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Bumping Along: Victoria Beckham’s Barely-There Belly


That’s the most expensive photo bomber we’ve ever seen. Images: Bauer Griffin.

Seeing Victoria Beckham at an airport is not uncommon. Seeing her conceal her budding baby bump as she navigates an airport terminal is somewhat of unchartered waters.

We can hardly believe it, but it’ll be a month tomorrow since David and Victoria announced they were having a fourth. And today the Missus was finally spotted, non-smiling her way through Heathrow. As of late, she’s kept a low-pro, but with her New York Fashion Week show this Sunday, VB is doing anything but kickin’ up her feet and packing on the pregnancy pounds.

David Beckham's pregnant wifeClad in skintight leather trousers and an oversized blazer – an outfit all expecting Mum’s should aspire to squeeze their cankles into – we were hoping for a clearer shot of the belly.

Really, though, who are we kidding? She gained a whopping one stone whilst pregnant with Cruz, so we may be waiting for awhile.

Unless, of course, Star magazine is right about Victoria is killing two birds with one sterile stone.  The American gossip rag claims that Victoria’s days of waiting for her Vogue lotto numbers are up, with the Queen of all WAGs posing nude in a special spread.

Fine by us, since she’s got a knack of making herself endearing whilst naked.

The Monday Mmm: David Beckham


Images: Facebook; REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth.

No, it’s not an original choice for a Monday Mmm, but c’mon, Kickettes: David skipped out on preseason training with the Galaxy (which started in late January) just to place himself in full view of the cameras to signal the end of our candlelight vigils for his recent hair crimes.

He’s fully redeemed and as fit as ever.

Wrap It Up: Scarf Wranglers Amongst Us


While snoods have been must have fashion accessory for footballers this season, it seems that the sudden requirement for throat warmth is not confined to the pitch. Yes people, scarves are the new manbag, and festooning oneself with varying lengths of woolly or shiny (or in some horrifying cases, both) material is really catching on over on Planet Baller.


Player Stalking: A User’s Guide


It’s a subject that occupies many of our waking thoughts. How, when finding ourselves in the proximity of a handsome young football player, do we attract his attention in a manner that implies we are deeply attracted to him but not remotely slutty and/or mad?

Well, alright. But we’re not slutty. M’kay?

Define slutty. No, wait. Don’t.


David Beckham: North London Bwoy


Becks and his beard were doing the rounds in Chigwell today – he’s taken a fitness test at Tottenham and is expected to train with Spurs until February. He’s looking more fertile than usual, no?