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You may have noticed we’ve been a little man-flesh heavy recently. While this isn’t necessarily a problem, an overdose of anything is bad for one’s health so we rather generously thought we would refresh your palates with some WAG goss.

Above, you will see Abbey Clancy shopping. For discount carpet. This is odd, but we’re prepared to overlook it on the grounds that it’s a relief to see a WAG doing something she is meant to be doing. Lately we have noticed an unnerving trend of WAG’s expending effort. Like real, proper effort. Marathon running, water skiing, competitive ballroom dancing. All worthy pursuits, we’re sure, but we hadn’t exactly factored this into our life plan. We were working the ‘get the man, get the car, get the house, get the ring, get all the handbags in the fugging world’ angle. Now we have to learn running too?


David Beckham’s Courtside Clothes: Mad For Plaid


So far, the Lakers’ 2010 post-season campaign has seen DBeck’s love for beverages and plaid. In fact, he’s now so well-adjusted in America that he has quite a collection of colourful and patterned button-downs to show for his “dual” citizenship. We might even go out on a limb and say David passes for the average basketball fan. With a stellar side-eye stare/sneer to boot as well.

Personally, we aren’t into David’s two most recent plaid looks. However, we’ve come to discover that any time a member of the Beckham brood attends a game in this print, the Lakers prevail.


Victoria Beckham: 36 Birthday Wishes


In honour of Victoria Beckham’s 36th birthday last Saturday, American mag People has compiled a slide show of Victoria’s funniest and most memorable quotes.

Love her or “meh” her, you can’t deny that VB knows how to bring the LOLz. One of our personal favorites (followed closely behind by the one discussing the David’s tractor pipe) has got to be this one:

“They always say, ‘My God David is so handsome, he’s gorgeous, he’s so good looking, and she’s so funny.’ Basically that means you’re a pig with a sense of humor.”

Even though her former Spice Girl bandmate Geri Haliwell once likened Vicky B. to Marmite, to us, she’s much more than a yeasty bread-spread.


Style Picks: The Six Most Fashionable Footballers


Footballers are not usually known for sartorial elegance and stirring clothing choices (see our stunted style contenders for some true fash disasters ), but every now and then we come across a baller who truly kicks it in the style stakes. A man who knows his colour combos, and who knows when to reject stonewash denim and quilted jackets. (Hint: Always).

So, for both your judgment and delectation, here are our picks for the six best dressed men in football:


Victoria Beckham: Recycled Goods?


Victoria Beckham cover

Victoria Beckham graces next month’s cover of Maire Claire Australia in grand, Balmain fashion. Except, it’s something we’ve seen before. The April Aussie cover uses a shot “borrowed” from the U.S. Elle photo shoot she did back in 2009. How dry.

What’s more – this ain’t the first time Mrs. B’s posh pout has been repurposed: Harper’s Bazaar made the same faux paus with their January 2010 cover that was originally printed for the December ’09 UK edition.

Whoever had it first is not our real point here, though. Which cover do we prefer?

Australia Marie Claire 2010Hint: it that has “LOOK GOOD FOR LESS” splashed beneath her beautiful, but boney, structure.
It was also reported this week that Vicky B.’s dresses might have been unoriginally inspired by fellow British designer, Osman. We cry foul, since any smart woman knows not to copy from a man who uses bathroom towels to design dresses.