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Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Chelsea star with mystery lady

Soz about our slowness these past few days; the Peeps were a callin’ and we failed to resist the temptation of going HAM on our Easter candy baskets.

- After her beloved Norwich City’s 5-1 victory over arch-rivals Ipswich Town, Sky Sports asked celebrity chef/author, Delia Smith, to sing the victory track, “Ole, Ole” for at home viewers. As is usually the case with alcohol, her beer muscles took over and the result is a YouTube video that will live in infamy.

- Chelsea’s Mikel John Obi and a mystery companion were seen leaving the Mayfair hotel in London. Since we don’t have anything nice to say about her hair or her shoes we’ll just keep quiet.

- Happy (belated) birthday to Victoria Beckham, who turned 37 some days ago. She and the rest of the Beckham clan (bump included) swapped their seats on the hardwood for a box on the LA Kings’ ice Saturday night.

- Meanwhile, on the opposite coast of the U.S., Thierry Henry talked political strategy with NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg at the Knicks game.


Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


WAG hurt in car crashSaturday

- Sadly, we learned that Stephen Ireland’s longtime girlfriend, Jessica Lawlor, sustained major injuries in a car crash that occurred midweek last week. The 25-year-old Mum was supposedly riding shot gun in her friend’s Audi before the luxe car crashed into a tree. Although she was initially treated and discharged with a clean bill of health, she returned to the hospital two days later due to suspected internal bleeding and/or organ damage. We hear she’s healing nicely, but we’re sending our thoughts & warmest get-well-soon wishes to Jess & fam anyway.

- David Beckham proved the power a top shelf bootay can have over our purchasing habits.

- Crystal Palace’s James Vaughn (on loan from Everton, mind you) got fiesty with a wall over the weekend. Can’t we all just get along?



David Beckham: Would You Buy Children’s Clothes From This Man?


This is not a test of your blood pressure, dear readers, this is an emergency.

Did you hear the one about Britain’s best-known doting daddy, David Beckham, getting his Goldenballs in gear to create a forthcoming kids clothing line with American rapper Snoop Dogg?

If this gossip holds true, it would be the closest case of mental combustion we’ll ever experience outside of watching our brains on drugs.

Please do your part in putting us out of our misery and advise on the following: would you pay good money to make sure your boy’s briefs bulge like Beckham’s, or will you turn up your nose at Snoop Dizzle’s secondhand smoke-and-silk-screened sundresses?

Supermodel, Work! David Beckham In Fantastic Man Magazine


Images via Facebook/David Beckham.

David Beckham graces the cover of the Spring/Summer issue of the semi-annual men’s fashion mag, Fantastic Man. After seeing these pics we think it’s advisable for Fantastic Man to change its name to Super Smokin’ Hot Man.

Has Becks ever looked better? We think not. Victoria used ten exclaimation points to express on Twitter how hot she thinks her husband looks. We would have gone with a minimum of twenty.

The styling takes a page out of the 1950s look book that has been popular for several years now, with David wearing pieces from Yves Saint Laurent, Maison Martin Margiela, and Alexander McQueen. Becks is now the second ‘baller to sport “nerd chic” glasses recently. One more and we will call it a trend.

Are you listening, Sergio?

Flashing Footballers: Full Disclosure Or Barely There Exposure?


YouTube Preview Image

The best manbits expose themselves around 0:27. First spotted on WAATP.

Objectifying professional sportsmen on lists like our Finest Five can be mentally taxing. In between offering valid critiques and milling about in a base layer-bored manner for the past 4.5 years, we’ve somehow remain unscathed in our naughty pleasure pursuits. And let’s be honest: nowhere else in the world would you ever find such important, relevant news.

So in a similar vein of self praise, please stop whatever you’re doing.  We’re asking the tough questions about flashing footballers today, folks, and hell yeah do we have pictorial proof.