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Peter Crouch: On Par For The Course?


Don’t most golf courses have a thing against players wearing jeans? Especially faded grey, slightly acid washed ones? Image: Clint Hughes/Getty Images Europe.

Room For Improvement: Man City At The Drake Concert


Images: Flynetpictures.

Canadian hip hop superstar, Drake, made a MEN Arena concert tour stop up north on Saturday night. Stacks of local ‘ballers, WAGs and wannabes flocked.

With an entire of catalogue of hit songs from Drake (real name Aubrey Graham) to choose from – and not nearly enough snark from us to spit – we’ve remixed Drake’s mottos in true Kickette fashion to give you a rundown of who showed and who didn’t.

Who Showed (lead photo): Man City’s Micah Richards and Nigel De Jong arrived together, followed closely behind by a solo Joe Hart.

Who Didn’t: Winona de Jong, Kimberley Crew

Drake’s Motto – Kickette Remix: Yeah, I’m 23 with a money tree – and it’s got a few ugly branches that my clothes hit on the way down.


Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Image: REUTERS/Benoit Tessier.

The animal kingdom had a good weekend, y’all.

Summer John kids of chelsea captain bubbas and ballersFirst, Chelsea’s John Terry, took his wife and kids to meet characters from the movie “Madagascar” at Chessington World Of Adventures in Surrey. Then, Zinedine Zidane graced France’s Disneyland Resort with his presence to launch the new Disney Dreams show as part of the theme park’s 20th anniversary celebrations.

We had an equally eventful time off starting with multiple broken mobile devices on Friday night and ending with the cancellation of several misplaced credit cards on Sunday morning.

How did the rest of the Kickette Army fare?


Lothar Matthäus & Joanna Tuczynska: Reality Bites


Retired German footballer, Lothar Matthäus, did his best to act natural whilst filming scenes for his upcoming reality show early yesterday morning.

If you’ve been blissfully unaware of what’s been happening in Lothar’s life, consider yourself lucky.

The backstory is: because Lothar’s repeated misfortunes both on and off the field have been closely monitored by the German media, the 50-year-old’s post-pitch notoriety largely stems from him being the butt of the their jokes.

So from the four time divorcee’s perspective – along with his Polish girlfriend, an underwear model 23 years his junior – a multipart docu-soap gives him the best shot at repairing his tarnished public image.

Can anyone say “midlife crisis?” How ’bout in German?

Weight Watchers: Gabby Agbonlahor & Eric Cantona


Weight can be a taboo and touchy subject for we females to talk about, so out of respect for our secret stashes of junk food stuffed in our desk drawers, we won’t be going there today.

We do hope the same can’t be said for the following footballers, though, because we are taking them and their waistlines there today.