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Christian Vieri: Showing Sweaty Signs Of Improvement

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Former Italian footballer Christian Vieri went for a run walk on the beach in Miami with his fellow bachelor, Davide Bombardini, earlier today. Vieri has been single and working on shifting the pounds ever since his longterm on/off love, Melissa Satta, moved onto (and on top of) Kevin-Prince Boateng. Bobo appears to be on the fast track to bouncing back, agreed?

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Out & About In Miami: Georgette Eto’o & Kids


Sammy Russia footballer Africa Cup of Nations

Georgette Eto’o, wife of footballer Samuel Eto’o, took her kids and their nannies shopping on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, Florida just before the weekend. Sadly, they left four stores empty-handed before retreating back to their hotel.

Since we last checked up on Mrs E, she’s gone shorter on top, which was a bold hair move that appears to be paying off quite nicely for her. She’s also taken the liberty to securely fastened all her garments, which we and our mobile devices greatly appreciate.

Weight Watchers: Original Ronaldo


Note to selves: avoid the Rose nightclub in Marylebone at all costs.

When we said we’d stick with the crème de la crème of football through thick and thin, we didn’t mean this thick.

Those poor buttons will never be the same again.

Sergio Ramos: Out For A Spot Of Tuxedo Shopping


Madrid’s tuxedo boutiques are having the best day ever. Images: Divinity.es.

Sergio let his hair down in Madrid earlier today whilst shopping with his brother Rene and girlfriend Lara Alvarez. He wore a fantastic ensemble from the well-known design house, We Actually Don’t Hate What You’re Wearing, and was apparently on the hunt for a tuxedo.

To wear to Iker and Sara’s upcoming nuptials, so the Spanish media speculates.

Since we know you all don’t care to hear any more of this story’s “facts”, speed click on over to Divinity’s site for more pics. It would not be unwise to bring a drool rag with you.

Flashing Footballers: Whose Chiseled Cheeks Are These?


Check out the hammie striations as well as the suction cup swim trunks before seeing the answer after the jump.

Don’t worry. We’ll wait.