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Harper Beckham: Cries Like A Cat


We hear Victoria and Harper did some credit card damage during a shopping trip to the Marc Jacobs and Isabel Marant stores in SoHo, New York, 15.09.2011.

Another New York Fashion Week has come and gone for Victoria Beckham and her impressive range of clothing collections, which means the time is now safe for us to share a little story with our fellow Kickette Army soldier boys and girls.

You needn’t bother to get up for a afternoon martini refill as this will be a quickie.


Victoria Beckham: She’s Come A Long Way, Baby


All images via Getty/Daylife and Style.com

Victoria Beckham is a fashion designer.

Just a few years ago, that statement was met with a heck of a lot of skepticism. From ‘does she actually design the clothes?’ to ‘surely she can’t draw‘, Mrs Beckham’s foray into fashion was met with mixed reaction.

Funny how things change.

Yesterday morning, Victoria Beckham presented her Spring 2012 collection at the New York Public Library – a distinct switcheroo from her previously preferred venues. We’re happy to say that she’s moved up to the Premier League of fashion shows and staged a full runway show complete with music, a front row and people fighting over seats (we’re just guessing on that last one).

After the jump there are baseball caps, sporty jackets, and flat shoes. You did not just hallucinate; it really is a new dawn, a new day and a new VB, y’all.


Breaking News: David, Victoria & Harper Go Public


While you all pause to witness history in the making, we’ve taken the liberty of scrapping together the odd observation or two about the Beckhams out at Maxfield earlier today just so you don’t have to. See, we’re real people with real drinks to get back to, too!

And so we say: David, still hot. Poss even hotter cradling his 8-week-old daughter. Victoria, appropriately outfitted as she should be. All is right with the universe.

Our advice to the ladies who have missed out on hooking a ‘baller for themselves – go get yourself knocked up. And fast. Then enroll the new sprog at Curtis private school in California and dress him in his Sunday best. Consider it a healthy course of action for your retirement should your son (if all goes to plan) and Harper hit it off.

Cruz Beckham: Sad About Surfing


David & Victoria’s third was the poster child for distress during a surfing session with Gordon Ramsey’s family and kids, 22.08.2011. We just want to shower him with hugs and warm blankies, poor tot!

MLS Observations: The Newbies Steal The Spotlight


Had enough of ‘keepers trying to distract penalty takers? Caleb Folan has, and he’s taking measures. Image:¬†Ezra Shaw/Getty Images/Daylife.

We never complain about supplying a necessary ego stroke once in a blue moon around Kickette HQ – but today its your turn, passionate-MLS-readers-who-send-e-mails-daily-lobbying-for-the-American-soccer-league-to-get-some-regular-play-around-here!

So…yeah, we’ve devised this feature for today, which is always the first step in getting us commitment-phobes to accept some sense of accountability for our actions. For now, we pinky-promise to think about preparing this kind of coverage every Saturday, and we’ll even use our Statue of Liberty Lady-shaped champagne flutes at breakfast to remind us about keeping our word.

Until then,¬†comments/criticisms and any other type of acceptable feedback should be submitted for us to mull over a bar of Green & Black’s dark chocolate.