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Good Week/Bad Week: Hairy, Scary & Lairy


Nice hat! David & his team mates in pre-season for the Galaxy this week. (Image: Reuters/Daylife)

Our weekly post containing the information YOU need for a successful and prosperous weekend. Sort of.


- RSVPs: After scoring an invite to what looks to be THE ‘celebrity’ wedding of the year and returning to training with LA Galaxy this week (above), Davey B celebrated by buying himself a brand new family friendly car. Kinda.  


Grant Wahl: Abdominal Muscle Activist


Hold on. Should this be made legal? We have trouble concentrating as it is. Image: theoffside. Thx Laurie for the tip!

It requires dedication, effort and an unshakable belief in one’s own convictions to run a successful election campaign. This is the reason why you will rarely find us involved in one.

However, even the lazy, couture obsessed oafs who inhabit the Kickette office are not impervious to a relevant cause. This is why we feel the need to draw your attention to Sports Illustrated writer Grant Wahl’s campaign to become the next FIFA president.

Yes, mad as it sounds, Grant has nominated himself as a candidate in FIFA’s presidential election, which takes place on June 1st. The author of ‘The Beckham Experiment’ said in the SI article announcing his plans:

“It gets kind of old hearing the world’s soccer fans complain about Blatter without anyone trying to provide an alter­native. And make no mistake, FIFA needs to change.”

So why is this of interest to us? You might well ask…


Kickette Vocabulary: A Study In The Beckham Family Side-Eye


Football side eye

Image: Alex Livesey/Getty Images Europe.

As you’re probably aware, the daft minds behind this site’s scenes are largely responsible for expanding the bitchtastic facial options available to footballers, heavily researching the paradigm shifts in short tents and examining what manbags mean to their men (as well as unearthing the content Cristiano carries around).

However. Before we can immodestly claim total vernacular victory over Merriam Webster, we need to address the presence of the greatest cut-a-man-clan seen seriously sitting in the Old Trafford stands over the weekend: The Beckhams.


Style Files: Victoria Beckham Fall 2011 Collection


All images via Style.com

Yesterday, in a brownstone on New York City’s Upper East Side Victoria Beckham presented her Fall 2011 collection and once again she put out a fabulous, stylish, and progressive collection. She presented colors, silhouettes, and pieces (including some amazing winter coats) that we’ve never seen from her before.

What’s most interesting, though, is that Victoria began designing this collection before she found out she was carrying the fourth Beckham spawn (whose sex is still undetermined) and yet there are a number of roomier pieces and belly-friendly knife pleats included. She advanced her extremely successful bag collection to include duffels in cashmere and what looked like a digital snakeskin print.

Also new for VB this season were the Christian Louboutin boots customized for her collection. This was somewhat of a surprise since previously, she had worked with Brian Atwood (who was in attendance to show his support). Our shock was followed by our awe, since the Loubs were the fiercest of ferosh. We dream of a day they’re manufactured for the masses (and at a price point reasonable enough so we can all afford them).

As always, click through to see our top five looks (fashion week rankings, of course).


Good Week/Bad Week: Trousers & Tattoos


Now you have had your fill of merriment at our photoshop frolicking, catch up on the best and worst in the footballing world this week. **

**If you weren’t planning to ‘Read More’ we suggest you rethink your stance. There is a video after the jump involving Lionel Messi, an airport and a pair of collapsing trousers that any Kickette worth their salt can’t afford to miss.