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Vacay: The Maldinis in Miami



The Maldini family – ex-AC Milan legend Paolo, wife Adriana and sons Cristian and Daniel – are doing their best to make everyone else on the beach in Miami look extremely unattractive.

Obviously, they are succeeding.

Paolo is also succeeding at convincing us of the importance of using sunscreen in preventing premature aging/leathering of the skin, but let’s not take away from this moment by pointing that out.

We will, however, point out the intriguing situation occurring the water and wet swim trunk combination on Paolo. Ahem.


Vacay: Rio Ferdinand in Israel



Usually we find Rio Ferdinand’s sense of dress to be high on style and approval points.

Today, we are hoping to receive information that he was asked to wear this cut-off multi-fruit-flavoured vest whilst on holiday in Israel because he lost a very serious bet. Or, perhaps he has contracted some sort of heat virus that has already affected his decsion-making ability. Please. Someone, send us such information so we can move on with our day.

Last year Rio also spent some vacation time in Tel Aviv - looks like this is one of his favourite spots to chill out.

Update: Oh. It’s gotten worse. Much, much worse. Hee!

Vacay: Tom Huddlestone and Aaron Lennon in Miami



imageSome of the Tottenham FC crew have headed to Miami beach for their holidays.

We give you: Tom “pinky” Huddlestone and Aaron “see my drawers” Lennon, who have been seen relaxing by the pool and taking in some sun in Florida.

Miami is definitely one of the hot spots for footballer vacations this year – and we are still waiting for our beach-based Kickettes to email us with their stalker-cam evidence of shenanigans and bad behaviour. Or at least a short tent or two. We don’t ask for much.

Vacay: Djibril Cissé and Samir Nasri in Miami



imaget’s Friday, and although we always start (and finish) the day with an alcoholic beverage and/or chocolate infused with alcohol, we’re quite certain we’re sober enough to I.D. Arsenal’s Samir Nasri on holiday with Sunderland/Marseille striker Djibril Cissé.

Their partners, tennis player Tatiana Golovin and Jude Cissé, were also in attendance and have been taking shoulder taxis throughout Miami beach.

This is not a friendship we knew anything about, and we’re freaked out right now.

Our only explanation is that they bonded over hair bleach.

On the Way to Vacay: Ashley and Cheryl Cole



Chelsea star Ashley Cole and his wife Cheryl head for a break from Heathrow Airport, June 11, 2009