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Vegas Vacay: Wayne, Coleen & Kai Rooney


It’s day two of the Rooney family’s Sin City hols at the Wynn Hotel, and they’re engrossed in all the activities one would expect to see from rich people on vacay:

Coleen – lazily lounging in the sun, putting that taxing schedule of hers on hold for another day. We’ve all been there chica.

Kai – in the shade being tired, crabby and crabby about being tired. Always a cutie no matter the scenario.

Wayne – lying back and thinking about scoring at the craps table.

Yup, that pretty much covers it.

Michael Owen: So Long, But Maybe Not For Long?

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Michael Owen is leaving Manchester United. Not offered a new contract. Going to take a short holiday then decide what to do next. Him, not us.

Making Sure Cosmetics Are Used Safely: An Open Letter To Lara Alvarez


A bunch of RM hotties took their ladies to the annual spot-the-baller-in-the-stands tennis tourney this weekend. Image: Reuters.

Dear Lara “Miss Overkill On The Makeup” Alvarez,

You’re taking the Donna Karan Spring 2012 lipstick inspiration to a whole new (terrible) level. Please seek some application advice from Irina Shayk at your earliest convenience.

We know. We can’t believe we said that either. But it’s true.

xo Kickette

Rainy Day At The Races: Darren Fletcher, Wayne Rooney & Wes Brown


What would a day at the races be without a few (former and current) Manchester United players?

Probably a less profitable one, as lordy these lads like to gamble.

Only three ‘ballers braved yesterday’s rain in their Chester Races suited finery: Darren Fletcher (with wife, Hayley Grice), Wayne Rooney (also joined by his wife, Coleen) and ex-United teammate/current Sunderland player Wes Brown (who went without Leanne Wassell).

Despite Wayne having the hook-me-up-bookie glint in his eye, he and Col’s horse Pippy came in dead last. Presumably they then retreated home to read “Chicken Soup for the Lighter Pockets’ Souls” in each of their His & Hers walk-in shoe closets.

FA Cup 2012: The Afters


Chelsea won the FA Cup final 2 -1 over Liverpool on Saturday. Well done lads.

Now let’s get to what we do have the authority to speak on: footballers’ party habits.