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Poolside: Kaka and Caroline in Sardinia



images via Splash News/KEYSTONE Press


Nemanja Vidic in Montenegro



photos copyright Hello! Serbia

Nemanja-loving Kickettes, we have a treat for you on this rather non-descript Tuesday.  Here’s your boy kicking back at the Masa restaurant in Budva last month. 

Doesn’t he look like a man who would rather be on the pitch than posing for photos? 

Still, we have a few things we can appreciate from this photo shoot. We like his orange shorts, for a start. 

Also, doesn’t he have some of the nicest hands you’ve ever seen on a baller?  Who knew?  Perhaps he moonlights as a hand model in the off season.  Wonder if he has a tube of moisturizing hand cream in his shorts. 

Goodness, that last sentence sounded wonderfully dirty. 

Many thanks to Hello! Magazine for the exclusive use of the photos.


photos copyright Hello! Serbia

Bzzz: Fabio Cannavaro



image via xposurephotos.com

Not quite sure how we missed this pic from earlier in the summer.

Also not sure: why exactly Fabio Cannavaro is giving assistance with the shaving-of-the-chest ritual so common amongst footballers. 

Well, at least he’s being helpful and not bogarting the razor all to himself. That’s something to cling to.


The Cesc in the Hat



Cesc Fabregas, you truly are the most adorable geek in footie.

photo via SdF

UPDATE: For those emailing us, we’re not sure about what levels of photoshop trickery may have been used, if any, in the above pic. If you’ve got the original, send it over. But know that regardless, Cesc is still an adorable geek.  And we nub him.

Cristiano Ronaldo: The UVA Saga Continues



images courtesy of Splash News/KEYSTONE Press

It’s a vitamin D deficiency. That’s the only reason we can come up with for the amount of time Cristiano Ronaldo is spending in the sun.

You’ll be glad to know, he did take a moment out of the Los Angeles tanning/ nightclubbing/ fending off females in short skirts schedule to stop off at Ed Hardy to do a bit of shopping.  Then it was straight back to the pool with the latest gal-of-the-moment.  Does this look like Letizia to you, Kickettes?

Nereida, meanwhile is still working on her happy dance in the land of denial, though the routine is starting to get a tad stale. Here’s her latest take on their “relationship”:

She reportedly told a pal, “I’ve believed my man when he said he was being faithful – but these pictures look like he is a rat. He has some explaining to do.“  A source close to the model told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper, “If she texts him to ask what is going on, he texts back saying not to worry. “But when she tries to call him he doesn’t pick up the phone. She knows he’s ignoring it – it just makes her more furious.“

Nereida, dear?  It’s time to put the mobile phone down and start scanning the employment ads in the local paper.  Unless you were clever enough to make a sex tape, it’s back to the unfortunate world of working for a living.  And by working, we mean skeezing.