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David Beckham: This Is Not Okay


Image: Rcf/Bauer Griffin.

Footy stars buying their own produce? It’s normally a ‘do’, dear readers. You know, Celebs! They’re just like us! and all that good stuff.

But David Beckham and other footy stars of his calibre buying their own produce whilst wearing socks with sandals?

It’s a definite do-not-pass-go-and-give-us-the-100-quid-you’ve-wrongly-collected ‘don’t’.

Our new GoldenBalls Rule: DBecks is allowed to wear tight whiteness in public only if the article of clothing in question bears either his initials or Armani’s. Please and thank you.

Michael Lahoud Can Serenade Us Anytime He’d Like


Video courtesy of Mr Lahoud himself. Give him a follow on Twitter and on Facebook, Kickettes.

Not only do his dimples go on for days, but turns out the Philadelphia Union player has some serious musical talent off the field as well.

Last week, midfielder (and the Original Chivas Spice) Michael Lahoud took the stage for open mic night at the Queen in Wilmington, Delaware, singing a couple of original tunes. Joining him on stage was the Union’s backup keeper, Chris Konopa, helping Mike out on the harmonica.

We have a new appreciation for the harmonica.

Three Fun Facts About Teddy Sheringham And His 26-Year-Old Fiancée


The happy fam appeared at the recent Marie Keating Golf Classic Club in Kildare, Ireland.

Here’s Teddy Sheringham – the man who started Danielle Lloyd off on her serial baller roller coaster of skankocity – and his 26-year-old fiancée Kristina Andrioti with their 8-month-old, George.

FF #1: Teddy, (who used to play for the England National Team back in the 1700s), is 46.
FF #2: Kristina is 2 years older than Teddy’s other son, Charlie.
FF #3: She’s a twin and she works in PR.

Kudos to Kristina for being employed and locking this down so far. Teddy, as we all know, never was the settling down type.

So here’s what we want to know: Creepy? Or: whatever, Teddy’s the man!

The Friday Fit: Reader’s Choice


Yep, summer’s pretty much over. Bring on the cashmere scarves and thermostat-controlled snow boots.


Which ‘baller on vacay are you gonna miss the most?

Well Suited: Edin Dzeko


Image: Tumblr.

Wait – don’t panic. Edin Dzeko did not get married without telling any of us first. His sister Merima did, though, recently tying the knot with her Bosnian singer-boyfriend, Mirza Soljanin.

About Mr Dzeko’s appearance in this wonderfully candid wedding day pic, we are filled with a deep sense of dislike for his sideburns (if we can even call them that?), but we love, love, love the black and white leisure look that fits him like a very expensive dream.