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Poolside: John Terry and Frank Lampard



imageThis right here?

It’s how it’s meant to be, Kickettes.

John and Frank. Frank and John. In the pool, slightly sloshed after a drink or two, soaking up all the afternoon UV rays in full, skin-scorching effect, bonding over the sweet intoxicating aroma of chlorine. Life is good.

After that scary Manchester City talk, we’re glad to see it’s come to nought. John has agreed in principle to stay at Chelsea; he’ll talk through the details of a spiffy new deal with management on his return from the States.

Oh, and this is insane.

Chelsea spent yesterday relaxing in Pasadena, California before making their way to Baltimore, Maryland where they’ll face AC Milan on Friday in another pre-season friendly.

Monday Mocking: Chelsea Have a Laugh



Nothing like starting the week off with a site virus that chews through our precious man candy photos in the middle of the night.

Never mind, it could have been worse. We’ve fixed the problem and are mentally and emotionally recovered.

Not so for this dude who has to deal with three Chelsea boys chortling away at his man boobs and tricep tonage (or lack thereof). Such is life.

Chels gals: can you ID? Trainer? NFL player? Ice-cream vendor?

Update: Interesting. Said tricep man is actually NFLer Matt Hasselbeck. Interesting. Perhaps the lads were simply laughing at a joke someone had told earlier. 

Beach Break: Aitor Ocio in Cadiz


imageWe wish there was enough news coming down the wire to have a weekly Aitor Ocio update, don’t you?

The Atletico Bilbao defender is our latest obsession, and he was spotted on vacation in Cadiz, Spain recently with his ex, Laura Sanchez and their daughter, Naia. 

Don’t panic.

Sources close to the couple say that the trip together is not a reconciliation and that there is “no chance” they will get back together. Aitor and Laura arrived separately to the family outing and it appears they are just making good on their word to maintain a good relationship for the sake of 2-year-old Naia. The couple split up about 4 months ago.

Vacay: Where are the Barca Boys?



imageCan’t move forward with your life until you know what some of the Barcelona FC boys have been up to this summer? Let us help.

We know Gerard Pique got his Vegas on at the Palms;  Samuel Eto’o has been in Miami, Florida with his wife/children; and baby Bojan has been bike riding in Linyola, Spain.

We hope this can bring you some closure.

Sergio Ramos: Located, Tanning



Images via Sergio-Ramos.com

Just 24 hours after our concern for the well being of everyone’s favourite fashion plate, we have located Sergio Ramos.

He is tanning. He is topless. He is with a random blonde. All is right with the world.

Apparently, Sergio has been laying low because he feels his “glamorous” life has done damage to his image. He is now seeking to return to his roots and become the man he always wanted to be – a role model and guide for children on and off the pitch. He is heading to Mali with Unicef to visit children suffering from Malaria.

Sounds like the Ramos wants to “wipe the slate clean” and win his fans back after a less than stellar year on the pitch.

To that we say: if the man bags disappear, life isn’t going to be worth living. And also: you can be a role model when wearing pink polo shirts and Gucci belts. Stay true, SR!

Sergio did stop off to bid farewell to his Real Madrid mates before they left for Ireland – he gets an extended break due to his participation in the Confederations Cup.