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Pitter Patter: The Clichys, Mario Balotelli & Raffaella Fico


As Gaël Clichy’s wife Charlene Curic demonstrates, at this stage of one’s pregnancy (i.e., more than 1 hour) shopping is the only acceptable line of work. Seen nonchalantly strolling the streets of St Tropez over the weekend, we give this pair of parents-to-be another 4 months until they’re fiscally responsible for stocking another being’s walk in closet. Other stork delivery bets from our peanut gallery?

In other Man City ‘baller baby making news, Raffaella Fico confirmed that she and Mario Balotelli are expecting a child together (the first for each). In an interview with Chi magazine, the 24-year-old says she called Balotelli the day before Italy beat Germany to tell him and “first he was silent. Then he said `you have given me the best news in the world.”’ Although she broke things off with Super Mario in April due to his lack of monogamy, Fico also predicted that he’ll be “a great father…and life partner.”

Enjoy/swoon/appreciate the baby bumps, Kickettes. And certainly don’t forget to congratulate both couples on their happy news!

Dating: Thomas Vermaelen & Polly Parsons


english premier league wag welcome the club

Images: Getty; Google.

We’re really not happy to say this on today of all days, but according to Peter Andre, Arsenal’s Thomas Vermaelen is dating his mate, the Real Hustle presenter Polly Parsons.

Psquared – who was previously engaged to Sid Owen of EastEnders - first met the 26-year-old Belgian defender at a surprise party for his team-mate, Robin van Persie. By mid month last month rumours swirled about the pair steadily seeing one another, but alas, we can now confirm Peter and Polly are as desperate for publicity as Kerry Katona and David Gest.


Rafael & Sylvie van der Vaart: Tender & Toned In Saint-Tropez


Image: PacificCoastNews.com.

Awww, what a tender moment between Mr & Mrs van der Vaart on holiday that the paps have graciously eavesdropped on for our benefit.

Sylvie’s body? Yowser, that’s a diet plan we can support and a personal trainer(?) we want to marry.

Hook Ups: Yoann Gourcuff & Karine Ferri


From this week’s issue of Closer magazine: Lashes has a new steady named Karine Ferri. The mag’s got exclusive pics of the pair on holiday in Mandelieu along with sources saying neither left the other’s side for three days straight.

ligue 1 WAG lashes gourcuffThat last part we find hard to believe. Mainly because…well, what about loo breaks?

Anywho, Karine seems to be well known in France as the former partner of the winner of “Star Academy” 4, Gregory Lemarchal. And while we love us some YoGo just as much as the next Kickette soldier girl or boy, our interest in researching his latest hook up stopped there (although one of our readers has shared additional KF deets here).

We are, however, always very interested in looking at his hot bod-ay, so let’s be thankful for small mercies.

Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


We prefer to ease into Monday mornings cautiously, utilising espresso, muffins and photos of Raffaella Fico’s mysteriously bloated belly Marco Borriello naked to ease into things.

How ’bout you, Kickettes? Does your morning routine deviate from ours at all while you try to get into the swing of things?