you will be double-parking next to any automobile that even remotely looks like it could belong to a ‘baller now? Show of hands.

Images via starlounge.com

Well Suited: USMNT At The ESPY Awards


Image via Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America

When we first heard about the ESPY Awards, we lost hours of our lives thinking about how we could blag our way in and receive thousands of award-winning spa treatments. Then, (once sober), we realised we were confusing the American sports awards put on by ESPN with ESPA the beauty brand we want to marry. We know the difference now, and can say with authority that these two things are both fabulous, but completely unrelated.

Now on with the story. The ESPY Awards descended on Los Angeles last night and the USMNT was quite well-represented.

Landon Donovan was the winner of three ESPY awards: Best MLS Player, Best Performance Under Pressure, and Best Moment for his stoppage time goal against Algeria during the World Cup. In true team spirit fashion, all of the USMNT members in attendance took to the stage to accept the award for Best Moment. Here’s our top three observations from the show:


World Cup Awards: A Tournament In Review


Diego Perez, Uruguay

Alas, the 2010 edition of the World Cup (or, as we like to call it, “The Marriage of Much Man/Flesh in Motion”) is now securely fastened under our Hermes belts. The time has come to bid our final adieu with a few medals of our own.

Hottest Newcomer

Of all the World Cup Hottie Hunting posts we agonised over, Uruguay’s Diego Perez was the cream of the be-on-the-lookout-for crop. His rough and tumble look is this season’s new black – even when found in costume.