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Good Week/Bad Week: Bewilderment & Back Pain


Inter players are overwhelmed with emotion as they collect their latest piece of silverware. Ahem. Image: Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images Europe/Zimbio.

We’re pretty sure we are the only website currently offering cup winners, English language lessons, transfer news and hair advice in the same post. There’s probably a reason for this, but the difference between us and other sites is that we don’t give a crap.

Have a good weekend, Kickettes!


David Beckham: What’s The Something You’d Do To Him?


DBecks was spotted on VH1′s DoSomething.org red carpet over the weekend. Image Credit: Getty Images.

Asking us to ‘do something’ to David Beckham feels like a trick question.

Probably because it is, but play along as you wish, people.


David Beckham: Bootylicious Bodywork


Dear Kickette Army Loyalists,

Enclosed please find two pieces of photographic evidence for your review: David Beckham working out his bubble bum from this past weekend; the father of four’s post-match scowl + latest ink work (which is his cuddly newborn daughter’s name scrawled across his clavicle).

At your earliest convenience, we kindly request the results of your Hit-Piece Quotient reports.


Kickette HQ

Midweek Results: Promising Pre-Seasons


Presumably not the only trophy Vidic hopes to be holding in his mitts at the end of the season. Image: Getty Images/Daylife.

Well, we’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that our results posts are a year-round feature. We can only assume that this is because our coverage is so utterly fabulous that even the footballing authorities daren’t miss a week and so cobble together random competitions to keep ‘em coming.

Today, we’re mostly exuding relentless optimism. Mainly because the caffeine isn’t working.


David Beckham: Get In His Pants


David Beckham: Purveyor of affordable pants for the masses. Images via Getty

The Beckhams and luxury go together like vodka and ice cubes so you can imagine our delighted surprise at the announcement that David Beckham’s new range of bodywear will be sold exclusively at H&M. Yes, the same H&M that you pop into on a Friday night because you need a dress for your night out that doesn’t cost as much as a mortgage payment and that you can spill all manner of substances on and really not give a toss.

David becomes the first non-designer celebrity that H&M has partnered with and also the first to a sign a “long-term” deal.  Around 1800 H&M stores will carry the range and they will become available just before Valentine’s Day next year.

So fellas, prepare yourselves for your V-day sexy times to include a bit of Beckham. We’re going to consider it reverse lingerie. The Beckham physique is, of course, not included. But we’re sure your ladies like you just the way you are.