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Victoria Beckham: Straight Loungin’


Image Source: David Beckham’s Facebook page.

David Beckham & Zara Phillips: Magic, Though Mute


David Beckham & Zara Phillips’ campaign to bring the magic of the World Cup to London’s 2012 Olympics was the target of a protest yesterday, when a gang of tinnitus deranged football fans drove over the honorary golden vuvuzela. Seems they made the best of it though, no? Image: Getty Images/Zimbio

Romeo Beckham: Crazy For Cotton Candy


Does RB’s side-eye¬†sneakery indicate a hope we won’t notice that the need for cotton candy surpassed any requirement for putting one’s clothing on correctly or combing one’s hair this morning?¬†He needn’t have worried. His parentage and usually spot-on fash nous means he earns a bye into the next round. Well, that and the fact that we struggle to dress ourselves in the face of sweetie treats too. Num!

Good Week/Bad Week: Guitars & Last Games


Not an entirely wasted week for the Beckham babes either. Mommy tweeted an image of three guitars that Justin Bieber had signed and sent over for Cruz, Romeo and Brooklyn, all of whom are reportedly big fans of the Canadian pop hamster. Image via yfrog


Glam Fairies: Congrats to Victoria Beckham and her team, who picked up the Accessory Designer of the Year gong at the Glamour Awards in London this week. Mrs B popped up via video link to accept her award rather than attending in person, presumably as she had no immediate requirement for the bottle of fake tan she was reportedly given as part of her prize. Kickette fave Jess Ennis picked up Sportswoman of the Year, just soes ya knoes.


The Sizzle Query: Public Displays of Affection


Steven Liverpool captain cops a handful of wife's rear WAG bum

Image Credit: BIG Pictures/KEYSTONE Press.

Normally, when the hearts and hormones of a footballer and a lady align, they can’t help keeping their heavy-petting paws off each other. Unfortunately/fortunately for the general viewing public, this is sometimes at the expense of any number of recently-consumed catered meals.

Because we field questions about the topic all the time, it’s time we give our stance on the matter: certain activities, such as lovey dovey thumb wrestling, are okay in moderation. Tonsil inspection by tongue, however, is a whole ‘nother story that runs the fine risk of waking the sleeping giant in our tummies that is last night’s tequila. Copping a quick grope of your wife’s perky bum? Hey – if she’s still got it then by all means. On the other hand, smooching to sway public opinion is an iffy scenario even for the sappiest of Sugar Plum fairies.

Follow the spotted-with-toxic-materials pink brick ‘READ MORE’ for our full analysis on this issue, Kickettes. Also, keep in mind that the thoughts/views expressed here do not relate to our sentiments on bromantic pairings, because by and large, we approve of manlove.

Just as long as 1/2 of the pair is good looking. That’s a make or break, obvi.